How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

When the sleepwalking Lady Macbeth proclaimed, “Out damn spot!” in William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth she wasn’t shouting about skin. The famous line still applies; we’re talking spotty skin! Women of color often find that skin darkens around blemishes, resulting in unwanted deeply pigmented, lasting acne scars.

Most common acne culprits:

A recent survey of black women who sufferer from acne, revealed that 46% use pomade, oil or ointment for hair to style or improve the manageability of their hair. Within the 46%, 71% of those women using pomade developed forehead acne and deep scaring. If you must use oils, gel, ordinary hair grease to manage hair or maintain a hairstyle then wrap hair at night before going to bed. Keeping hair, product and oils away from your face. You should avoid having greasy hair pressed against your face while you sleep.

I recently stopped a stunning black woman with the most luminous skin as she walked up 7th Avenue in Manhattan. I asked her the secret to her most radiant skin. She explained that she changes her pillowcase every single night. This makes sense. Sleeping on oil-covered pillowcases can contribute to clogging pores.

Avoid pressing cell phones against the face. A hot, steamy makeup covered cell phone can be a hotbed for bacteria causing staph infections and acne. Wipe down your cell with Wireless Wipes Mobile Device Cleaners for a bacteria free

#1 pick for getting the spots out?

Try Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Dermatologist-developed to be safe, comfortable. Clinque boasts that in clinical trials their serum was comparable to a leading prescription ingredient in creating a more even skin tone-a verified 53% improvement. For all skin tones: See results starting in just 4 weeks. At 12 weeks, see a visible reduction in dark spots, age spots, and traces of acne past. Works on backs of hands and chest, too!

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  1. This is probably the best advice I have ever read. My mama warned me about dirty pillow cases when I was a little girl and I have long known grease in our hair is a major culprit when it comes to face breakouts. Take the hair out of your faces ladies and watch how quickly many small breakouts subside.

  2. I have heard good things about the Clinique fade cream. The price is not too bad. I may try it out.

  3. I’ve been using the Clinique fade cream daily since Oct and haven’t really noticed a change. I think it really depends on how “spotty” your skin is to begin with. The pillow case idea sounds like it could be helpful, but I wouldn’t put all my stock on that either.

  4. And if you’re going to use the fade cream, you gotta make sure your acne is under control. If you still have bad breakouts that leave scars while using the fade cream, you’re simply fighting a losing battle and spend $50+ to do so.

  5. Don’t need these expensive products to have great skin. All u need is Blemish & Blackhead Apricot scrub & a facewash; I use (Noxzema :plus moisturizers) brand or the original. Apply noxzema on dry face; let it sit for 3 minutes & work it in with water in a circular motion, always rinse with cool water then Exfoliate with the scrub atleast 4 days a week after cleansing face & make sure u use a moisturizer with sunscreen daily & u will see a biiig difference with dark spots.

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