10 Reasons To Be Thankful for Your Man!

Have you ever peeked over at your man while he slept and ran through all of the reasons in your head why you loved him? Or thought to yourself how blessed you were to have him in your life?

When your friends share their horrific love stories, does that make you more appreciative of what you have? It should and it shouldn’t stop there. If you have an amazing man, you should make it your business to remind him of how amazing they are.

I run into a lot of women who complain about their men more than they compliment them. I meet a lot of women who have good men but can’t remember the last time they thanked them, hugged them extra tight, passionately kissed them or even went above the call of duty to make their day special. It doesn’t work like that and you shouldn’t wait for a holiday or a tragedy to remind someone of how amazing they are to you.

Need a reminder of what makes your man amazing? Here is my top 10 list:

1. He is FAITHFUL – he might say he wants an ass like Stacey Dash or a face like Halle Berry, but at the end of the day its only you and he’s more than excited to grab and kiss it whenever you let him!

2. He is HONEST – maybe not about your weight but definitely about what’s going on with him.  You definitely don’t have to sleep with one eye open around him.

3. He is CONSISTENT– when he says he is going to do something and when, there’s no question or doubt.  I’m not talking about the trash but he may call during your lunch break or picks up your new shoe package from the post office.

4. He is RELIABLE– at the end of the day, there’s one number you dial when in need and you’ll never think twice about if you can depend on him.  Even if its at 3 am and your girls need a ride home from the club.

5. He COMPROMISES– he may hate dishes but he’ll wash your car!  I mean, not all women can cook or want to.

6. He is RESPECTFUL – whether its your space or your dreams, he she will not only hold you down, he’ll lift you up!

7. He has VALUES– Whether its family or how he treats other people, there’s more to him than the eye can see.

8. He TRIES – He may have accidentally bleached your favorite black pants or forgot what you did on your fourth date but the man puts in an effort to make you happy.

9. He  is PATIENT – things take time to get better but he gives it time to grow. It’s important.

10. He is CONSIDERATE – at the end of the day he puts your best interest at heart and you’re a priority!

If you have a man that has a good amount of these qualities then you should consider yourself blessed.  Despite what people say, there are some amazing brothas out there.



  2. Aaah I miss my husband. He is deployed. I hope I can get a phone call from him tonight.

  3. I hope one day i can be bless with a nice man. So i can be thankful but for now im happy im alive because of the man upstair lol. Love brownsista

  4. I want to be able to share this on Facebook, would you please add the Facebook link, thanks!!

  5. LADY…I will be praying for you and what I will recommend for my sista who are patiently waiting.. Please pray, travel to other areas like Colorado, North Dakota, Utah, South Dakota there are tons of hard working black men in ALASKA!!!! I am serious. When you pray stand on God promises to know that he will deliver.

  6. In a Lot of ways he makes me a better person. For Example People come to blogs trying to tear whoever make them feel inadequate because they have miserable lives.. I am so happy with him, and with what i accomplished,it’s like i’m fine with the fact that my hair will never be as glamorous as beyonce, or that my waist will never be as small as rihanna, and i will never have nikki minaj’s butt… i’ve got nothing but love for everyone. I wish all of you positives ladies and haters ^^ a lot of love and good dick.. It will change your life

    @Blacksista: May god be with him Baby , He will be fine 🙂

    @Lady: I’ve been reading on this blog forever, you’re a great positive woman, You’ll find you a man, In due time…

  7. Hey lady!

    Will keep you in my prayers. A good man may be waiting around the corner (not THE Corner, of course). Ask God for it!

  8. Oh yeah, I am from Alaska. The saying up there goes “The Odds (of finding a man) are good, but the Goods of odd”.

  9. My ex died fourteen years ago. One of the things that I appreciated the most about him was when he took me to see my mother whom I had been estranged from for many years. It was very awkward trying to make peace with Momma after she abandoned me when I was twelve years old. My ex made made this reunion possible; I could not and would not have done it on my own.

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