106 & Park Closes Shop, Airs it’s Final Episode

Michelle Obama Stops by "106 & Park"

After an almost 14-year run, BET’s once popular video countdown show 106 & Park, aired its final episode last week, Friday, December 19th.

For the New Year, the show will go digital, airing on BET.com only. Specials, such as their New Year’s Eve 106 & Party episode and their live events leading up to the BET Awards will still air as usual.

Given the state of black music today it was no surprise the show eventually got pulled. Outside of a handful of artists, Hip-Hop and R&B are both dying art forms that suffer from having too few true stars and even fewer sales.

According to Billboard, two albums have gone platinum in 2014, the soundtrack to the animated film “Frozen” and Taylor Swift’s “1989.” Not even Beyonce’s much-hyped Visual Album could move a milli this year and given it was released December 2013, it’s rather disappointing the project has only been able to move 2.1 million copies.

Hip-Hop and R&B have about seven or eight true stars between them, and that’s just not enough to keep a show like 106 & Park going. It’s why the show it was modeled after, “TRL,” called it quits back in 2008, eventually admitting the show could not survive music’s changing landscape.

106 & Park has now suffered the same fate. With too few big name artists to book, ratings began to sufferer and when that happens, we all know the end is near.

So what’s next for BET and music videos? I haven’t a clue. But like MTV and VH1, word is the network is looking to venture more into reality TV.

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