“1+1” is Crowned Song of the Year

While Entertainment Weekly chose Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” as their #1 pick for song of the year, the Washington Post did a complete 360, choosing Beyonce’s highly underrated “1+1” as their pick for 2011’s top single.

According to music critic Allison Stewart, “Beyonce just kills this otherwise unremarkable ballad. She knows it, and she knows you know it. Her obvious pride in her abilities, in her Beyonce-ness, informs every note, but it doesn’t seem showoff-y. It’s just sweet.”

And though the single barely made a dent on the charts, it clearly struck a chord with industry folks, including other singers who quickly hit up You Tube to upload their own version of the song.

I didn’t particularly care for “1+1” until I heard Q Parker from 112 perform it. It was then that I gave Beyonce’s version another listen and grew to actually love it. The heart and soul she puts into the song is just amazing.

Good choice on the part of The Washington Post.


  1. I love 1+1….yes it was under-rated…..actually Bey’s new album is quite good…just appeals to an older crowd I think.. ;). It’s NICE..that Beyonce has the ability to change it up….and be versitile. Thanks Beyonce!

  2. They both did. I used EW because their list is an opinion piece, like the one from The Washing Post.

    I like the fact that chart position wasn’t a factor in judging a song’s greatness.

    Sorry I can no longer find the EW story now that it isn’t on the front page. That site’s search feature is atrocious.

    Google: Entertainment Weekly’s Best Singles of 2011

  3. “The heart and soul she puts into the song is just amazing” I agree and when you hear her perform it LIVE, it gives it an ENTIRE different feel. She’s SO into it and she just murders that song to pieces. The babbabybaby does it for me every time she sings it live towards the end, she goes IN. And it probably helps that THIS is her favorite song from the album. Her vocals on that ENTIRE cd was some of the BEST vocals or BEST vocals of 2011 IMO.

  4. WOW. Some celebrities are really overrated. No sales no song of the year….Garbage! Really this should not be, I am amazed that this is what they would choose. Other words the consumer is wrong and they industry is right if the industry was so right then she would have had #1 singles form the album!!

  5. It’s a nice song but beyonce cornered herself in the urban high tempo corner, so when 4 came out people were confused and her marketting strategy was not it either, countdown should have been released first, when she was not “pregnant” and still able to perform, that would gave caught people’d attention then release 1+1 with a better video then that kfc sequel, then best thing I never hAd, and close with love on top, I’m not a pro so this is just my opinion, but she went about it the wrong way after her clurking about a check being cut a lot of people were through…

  6. I like the song 1+1. She really put a lot of heart into the song. It should have been a bigger hit with true r&b lovers. I loved Love on Top, it’s my favorite off the album. I could see Love on Top as song of the year.I am a true Beyonce fan, but everytime you turned on the radio it seemed Super Bass was playing. Maybe Minaj should have her song crowned song of the year. Both ladies have talent, one a little more than the other but talent nonetheless. If I had tyo pick a song I would choose Chris Brown…She Ain’t You..but he isn’t a sista…lol

  7. I agree. I was shocked that it was so underrated. It’s actually my favorite song. She sings it beautifully and the lyrics are powerful.

  8. that isn’t r&b..thats garbage..its only good for drag queens to perform to..she needs to have her baby and have serval _/ _/ seats~

  9. It’s a nice song but hardly song of the year.

    Any song by Adele should be song of the year

  10. If any Beyonce song deserves praise it would be End of Time. And Im so tired of people talking about Adele…she aint all that.

  11. End of Time is the best song on 4 and should have been the first single to be released. It is beyond hot. I think it wasn’t in contention because it wasn’t actually released.

  12. I’ll take Adele’s soulful voice over cackling beyaki any day!!!

  13. according to reports “4” didn’t go platinum until December 28, 2011

    did NOT know that

    people swore it was platinum many months ago…

    go figure

  14. I think 1+1 is a good song, it just sounded like she was trying to hard to be soulful. I hate the sound of her voice on that song, sounds like a wolf howling or something. I personally thought End of Time was the best song of the album! I love End of Time!!

  15. I really like the song. I don’t know if it is song of the year, but I think it is a very good song.

  16. @ Liverpool I didn’t either
    @voodeux Adele is all that beyonce a bag of chips 3 cookies and a fanta don’t be mad at her because beyonce’s effort to be deep were refused at the door.
    @ sista end of time is my fave off the album too

    the song of the year is rolling in the deep y’all need to quit playing

  17. I’m speechless, not that I’m fuming mad that they chose her song, it’s just funny how the Washington post is show casing that they clearly were paid to pick her song over the many other artist who should deserve the recognition. No shame and just greedy on the Washington Post part. Beyonce is a great artist but her last album wasn’t that hot. The only reason why we are over looking that is because of her pregnancy.

  18. @Fair
    1. Beyonce got the critical acclaim for this album BEFORE she revealed that she was with child.
    2. Out of all the Best Lists that she didn’t top, she paid for this one. Right? Doesn’t make any sense.
    3. Who you feel should have topped the list is based off your opinion, just like their’s.

  19. Whenever there’s a Beyonce post I open it to read the delusional comments…that is all…lmbo and rolling my eyes

  20. Love On Top, Best Thing…, We Like to Party. Were my favorites. But when I think of my favorite songs of this year. I think of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, Everything on Marsha Ambrosia’s album, and Sugarland’s Stay (was late on that one)

  21. Another attempt by the media to force feed all things Beyonce to the public. Her last several singles have not caught on for a REASON – they are not good and she needs to change her formula.

  22. 1+1 was NEVER a single and I’m not quite sure why you keep saying it sista. The song was never released to any format on radio and was performed to help push the cd. She has performed EOT a couple of times too, it doesn’t make it a single!

    And while some of you go on and on about Adele as if that is supposed to be some of sort of insult to Beyonce, just youtube Adele and Beyonce and you’ll see how much of a stan Adele is of Beyonce. She could rival some of the stans on the internet!

    Furthermore, critics genuinely love this album. She’s was on so many year end list of best albums because of the fact that her album was nothing close to what is typical on pop radio today. Many critics are hoping that she builds on 4 and I hope so too.

  23. Disagree that this should be song of the year sorreeeeeyyyy 🙁

  24. What is really good?1+1 is a GREAT SONG. I cant for teh life of he understand why EVERYTIME there is the mention of Beyonce’s name THE black women that didlike her take it to the next level, fall out, kick and scream their hate like Beyonce did some personal sh*t to them…Then people who enjoy her music have to defend her and go in on those that hate her from their core. I like Beyonce as an Artist. You cannot deny her talents. To the people that dont….other artist have blogs and sites…..GO AWAY….(rolls eyes))…

  25. Okay. I think the song is nice and is sung well however it is not the best song off of the “4” album. Honest, my personal faves are “I Care” and “Start Over.” Love those songs so much and while I really respect the entire 4 album and Beyonce as a whole I honestly don’t believe that 1+1 was that good or even close to good enough to be crowned song of the year. i hate to spread negativity, but I have to admit it almost seems like the Bey camp paid to have that honor. Not saying they did, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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