12 Things Every Man Should Know Before 30

Just as every women must grown from experiences so must every man. This list is dedicated to the fellas. These are a few things that every man should know before the age of 30. If you are over 30 and still do not have it figured out, don’t feel bad, just do better. Please feel free to add on…

1. Good Credit Is A Pathway To Success

Just as I mentioned with the ladies, having good credit can open doors and in some cases make life easier. Do not do the fool and accept all of the many credit card offers you will be receiving as soon as the clock hits midnight on your 18th birthday. You will regret charging those sneakers later.

2. Have Some Grown Man Gear

The latest sneakers are cool but nothing makes a man more sexier than seeing him in a nice suit. Even a nice button down and slacks can be a good look. Throw on some Kenneth Cole shoes or something similar in style and yummy. Jeans and sneakers can be your everyday apparel but know when to dress for the occasion and invest in having that gear on hand for said occasion. Fellas, you have no idea what the ability to dress for the occasion does to a woman. Trust me, it is a good thing.

3. You Cannot live in your Moma/Auntie’s Basement Forever

Nothing turns me off more than a big grown a** man still living at home. Why are you 32 still living in your Auntie basement? Unless you ran into a financial trouble such as loosing your job, there is no excuse why you should not have your own space. Get off the nipple and step out into the world. Sure it can be “big and scary” at times but at some point everyone has to (or at least should have to) do it. Everyone had to get over the fear of leaving the nest and being on their own. I say this especially to the man because in my experience, I have come across more men living at home than women. Sad but true.

4. Making A Baby Is A Joint Responsibility, So Is Caring For One

I am tired of seeing men who make babies and are fortunate enough to be fancy free and footloose because they know that the mother will ultimately handle all of the responsibilities of caring for the child. So they get to live their lives as weekend or every other weekend Daddies and think that they are a part of their child’s lives. Uh no sir. What you are doing is equivalent to babysitting. You do not babysit your own children. I understand that some people are not fortunate enough to bring a child into this world and maintain a stable relationship with their kids so split parenting has to happen. I’m not hating on that. I am hating on the half- a** Daddies of the world. Seeing your baby one weekend a month does not earn you a cookie. Learn the true responsibility of bringing a child into the world before you do.

5. Being Well Endowed Or Great At Sex Does Not Make You A Man

Just because you can swang that thang like nobodies business does not mean you are a man. Nor does it mean that you are ready for the consequences of that behavior. Do not let your penis be the only thing that makes you special. Have more to offer a women than that alone. You have to step it up because there is plenty of penis to go around. Also, you may not be aware of this but women get penis thrown at them daily so you are not the first to offer it up. Which is why you should have something more than your long stroke to bring to the table when dating or pursuing a woman.

6. Learn The Difference Between Quality And Quantity

I noticed that a lot of the younger guys get stuck on this. They think that having various women at their beck and call is what’s up. They think that somehow this makes them “the man” or solidifies their acceptance into pimping. No dear. First of all their is a clear difference in Quantity vs Quality when dealing with women. Just because you are dealing with 6 women does not mean they are Quality women. So, sure you have plenty of numbers to zoom through on your cell phone but most of the numbers are from women who are not worth two nickels. So in actuality, you are the one playing yourself by wasting your time with all of these various women. If you are attempting to prove that you are cool by engaging in this I have to tell you that you certainly do not look it speaking from a women who possesses a quality point of view. It infact opens you up to more diseases and other yukkiees. Especially if you are sleeping with all of these different women. Quality always prevails over quantity in almost everything in life. Learn this soon!

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