2010 Golden Globe Awards

Mo’nique has won yet another award for her role in the Lee Daniels directed drama Precious. Earlier this evening the comedienne turned actress walked away with a Golden Globe statuette for “Best Supporting Actress” in a dramatic performance and thanked the audience with a stirring and emotional speech:

“I celebrate this award with Preciouses, with all the Mary Joneses. I celebrate this award with everyone that’s ever been touched. It’s now time to tell… and it’s okay.”

Pics from the red carpet and press room can be seen below…


  1. Yo, can I get a sentence about how Gabby Sidibe LOST her award? Are we just going to ignore that. Every time a singer bombs on the charts or sells less than expected, it’s blasted all over the place. But the same treatment isn’t for actresses? I bet if a certain Bajan singer was nominated for something and lost, the headline would be “(Her Name) loses award!” in all caps.

  2. Everyne looks gorgeous!! I love it when brown sistas wear color, and not just have a black dress on.

    PS. Mariah Carey would do well to cover her boobs!

  3. Congrats to Monique and I Love the colors of the dresses. Everyone looked very nice.

  4. LMFAOOOO Mo won?!!! rut-roh, BeYawnSay gotta step her acting game up!!

  5. Congrats to Mo on her award!

    All the ladies looked beautiful but Halle looked FABULOUS!

  6. Halle killed It with her dress!

    and congrats to Ms.Monique on her oscar

  7. I’m proud of Monique still haven’t got to catch the movie but I will soon. But her speech was very heartfelt and emotional I know alot of people were kinda tearing up.

  8. Halle is smokin’ HOTT!
    Always is…

    Zoe looks fab & modelesque, of course. Love her!

  9. Mo’Nique acted her a** off and deserved that award. Gabby should’ve won for Best Actress. She was robbed. And Miss Halle was not playing last night. She looked stunning! The girls in their 20s can’t touch her.

  10. @$IGNATURE BARBIE, This was her Golden Globe Win but I am sure an Oscar is not too far behind for our sista!

  11. Man, Halle…. Okay, she making me go back to the gym again this morning!

  12. YES! I am so happy for Mo’Nique! She definitely deserved it! Finally watched the movie a couple of nights ago, and sorry, I think Mo’Nique deserved an award more than anyone else in that film. They all did a good job but Mo’Nique did the damn things. Could not have been better! <3 GO MO'NIQUE! =)

  13. Love to all the sistas. What can you say about Halle? In my male point of view she is just down right exquisite…

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4ever!!!

    Peace in the spirit of my hero, Malcolm X.

  14. Yes!! I was sooooo happy for Monique!! She deserved it. She MADE that movie. Gabby did good too, but she didn’t do great to win an award. Monique was the star of that film.

    Halle is the business. That’s all I have to say. She’s my inspiration for when I hit my 40s. LOL

    I love Zoe! Avatar was so good. I want to see it again. SHE should have won an award for that movie. She played that character!

  15. I was so happy for Mo. She was unbelievable in the movie Precious and she truly deserved an award. If I hadn’t known it was Monique playing in that part, I would not have known it was her.

  16. Everyone looks great. Alfre’s daughter is beautiful!!! Congrats Mo’!

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