2010 MTV Video Music Awards: Worst Dressed!

Nicki Minaj, whom I actually like (for the most part), let me down tremendously at last night’s awards show! Her stylist, who usually dresses her very nicely for performances and photo shoots, must be on vacation…or listening to Nicki way too much. The bang’d bombshell first showed up to the 2010 MTV VMAs, ready to do her pre-show performance, in a shiny pink and purple spacesuit whose colors remind me of my first bicycle as a kid! It was shiny, pink, AND purple. A pink beehive and thigh-high black boots complete this Barbie’s look. The only think I can think that’s missing is a jet pack!

She sported her second look for the night onstage with Katy Perry, while presenting the award for Best Male Video to Eminem for ‘Not Afraid’. She sported a beige sleeveless jumpsuit that I was just NOT feeling. It was very unflattering for her shape behind, and I thought the accessories were way over-the-top. That statement necklace is saying way too much, and those extra-high-platform pumps paired with the too-short legs of the suit just look strange.

Sorry Nick!

Glee star Amber Riley also presented an award at last night’s show, and she walked the white carpet wearing this all black rock-princess-gone-wrong get up. #Dead ..I mean, is that a vest she’s wearing over the dress? ..and geek-chic glasses? Why?!

Choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, who most of you may know from her contributions to the Making of the Band shows, also attended last night’s event. She sat right next to her pal Lady Gaga, who won 8 awards last night, wearing a somewhat questionable outfit. I don’t know if she’s going for a rockstar look or prepping for Halloween. Where did the purple hair come from? …blue peek-a-boo bra? …and hot pants? Is she serious?!

Naturi Naughton is ALWAYS a loser in my book. Her and fashion are like water and oil. Cat and mouse. Paris Hilton and sobriety. I know some of you may say this look is not THAT bad, but for me, it just doesn’t work. A secretary blouse, latex leggings, and rocker-chic booties? …Not at the VMAs honey!

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  1. Sorry but I do not think that Naturi outfit is bad. There are others that were worse. Not that I ever pay too much attention to her, her outfit is black and white sooooo I’m not see what you’re seeing. I’d rock that fit. *SHRUGS*

  2. Naturi doesn’t look that bad even though the stripes are throwing me off a lil bit…the rest is a hot mess literally lamo

  3. Ms. Laurie Ann Gibson gets my worst dress vote, lordy too old to be running around with your behind hanging out. Nicki’s pants suit was horrendous, like I said in her Out Magazine post, she looks nice in dresses.

  4. Honestly yes ladies #1,2,3 need help, #4 looks good, and looks better than she usually does, thumbs up.

    I am going to need number #3 to have a complete seat though. Yes


  5. Lauri ann was worst dressed to me.She knows better,but then again maybe she doesn’t.

  6. Naturi looked cute & casual

    Laurie looks like she’s headed to the strip club

    Amber…really gurl?

    Nicki – from that cotton candy colored halloween wig to those michellin tire fake butt pads, YOU WERE A HOT AZZ MESS!

  7. All of them loos a mess except Naturi. I like her look. A little too casual for the event, but it works in general.

  8. Naturi didnt look bad. She looked nice.
    Laurie’s outfit is not bad. It just looks like something for a performance.

    But I picked Amber’s for the worst. Its her exposed thighs. And the dress & shoes.

  9. naturi outfit is really cute, the blouse works with the leggings

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