AMA Nominees

This year’s American Music Awards will be all about the ladies. Case in point, the evening’s biggest award, ‘Artist of the Year,’ has five nominees, with all but one being a male (Lil Wayne).

Other notable awards, including ‘Favorite Pop or Rock Artist’ and ‘Favorite Pop or Rock Album’ are completely female.

That however doesn’t mean the fellas have been completely locked out. Lil Wayne has been nominated for three awards; while Chris Brown has been nominated for two and Usher, one.

The most interesting category for me however will be ‘Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist,’ which will see Kelly Rowland vying for the statuette against pop powerhouses Rihanna and Beyonce.

Because I believe both Rihanna and Beyonce have won this award in the past, I want to see Kelly take it home this year.

Rihanna has never been anything remotely close to soul or r&b, and Beyonce hasn’t put out a significant hit in well over a year.

That leaves Miss Kelly, who ruled the summer with her sexually charged single ‘Motivation.’

So if the AMA’s go on chart performance alone, Kelly should have this one in the bag.

Click here to read the full list of nominees.

Above: Nicki Minaj and Pitbull announce 2011 American Music Awards nominees.


  1. Excuse me Kelly Rowland did not have huge album her single was huge I cant believe you even typed such bs lmao she will loose Im surprised you even thought that

  2. The category is not favorite r&b album by a female. It is simply for favorite r&b female and for that reason I say Kelly and her undeniable r&b hit single Motivation, bigger than any r&b single released by either Rihanna or Beyonce in the last year, is most deserving of the award.

  3. I agres sista it would be nice to see kelly win she deserve it. I’m a huge beyonce but I think kelly should get the award

  4. Kelly may deserve the award for hir single but do you really think they are going to give the award to her, I don’t. I could be wrong but I’m going with Rihanna on this one.

  5. I love Rhianna but I am going with kelly this time if she does not get it something is really wrong. Neither bey or rhianna had a song that topped motivation this year. TEAM KELLY GO KELLY IM ROUTING FOR YOU

  6. Excuse me….everyone knows Kelly Rowland should have taken that AMA over Beyonce and Rhianna…Besides that song Beyonce had out was whack!

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