My 2011 VMA Wrap-Up

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards just wrapped up and if any of you caught the show you know there really isn’t much to discuss.

The show was about a half hour shorter than usual and unlike previous years, did not have an actual host.

Artists like Adele, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars all gave great performances. However, it was the spectacle put on by singer Beyonce Knowles that everyone will probably be talking about in the morning.

The almost 30-year old pop diva performed her single “Love on Top” and finished it off by exposing her obvious baby bump to a packed house that appeared to be taken totally by surprise.

Though originally shocked by the news, looking back on it, Beyonce always did make it known that she wanted to have children by the time she turned 30- which as it turns out- is next month.

So where does this leave her upcoming movie “A Star Is Born?” Well, as I posted last week, word is it has already been put on hiatus. As for her music, the singer reportedly shot some four or five videos last month- more than enough to cover any singles that will be released from her “4” album.

Back to the VMAs.

Did you guys see Nicki Minaj? I swear I pray for this woman. She is almost 30 years old and yet her wardrobe seems to be that of a 13 year old mentally disable child. It is like she puts her clothes on with her eyes closed. Her crazy attire screams “I need a stylist,” and yet like most people who dress like this, she thinks she looks cute.

Katy Perry’s ridiculous cube hat or whatever the heck she had on her head was also a disaster waiting to happen. She could barely walk for fear it would tip over.

Not cute Katy.

Kudos to Chris Brown for a mildly entertaining performance. Why he never sings live though is an issue for me. Even when he is standing still he lip synchs. He is without a doubt a great dancer but like Ciara, he seems to lack that extra something that could put him over the top.

Bruno Mars was also a highlight for me. I love his live performances and unlike the younger generation, I can see where his inspiration comes from: the one and only Frankie Lymon who Bruno sampled during his Amy Winehouse tribute.

And LOL at Britney Spears’ acceptance speech being nothing but a lead in to Beyonce’s performance. If I was Britney I would have never agreed to do any such thing. Talk about disrespectful.

Well that is about it for me. What was your highlight or lowlight of the evening?


  1. I agree the show was boring and not really that entertaining. I miss previous years when they had performers who didn’t depend on gimmicks so much.

    Gaga is so full of herself and spent too much time talking during Britney’s acceptance speech.

    And poor Britney. She is a huge star but she has no ego at all and is so sweet. Too sweet. She should have told Gaga to shut up. And making her speech nothing more than an introduction to Beyonce’s performance was like whoa! I honestly could not believe it.

    Bruno Mars is such a talent. I hope he doesn’t become a fulltime drug addict and waste it.

    Chris Brown was good. I see he is totally forgiven.

    The Throne was wack.

    Lil Wayne= ewwww!

    Congrats to Beyonce but can you say PUBLICITY W HORE? I know I can.

  2. To be honest you pretty much summed it up for me Sista.

    We all know Beyonce is one of, if not the most private celebrity. There could have been various reasons she decided to make the announcement in public. As a matter of fact I have tons goin through my head as I type.

  3. Congrates to Bee n Jay but damn people think she is the last woman to get pregnant on earth.

  4. Gaga’s intro and performance was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But she ran that schtick in the ground and by show’s end, I was tired of “Joe(y)”.

    Chris Brown did trapeze moves…and didn’t sing, but he wasnt the only performer who ‘lip sync’d’.

    Adele blew me away.

    Bruno Mars is the truth.

    Lil Wayne put me to sleep.

    Kanye shared the stage with JayZ an allowed him a moment. LOL

    Beyonce was nuts! But I think she lip sync’d her performance. Still the song is cute and the performance was high energy and I love the New Edition moves and the glittery jackets. I knew something was ‘up’ when she didn’t come dress in short-shorts to perform.

    Nicki looked ridiculous. Period. There’s no redeeming any of that dorm room bedspread, throw and pillows she had on.

    Katy was cute.

    Russel Brand was tooooo longwinded. I put it on mute. Tony Bennet was a plus and seeing he and Amy recording was awww-worthy.

    As to BKC announcing (showing) her pregnancy at this juncture. WHY NOT. In this SHE controls confirming to the public that she is pregnant. It was a cute little thing she did at the end. JayZ is already a proud father. This explains the movie being bumped back, possibly that rumored rushed meeting with her record execs way back when 4 released and didn’t do well. It accounts for a lot, actually. They kept it under wraps until they were ready. Gaga gave birth to herself in an egg. Beyonce displayed her womb (again) on stage. Everybody will remember that more than the performance LOL

    Kevin Hart’s skits were HILARIOUS.

    And, that’s about all I have to say on that. Congrats to the winners. Britney is too sweet. She just segwayed her speech into a Beyonce introduction LOL She doesn’t seem all that interested much anymore. Something tells me she wants to chill from the industry and just be with her family.

  5. King B owns the stage once again. I love every drop of the “Love On Top” performance. She performs one of my top 5 tracks on “4.” HoneyBey is so darn charming, confident, and lively. She is beautiful. Beyonce’s vocals are on point. I love the dancing and the crowd’s reaction. The on stage pregnancy announcement was more subtle than I expected. It’s adorable. Bey narrates her story the way she wants to do it, and I admire that. I feel the love and the happiness King B.

    Nicki and Katy I see you. Congratulations to all the artists who have an opportunity to showcase their crafts.

  6. Niki Minaj looked like a damn clown. I don’t like artist who always have to have bells and whistles. She’s too old for those clownish, little girl outfits.

  7. She revealed her pregnancy the way she did because nobody’s talking about her singles or her album. That said, I wish her a happy pregnancy.

  8. i was thinking the same thing about Britney Spears, why she would agree to make her acceptance speech about introducing Beyonce is beyond me. Who does that? Looks like Beyonce wins again…lol. Anywho, I knew that Beyonce would create some kind of spectacle and she certainly did that last night. Congrats to her and her husband. And did anybody catch the Jay Z shade towards Chris Brown when he was performing, that was classic shade.

  9. Yea Nicki seems to be going EXTRA with her outfits!

    And looking at that pic of Katy Perry makes me want some cheese 🙂

  10. I Love Beyonce’s and Bruno”s performance. I missed the beginning of chris brown so I didn’t see the Jay-z shade. lol. all I saw was him doing the superman across the stage to land on another part. Anyway Gaga-Man was boring to me with her Andrew Dyce Clay impression. Hey Brittney and BEyonce are friends and co-workers. Maybe she wanted to introduce Beyonce because she supports her just like Gaga introduced Brit and then stayed on staged instead of stepping aside. They do reherese the show prior to airing live. Anyway I was happy with what I saw. Adele did good too and she sung live still when I see her I see a white Jill Scott with an accent.

  11. Niki Minaj concerns me. Idk what to think but that outfit cannot be comfortable. I am surprised at Katy Perry, unless I’ve been under a rock, I have never seen her dress like that. As far as Beyonce, that is nice that she is pregnant, but I feel the same way as the previous poster. She is intensely private so for her to do that leads me to believe
    a) She was just soo excited or
    b) Her ego needs the attention that bad. Who knows…

  12. Minaj needs to grow up
    Britney is such a sweetheart, i would never get involved in such a scam but it’s her choice
    beyonce is an attention craving person, congratulations on her pregnancy.
    Love bruno mars
    Dont support women beaters.

  13. How is beyonce attention whoring/craving when she can just walk down the street & it’ll get 38748374 comments on here? She just announcing her own pregnancy on HER terms without blog speculations. Nothing wrong with that. And how is ‘4’ a flop when it was #1, is now certified platinum, and already outsold britney album, so is britney a flop? I swear i cant at the delusional bey haters on this site. Lmao.

  14. Why do I get the feeling, if this was any other sista, then it wouldn’t be “attention w h o r i n g” or “all about them”. I can already hear the excuses. I’m at the point where I’m prone to believe that you women just don’t like the woman, its just as simple as that. Esp when such a blessings as this happens and you still don’t have anything nice to say. It really does make you look basically everything other than happy for them.

  15. Some good performances…the girl Jessye was giving it her all and she can SING! Adele, Bruno Mars were my favorites…I thought Lady Gaga was good…over the top…very strategic and a great follow-up to her latest donnatella style channeling (Gaga looks good in New York Chic)…it got people talking…otherwise, she would have been a side note with Beyonce’s big baby news…looking radiantly beautiful and very happy…congrats to them…and, no Britney shouldn’t have use her acceptance speech to introduce Beyonce that was beyond tacky and disrespectful for any artist to do…Love Amy Winehouse tribute and her singing with Tony Bennett…looking healthy and sounding great…Rihanna not being nominated was strange…but, award shows are marketing and promotional tools and often the awards are given without merit…so the few good performances were worth the watch!

  16. Bruno and Beyonce had great performances. Lil Wayne was disappointing..I don’t care about Britney Spears. Nicki Minaj should start dressing normally now because her wardrobe is getting on my last nerve. Kevin Hart was funny, and needs his head checked dude is crazy. The Amy Winehouse tribute was nice. Chris Brown was ok but was not 100 like he usually is. Jessie J is so underated..I love her cd

  17. I have one more thing to say. All celebrities are attention seekers in one way or another that is why they chose to be celebrities. All of them so why bash just Beyonce. Bash all of them the famous athletes, singers, actors, actresses, heck why stop there how about the politicians , they are in the public eye too. All of these careers mean the person knew they would be seen by all and the person likes it.

  18. *sighs* why do people feel the need to defend Beyonce so much? Yes she has “haters” (that word is so overplayed), but so do Rihanna, Mary J, Kelly R, Jill Scott, and plenty of other talented brown sistas. However, you dont see people constantly attacking them and listing their career stats and life stories in defense like you do with these overhyped Beyhive fans.
    Anyway, im a Bey fan and i thought the way she revealed her pregnancy was a major attention stunt. I agree with Love and Richmond Rose’s points. However, i wish her a healthy and safe pregnancy. Cant wait to see her “baby bey.”
    Outside of bruno mars, the amy winehouse tribute, beyonce, and adele, the awards were a snoozefest. But what do you expect from a channel that shows more trashy reality shows than actual music?

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