2012 Grammy Wrap Up

The 2012 Grammy ceremony just wrapped up and without a doubt the evening belonged to British pop singer Adele.

Nominated in six categories, Adele won every single one, including the big three: “Song of the Year,” “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year.”

Other notable mentions include Chris Brown, who won “Best R&B Album (F.A.M.E.),” Corrine Bailey Rae, who won “Best R&B Performance (Is This Love)” and Jay-Z and Kanye West who won “Best Rap Performance (Otis).”

This year’s show was packed with performances, most notable for me: Adele singing “Rolling in the Deep” and Jennifer Hudson’s gut wrenching performance of Whitney Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You.”

But the performance I am sure most people will be talking about is that of hip-pop star Nicki Minaj. My gosh it was awful. As I said in another post, this performance was the biggest of Minaj’s career and would be very telling in whether or not she would be considered a legitimate artist.

Sadly, Nicki took a page out of Lady Gaga’s playbook and bought the drama,but not the substance. Her performance was a lipsynced over the top extrvaganza that did nothing but highlight her total lack of musical skills.

I was truly embarrassed for her.

As for the fashions, which is really why I watch every year, Rihanna totally owned the night. She is a chronic wig snatcher. No one who walked that red carpet tonight came even close to touching her.


  1. Adele slayed…just by standing there a singing her heart out to a captive audience. Applause and standing ovation = well deserved. JHud also, beautiful accent to end the retrospective of music lives lost. I cried. I could tell JHud was affected, too. I loved how LL led everyone in prayer at the beginning. It was a somber moment but overall a good celebration of music. Notably missing for me, REAL R&B and Soul. They killed so many categories. Overall, a good show, I think. I didn’t quite understand the double-performances of Brown, the Foo and McCartney…I mean, was Badu or D’Angelo or Maxwell or other folks not available? C’mon! LOL

  2. Oh and I get what Nicki Minaj’s performance was about. But with times so sensitive these days she could have “exorcised” Roman via a paddy wagon, a psych hospital and electro-shock therapy. I.E. another type setting, something MINIMAL but something that would not enrage the Catholic church as it has this morning. But whatever. It’s her career either dead in the water or rising to the top. Time will tell.

  3. Show was only ok like always. I haven’t enjoyed a Grammy’s show since like 2004. They should’ve done a longer Whitney tribute, with more people (although Jennifer did a great job). I loved Adele’s performance best of the night to me by far, and she deserved every single last award she got. Oh and is it just me or did I not see Etta James on the memorial tape?

  4. I have a feeling that Nicki Minaj’s career is going to suffer the same fate as Sinead O’Conner’s did back when she tore up the Pope’s picture on SNL.

  5. The grammy’s were sucked! I’m sorry but Nicki Minaj needs to PHONE HOME! I felt so disrespected by her because I’m Catholic. I’m boycotting her starting now! NO MORE NICKI !

  6. @CHEY yes ppl hate on Sinead O’conner at the time ,but she has proven right. She was rebelling about the sexual abuse going on in the church and no one listen. now we all knew she wasn’t lying. America owe her an apology .

  7. Kelly looked so gorgeous. Adeles voice is so unique I dont think she even has to try hard. I never cared for nikki minaj. She just seemed straight characterized from the start. I cant stand to see what she wears. She looks like she graduated top of her class at clown university. Why is she promoting child molestation and rape? Why did Jim Jones choose that rap name? The agenda of some of these ceebrities are sickening. We are missing real r&b and soul like kanyade said.

  8. Adele was wonderful. I was so happy she won all 6, amazing and so deserving! I wasn’t sure they would go all the way. She barely got press, considering how she slayed the charts and her phenomenal record sales, 16 mil or so. It is refreshing seeing someone like Adele honored, she doesn’t dance, not a size 2, but has captured the hearts of fans of all ages. It’s gotta being inspiring for other singers who don’t fit into today’s pop box!

    The Jennifer Hudson Whitney Tribute was beautifully done, understated and very emotion-filled, appropriately so! Suspended my boycott, I knew she would do a great job!

    Nicki Minaj, I was beyond shocked! She looked like a Gaga, retro Madonna knock-off in the very worst way! I couldn’t believe Laurianne made that move and Nicki cosigned.

    Loved Taylor Swift’s shout back diss song…funny!

    LL did a great job, very smooth, even though, overall it was long and boring!

    Kanye West cleaned up, I wish he had been there to accept, but he probably would have said something to get people up in a roar!

    Rihanna killed in her slinky black number!

    Next The Oscars…check out Tavis Smiley on PBS online, Viola Davis reads for days!!!

  9. The Grammy’s were OK but not horrible. Im also thrilled for Adele – she totally blew me away with her performance. I wasnt too excited by Christ Brown’s performance. I liked the Beach Boys sing a long. Wasnt too impressed with Rihanna’s performance but Cold Play totally kicked ass! Nicki Minaj really needs to give herself a hug and draw herself towards herself – theres artistic expression and then there’s getting it totally wrong in the worst way. She did the latter.
    I dont like Deadmau5 – maybe I just dont get it but I didnt like it at all and David Guetta bores me to tears….its enough now. Whaterver happened to good old fashioned R&B and regular POP music?

  10. I was so happy for Adele – she deserved every single award & her performance was phenomenal.

    Rihanna OWNED the red carpet!

    Nicki has committed career suicide. I too was embarrassed for her

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