2013 American Music Awards Wrap Up


The 2013 American Music Awards wrapped up a few hours ago and featured performances by some of the biggest names in music over the past 12 months.

Performers included TLC joined by Lil Mama, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna who walked away with the night’s most prestigious statuette of them all: The ICON Award.

As in previous years, the show was a big snooze thanks to a lack of real talent. I long for the days when Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers used to dominate these things.

Now we have people who look better than they sound (I’m looking at you Katy Perry) and depend on flashing lights to distract you from the fact that they can barely hold a note.

That being said, the most interesting part of the show for me is always the red carpet. Rihanna skipped this part, so I knew she really wanted the viewing audience to be wowed when they saw her. And wowed they were when the first shot of her sitting in the audience was shown. RiRi did what many black girls though was unthinkable at one time: she walked out of her house with her hair wrapped in a doobie chile, hair pins and all.

Who but Rihanna could pull that off? I truly loved it.

Another highlight for me was Ciara. She did walk the red carpet and looked so fabulous in a black fishnet dress. Had Rihanna not wowed me in her doobie and mermaid dress, Ciara would have been my definite choice for best dress Brown Sista.

Other red carpet showstoppers included Taylor Swift and actress Zendaya Coleman.


  1. @sista I did not tune in because I knew the show would be filled with over-hyped talent deprived pop stars. I figured I would catch the TLC performance on YT.

    Can’t wait for the soul train awards

  2. I was clicking between this and football and it was actually one of the better award shows in a while. Though I’m not a fan but the best performance for me had to be Lady Gaga & R Kelly, exquisitely thought out and excuted, and with a powerful message behind it. Rihanna, looked good as always.

  3. Any time a girl who hasn’t made 30 years old is given an icon award (most successful and admired – widely known symbol), winning over senior members of the R&B community like Mary J Blige, Toni Braxton, etc., those in the know about music history, KNOW that white America is serious about TAKING BACK THEIR MUSIC, JUST LIKE THEY ARE TAKING BACK THEIR CITIES, BY ALLOWING VIOLENCE AND DRUGS TO RUN RAMPANT.

    James Brown invented the word Soul Music. It has always been associated with the best singers in black america, and now a caribbean woman, WHO IS A POP SINGER, is nominated and a white man wins the award! If you still dont know that is, Taking Back the Music, then you know nothing about America.

    Lil Mama was the only good part of TLC.

    Lady Gaga and R. Kelly are a great team. Darn shame a genius like Kelly has to collabo with a white woman to get on the stage. Last time he came to my town all kinds of tricks by the powers-that-be interfered with his ticket sales and not even half the small theatre was filled, but being the pro that he is he performed like every seat was sold. The next time he tried to perform in my town, all of us showed up, to find out that the show was cancelled by the powers-that-be. He doesn’t even try to come here any more.

    Kendrick Lamar was good.

    Mylie Cyrus was very good.

    Ciara looked beautiful but pregnant?

    JHud looked amazing.

    If I were you I’d forget about this website or change the name to AmericanSista.com LOL Black performers will always be on the stage, but confined to the small stages, and talent will not be a factor. The ones who made major money years ago, will spend and spend to stay relevant, but that wont last forever.

    Whites are sick of blacks never been satisifed, and fighting like animals for the crumbs off their table, so they take everybody out, and end that problem, but who could hardly blame them. Blessings should make you better, but the fools who feel unworthy still war within the group and create problems.

  4. “I long for the days when Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers used to dominate these things.” I co-sign your sentiments 100%. These, award shows, performances, today, lack real talent. These, INSIPID, performances leave much to be desired. Today, it`s all about shock value. Enter Miley Cyrus. She`s definitely NOT the only one, but, as of, now she is the poster child for her recent WHORISH behavior. She succumb to these raunchy acts to grab headlines and obscure her LACK of talent. She is totally out of control.

    Being the MJ fan that I am, my expectations are extremely high when it comes to performances, perhaps, unrealistic expectations, but high expectations, nevertheless. MJ, was a pure performer who, left you spellbound with his artistry and showmanship. Artists, today, do not have the gift of showmanship, percision and attention to detail as did the greats, MJ, Frankie Lymon, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr., etc. And forgive me, ladies I`m not omitting the great female artists. My list contains only male performers, because dance was a staple of their performance. As for awards shows, today, I don`t waste my time. And on a final note, presenting Rihanna with The Icon Award is, further, testament on, just, how far the bar has fallen.

    P.S. I SALUTE, my boy, MJ and all the greats. *I raise my glass and make a toast.*

  5. I only sat through it so I could see Rihanna & she did not disappoint. <3 her performance! A lot of people are going in for the doobie but I loved it! A refreshing change from all the Brazilian weave & rainbow colors you saw last night.

  6. I totally agree longing for the days of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Kenny Rogers. Now how do you think we feel about beyonce for all these years and how extremely overrated she was and still is. It’s sad especially when you have lived through some of the greatest moments of the greatest artists of all time like Whitney and Michael! We couldn’t wait for the awards to come on to see what either of them would do. And that night Michael Jackson presented the Moon Walk it forever changed history. IJS

  7. There was definitely a subliminal message within that award show. Rihanna, ICON Award? I do like Rihanna and she can definitely be awarded an ICON Award for THIS Generation but not a general ICON Award. If the title of the award was already invented there (AMA) and was given to her due to no one else being valid, I could possibly understand but they made an award and gave it to her. I know such artist like Beyonce, J-Lo, Mary J were probably a lil’ bothered. And giving all the SOUL R&B awards to Justin Timberlake was a slap in the face. Yes, he has decent music but Soulful music, NO.

    Miley Cyrus voice is beautiful. Ciara looked gorgeous but in my opinion she always looks uncomfortable in eloquent wear. Janet, J-Lo, Rihanna owns what they wear. Ciara feminine clothes wear her. Although she looks nice she looks unsure & uncomfortable in it. Maybe she should invest in a few feminine classes where they teach you how to own your look. I’m not convinced on the R. Kelly.Gaga collabo, they just don’t seem believable to me.

  8. Brownsista

    I’m saying tho….you couldn’t post any videos of the performances of the night that were mentioned in your article?

    as for the award show. i was at work and didn’t worry about it. award shows let me down because music now a days let’s me down. i’m sure i wouldn’t know/care for half of those who were nominated/seen. and that icon award thing? haha it’s the same as mtv giving justin timberland boot’s undeserving behind that michael jackson award. i’m tired of the undeserving receiving recognition of any kind and the whitewashing and the culture vultures.

  9. @Pray for the Children, I was having trouble embedding videos. #sorry.

    By the way, everyone keeps saying Ciara looks pregnant, but I just don’t see it. Not even a little pooch.

  10. @Brownsista
    it’s all good.

    i did see a picture of Ciara in her dress from the side and she did have a little poof in her ab region. haha. now did she look pregnant? naw, but it was noticeable….to me.

  11. Loved Rihanna getting her ICON award. I understand how they created this award, given what social media is today and the celebrity craze we live in, like no other time, I do believe. The media and the award shows, partners in crime aren’t interested in awarding talent, instead they glorify popularity. Being a Rihanna fan, I see her as a true culture and music icon because of her music (it’s very popular), she picks the right songs, doesn’t profess to be everything (live performance are often lacking), she acknowledges she works with a team, doesn’t muscle writing credits, many of her different looks, hairstyles trend and when desired, she’s a bonifide fashionista, along with her record sales and concert tour revenues, beginning at age 16, Miley and Justic Bieber are probably next in line, the times we live in, but quite deserving in instance!

  12. Black people are to blame for Justin Timberlake (not mad) and the other white guy (McClemore) grabbing the hip hop award. Yes, “they” have made Rihanna the R&B representative, when’s actually a pop artist. Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige have a more laid-back fan-base and are no longer 20 somethin. We no longer care about MJB or Mariah Carey. Alicia Keys would not sell much music or concert tickets if she didn’t have a diverse fan base, it would be curtains for her too! We don’t care about Erykah or Jill, just their earlier work. We’re not that moved by JHUD and Fantasia to make them go platinum. We root for Brandy, but we just download her music for free. We wish Ciara, Ashanti and others would just call it a wrap and do something else, the excitement is over because we won’t just buy their stuff to knock down some doors, instead we worship, support or despise the few who impress or disappoint us (Usher, Nicki Minaj, The Carters, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Two Chainz), just on to the next band wagon, now it’s Miley. Nicki Minaj is hip hop/pop, so she came out running and just couldn’t be stopped! Tamar Braxton was totally ignored by the AMAs, unless I missed it, but we hate her too!

    Bethany cried out about lower ratings to Queen Latifah’s show, now she’s managed to boost ratings with reality TV stars and our participation…the public’s consumption and taste is what lowers the bar, there’s not much of a balance. Award shows, contest reality shows like AI or The Voice or The Housewives franchise and others are merely promotional tools like commercials and billboards, used to promote and lure advertisers, corporate sponsors and endorsement deals.

    We are the biggest pawns and consumers with very little equity, leverage or access to infrastructure. So, yes, JT, Robin Thicke, those white contestants singing on those shows are the future and face of R&B music!

  13. Ciara,

    Is prolly pregnant because her body is minus the cuts in the arms, abs, etc. She is usually so toned and her arms are the business! Looks like Cici’s been staying away from the gym…

  14. “KNOW that white America is serious about TAKING BACK THEIR MUSIC, ” wtf is this stupid comment, first off it’s ur music if u would learn that black music in america is has always been “Independant.” until it’s picked up or green lighted by the powers that be meaning the major labels or in today’s world 3 that’s left, before making stupid ad ignorant comments that show a true lack of history, but clearly shows you may have been boogieing to music since the late 80’s, learn black music history…. it goe’s alot farther than you know.

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