Gallery: 2013 Oscar Red Carpet


The Oscar red carpet has become so boring, especially where the women are concerned. I miss the days, before the ‘Fashion Police’ became so popular, when women actually dared to show up looking like this and this.

But Joan Rivers has people so shook that now everyone shows up looking as plain and safe as possible. Oh sure, a few people like Jennifer Lopez will spice things up a bit, but on average, the Oscar red carpet has become the place for JC Penny catalog style evening gowns and updos that should have been left in the 50’s.

No one wowed me tonight… no surprise, but if I had to choose my best dressed, it would be Kelly Rowland and Halle Berry. I give Kelly the edge, however, because her gown was dramatic without being overwhelming. Now Halle was gorgeous too, but her dress looked better going than coming. Plus, she looked as she always does: perfect… but safe.


  1. I think ms. kelly was most gorgeous. Halle and j lo always bring it. That color on kerry was beautiful. Zoe is my girl but she could use a double cheeseburger and a lrg fries with a milkshake.

  2. OMG, Kerry Washington’s makeup never changes. Never. Facially, she looks the same at every event. She is the most boring actress ever. She is always a fashion dud or a fashion duh.

    Love Scandal though 😆

  3. Agreed about Kerry. However, since Scandal is doing SO WELL maybe this is her way of reminding fans? staying in character? er, um, promo for the show?

  4. @SISTA- I’m guessing you meant most boring style ever?… Because she’s a phenomenal actress.

  5. I totally disagree about Kerry. She has an individual style. Her personal style is understated and elegant. she’s classy and sophisicated. And it’s better to be underdress than overdress. Her makeup is used to emphesize her face. Since she’s known for being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, I say, go Kerry. Actually, the dress was avangarde. If you are a true fashionista, you create your own individual style. And wear it with confidence. The style isn’t overwhelming it’s sophisticated and classic. Atleast, she didn’t look ghetto or hoodratish.She stays on the Best Dress in magazines, and international acclaim stylists. Sorry, but I just love her.

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