2014 Grammy Roundup

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

The 2014 Grammy Awards just wrapped up and this year definitely belonged to Daft Punk, who walked away with two of the night’s biggest awards: Record of the Year for their single “Get Lucky” and Album of the Year for “Random Access Memories.”

The group scored a total of three statuettes, the final being a win for Best Dance/Electronica Album.

Other big winners included Lorde, who won Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for her smash hit “Royals.” Jay Z and Justin Timberlake also won two awards for their various collaborations. One for Best Music Video (Suit and Tie), the other for best Rap/Sung Collaboration (Holy Grail).

In the R&B categories, Tamar Braxton walked away empty handed, losing Best R&B Song to Justin Timberlake (Pusher lover Girl), Best Urban Contemporary Album to Rihanna (Unapologetic) and Best R&B Performance to Lalah Hathaway (Snarky Puppy).

Alicia Keys also had a pretty good night, taking home her 15th Grammy for Best R&B Album (Girl on Fire).

A full list of winners can be seen, here.

As for performances, the show opened with Beyonce and Jay Z performing their #1 R&B hit “Drunk in Love.” Black Twitter seemed to enjoy the performance, but I did not. I didn’t think the song would translate well live and it didn’t. I was sure Beyonce was gonna start with ‘DIL’ and then go into something like “Grown Woman” or anything with a bit more pep to it.

P!ink’s performance while swinging high above the crowd also seemed to be a favorite on Twitter, but again, I was not impressed. Though everyone claims she sang live, she clearly lip-synced, as did Beyonce, and quite a few of the night’s performers.

All in all, I can’t say I was impressed by much and spent the night flicking between the show and Real Housewives of Atlanta.

There were 20 performances but very little in the way of inclusiveness if you ask me. With 20 performances, R&B and Rap both could have had more REAL representation. As could Gospel and a multitude of other genres which receive their awards during the pre-show.

Anyway, check out red carpet pics below. Without Rihanna, no one really tried to wow us and Beyonce didn’t even bother to show up. Still, both Tamar and Ciara looked quite nice.


  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed that Beyonce lip-synced the beginning of her performance because she messed up and i think at the end she did it live, but that was not a good performance at all. We have all seen her do her thang but that was not good at all. #BEYHIVE will say she did good because they are stuck up halk her *** like she paying their bills but no, not good AT ALL.

  2. I don’t think rih was missed sista. I think there were a lot of artists and performances that we didn’t know so it felt a bit disconnected. Didn’t even remember rih until you mentioned her in your article.

  3. I thought Bey’s performance was good I felt she was extremely nervous in the beginning but then got into it. She basically rein acted the video and was just pretty free. There’s not much you can do with that song so I didn’t expect her to do TOO much. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see her do more, it seemed REALLY short and I was just waiting for it to break to another song but either way I liked it and she looked STUNNING on and off stage.

  4. I expected a remix of Drunk in Lust. Like having it chopped and screwed with some soca or reggae or something to do some more dancing rather than the standing, sitting, squatting, crawling she did. I expected the song/music to be different but it was the same. I don’t feel “she” was into it.

    She showed on the red carpet…after her performance. Or did I read that wrong somewhere else?

    Anyway, yeah I too watched RHOA and enjoyed it and can’t wait until next week to see what the true reasons behind all the violence that occurred was for. I mean it was on one hundred! but WHY? obviously (Apollo) some had other fish to fry or a trigger just set to go off and poor Brandon (side-eye) and Kenya were at the nexus of it all.

  5. the press room! ah, okay. well somebody at LSA is wrong then. let me go correct them.

    Ashanti’s dress is cute.

  6. Honestly the Grammy Awards have always been a snooze and a bit uppity. Back in the day the cool awards show was the American Music Awards and eventually the MTV Video Awards, the Soul Train Awards and the BET Awards. The Grammys shut down the American Music Awards some years back when they announced people who performed at the AMAs would not be allowed to perform at the Grammys. Because the Grammy was so coveted artists started skipping the AMAs and their ratings suffered. Eventually they moved their show to the end of the year, when traditionally they were held in January. Despite the move, their ratings are still iffy and a lot of artists still skip it. I too was channel surfing and only tuned in to see Beyonce who was terrible. She tried her best to be sexy with Jay but he seemed uncomfortable with the display. He has always been private and now she is putting it all out on the table. I agree that a performance of Grown Woman would have killed all the night’s other performances. She’ll probably do it or Bow Down at the BET Awards. Pink was not singing live and as usual it sucked. It’s the Grammys not Cirque du Soleil. How many times is she going to do that routine and be praised for it? Its not good and is very hard to see for the viewing audience. L.A. Reid was praising her to no end on Twitter and I just could not figure out why. What was he watching? Overall the show was as it always was. Long. Boring and most white stuffed shirts. If they cut down on some of those performances featuring older acts, they could feature more up to date artists who are given awards before the show starts. Lalah Hathaway won an award, would have been nice to see her perform as well. Same for the Gospel acts. If you can give classical air time, you can give Gospel a minute or two.

  7. Yeah, Rih is definitely a red carpet favorite. People love to see what she’s wearing and who she’s dating.

  8. Oh yeah, black folks are complaining about Kendrick Lama being shut out and Macklemore winning all the rap awards and Justin Timberlake winning in the RnB categories. To that I say black producers have no one to blame but themselves. They have sold their souls to white artists to sell a few more copies of a record to white kids. Because blacks stay co-signing these mediocre white acts, the industry stay rewarding them with money, sales and awards. In 10 years there won’t be any black women in black music and there won’t be any blacks at all in rap. Just as rock was stolen, we have given away RnB and rap. We have no black bands, no black groups, male or female and the only black women who can move records are those that mimic the look of white women. I’m not even going to address the gay agenda, but I have seen the writing on the wall for a while now and unlike in the past, YT did nothing, we did it to ourselves.

  9. You are right on many levels.

    What is happening is that history is just repeating itself with the help of people like JZ and Beyonce at the helm. That’s the reason they allowed bey to be the only blk woman on that stage.

    Bey is from the south, as am I. Light skinned women were taught that they are the cream of the crop in the blk world. They were the house negroes who looked down on the brown and blk field hands and ruled over them. We are returning to that. That’s why you didn’t see any brown or black performers like estelle, JHUD, ciara,, etc on that stage.

    It is killing light skinned beyonce that brown skinned oprah is the richest blk woman. She is going to kill herself working to try and surpass her.

    Many believe she dressed like a hooker with that Marilyn Monroe mini dress for Obama and not Michelle when she performed at that bday party. I know as southern light brights women like tina knowles and beyonce believe they have a God given right to rule over brown and blk american women. Notice that JZ only signs light skinned women and seems to do everything he can to keep them on the air, using up all the time to keep our darker more talented girls from taking over. And that is what high yellow country women are raised to do. Just stop buying their crap and change the channel.

    And why would blk women listen to or buy a song that glorifies domestic violence of poor tina turner? we should be starting a petition on change.org about that.

  10. @Dana,

    Isn’t the circus shtick kinda Pink’s thing? Hasn’t it been for some years now? You know, much in the same way Beyonce’s performance style has included lots of dancers and interaction and the coveted trifecta of dancers (with her being at the center) circa IASF and “Single Ladies” era until now.

    I don’t knock Pink for what she does because like that’s just the kind of show she puts on, much like Bruno Mars has his own, Beyonce has her own, so on and etc.

  11. Dana brings up a great point about The Grammys and other competing award shows. It just goes to show you how cut-throat the business is. Overall the Grammys is stale because it is trying to do too much. 20 artists performed last night and unless you’re a true music fan over half of the viewing audience didn’t know who they were. Also, combining old school artists and new/up and coming artists is getting tired. Robin Thicke and the group Chicago made an awful combination last night! Above all I think many of the performances are just way too over the top. I like that jam by Katy Perry and Juicy J, but what the hell was all that we they performed?? To me John Legend was the best performer. It was simple, all about him (not him and another artist or bunch of artists), and to the point. I’ll just stick with the MTV and BET awards…

  12. Beyonce’s performance was HORRIBLE! Tamar and Ciara looked pretty! Fantasia should have performed!

  13. Can anyone think of any black women who have performed at any major awards show for the past five years that weren’t Beyonce, Rihanna or Alicia Keys? I cannot. I think Jennifer Hudson was called on to tribute Whitney a few years back, but that’s about it. I ask you all, where is the next Rihanna or Beyonce? Beyonce been around 17 years I hear. Rihanna has been around for about 10. Where are the new black girls they have influenced? I see no one on the cusp to carry on the mantle of great black women in music. Why? Good old fashion colorism by mostly black producers who sign female artists these days.

    Say what you all want about Clive and the so called evil Jews, but black women had more of a presence with them than we do now. A previous poster spoke of the women Jay has signed and she was on point. All follow the same tired-ass mold of what black men think is beautiful, but how many have become a success or stand to be the next Dionee Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson? None.

    For black music to thrive it needs black people, black women included. These producers think they can make it without us by working with the Mileys and Britneys of the industry, but they cannot. Rap thought it could make it without true musicians, people who actually play instruments. But look at it now. Gasping for breath and totally dependent on white kids to sell.

    Beyonce racking up 17 Grammys and Rihanna having 7 is a testament to how piss poor a job the black musical community has done in creating new black female talent. Instead of cultivating it they are doing everything they can to stifle it in an attempt to keep artists like Beyonce on top. I didn’t include Rihanna because blacks like her, but don’t worship her like they do Beyonce.

    The white community however keeps producing new hot chicks every year. White girls ain’t going nowhere. Look at big 250 pound Adele. A horrible looking woman, but she can sing. Would any black producer have signed her were she black? I was shocked when I saw Adele without makeup. You would never even recognize her. Yet she, not Pink, or Katy Perry or Rihanna or Lady Gaga, is the biggest selling female act in the world. A fat ugly white girl can sell 24 million records and be universally praised by everyone, including blacks. Poor Jill Scott can’t even go Gold and niggas ain’t got shit to say about her except she fat.

    When Rihanna and Beyonce eventually become old and played out, black women will officially become dunzo in the business.

  14. I was hurt for Tamar making such a great CD and got no recognition at all! IF I had my way, real BLACK women, and not these high yellows would have performed. Women like, Fantasia, Estelle, Ciara, Monica, Brandy,Ashanti, and quite frankly, in the high yellow category I’d rather have had rihanna than beyonce with those ignorant lyrics glorifying domestic abuse. At least rihanna’s lyrics makes sense.

  15. @JOYCE,

    I’m Texas-bred and “light-brown” and I was NEVER taught that.

    But carry on. As you were. 🙂

    JBL good points and to Dana and to Old Popeye Salt as well. Great stuff there to analyze.

    One day, these Grammys won’t mean anything to us. JayZ drinks Henny from his, so already he’s saying they mean nothing to him… Isn’t that a diss that he drinks from the gramaphone cup? a diss to the Academy or is it something else?


  16. @JBL

    I’ll meet you half way with your comment. Actually, we have a lot of Female R&B artists that are making it “do what it do” in the business. Today we have Chrisette Michele, Keyshia Cole, Melanie Fiona, Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, and other notable artists. The issue is the promotion for these artists and the attempt to cross them over into the pop arena has become null and void or a failure. Perfect example is Kelly Rowland. Many can argue she is just as talented as Beyonce, so why isn’t she a successful crossover artist? To me Jill Scott is a 21st century mix of Anita Baker and Billie Holiday. Why hasn’t she been able to crossover to the pop charts like Baker did in the late 80s, early 90s? And poor Ciara can’t even pay folks to buy her CD these days; and she has worked with everyone from Justin Timberlake to Nicki Manaji. I don’t think the black community has been doing a “piss poor” job in creating new black female talent; we don’t have the subject matter experts within our community (besides L.A. Reid and a few others) to market these talented ladies. 50 Cent said he spent $2 million on trying to promote Olivia, but it didn’t work. Did he have the right marketing strategy (A pretty R&B singer surrounded by gangsta rappers, just like Ashanti) for her? Next, what happened to artists who were successful on the Pop charts, such as Brandy, Monica, Ashanti, Faith Evans, and even Adina Howard (one hit wonder, I know, but she was a good artist)? How did their careers come and go in less than a decade? Let’s also keep it honest, some artists have also hurt their careers by making some questionable personal and professional choices, especially jumping on the “reality show” bandwagon. The white artists you mentioned are around because they are marketed very well through a variety of media outlets and commercials. Adele just dropped on the scene at the right place and time (a 21st century white girl version of Sade); and she can sing. In conclusion, we will always have great R&B female artists, but we have to do a better job at marketing them to the overall general public. Then maybe we will see them perform on the Grammys and these other “A” list shows….

  17. Lackluster show overall. I have a SERIOUS question..Is anyone here racist? Of ANY race, including your own? Honestly, I’m just curious.

  18. @Dana
    Yes the Grammys haven’t been exciting to me in years, since the Jacksons were still performing. I’ll even admit that I enjoyed watching Chris Brown when he was still hot. But lately, no thanks! As for Bey’s performance, (by now most of you know I’m not a fan) I didn’t like the whole image. She was dressed scantily while he had on a suit. It just reminded me of a pimp and his you know what.

    Yes, colorism is still alive and kickin in Hollywood. I am not a dark skinned sister, but I still see what’s going on and I don’t like it.

    Oh yeah, Pharrell’s performance was great!!!!

  19. I said it before and I will say it again. Stanning for artists has caused a divide and conquer particularly with female R&B singers. It’s really sad. I LOVE R&B I think it may have even saved my life coming up. To watch it die they way it has is tragic. We are so quick to throw away our artists as “has been” while people like Willlie Nelson are preforming on the Grammys.

  20. Ciara had more success and set more trends than any black female in music in 2013

    Bodyparty went Gold
    and stayed at the top of the R&B charts for about 6 to 8 weeks, even without a major tour.

    She coined the phrase turned up with her record “super turnt up”

    Ciara influenced tons of women to wear the blonde bob, including beyonce

    Ciara is the spokesman for Degree

    Ciara is Vogue’s Woman of the year

    Ciara is a top model

    Ciara writes hit records

    Ciara got engaged and then every chick in the universe tried to follow suit

    Ciara has great influence with a minimum of promotion

    Her videos are epics and have trillions of videos. They are on the A-list on video music channels

    She performed at the pre-grammy party for music professionals and as soon as she has her little Prince Michael Navydius Cash, she will go on a major tour. Her shows are electric.

    Kanyade if the light skinned black females weren’t still trying to dominate over brown and black girls, there would be no need for Iyanla and Oprah to have all these shows about it. Country negroes from the South all engage in this light skin mess.

  21. So I’m a country negro? LOL Me and my peoples?

    Nah, I hear you. I hear all of you. I’m just going to sit back in the cut and watch the debate unfold some more.

  22. Why is Kelly Rowland not more successful?

    The main reason is, that she is a coward who did not fight for her right to be rewarded with that Destiny Child name when Beyonce left the group. Kelly and Michelle were done more dirty than Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard.

    So, instead of fighting for the right to use a brand name known around the world, she and Michelle decided to start all over from scratch with no real name recognition for themselves as solo artist. Mary Wilson sued Diana Ross and Motown and made money off of the Supreme names for decades.

    As a solo artist, I cant identify with Kelly’s lyrics. For example, Ice. Nothing sexy about Ice on my belly button. Tried it. It did nothing for me like the song. The song she did with Fantasia is great because of Fantasia. Being on a R Kelly album where he basically does nothing but spew out puzzy over and over, was a mistake. I love R Kelly but his new album sucks.

  23. Old Popeye Salt I am going to have to disagree with you. Yes there are a lot of black female artists out there, but they are not selling or getting any support from radio. That is the problem. Not their inability to cross over to the pop charts. Years ago we had black crossover artists like Janet, Whiteny and Toni and they would sell five or 6 million copies of an album thanks to their crossover appeal. But pure R&B acts like Anita Baker and Stephanie Mills could still sell two million copies and get plenty of airpaly from just the urban community. Now, pure R&B female artists don’t have any support at all. Tamar Braxton had a bonafide hit and recently thanked fans because her album had sold a paltry 300,000 copies. Not even Gold. Same for Keyshia Cole. Last I heard her album had sold around the 300k range as well. I’m not sure what Janelle Monae has sold but I doubt she is Gold either. The commenter who said the black community was trying to stifle black female artists to uphold Beyonce is 100% on point. Look at the attacks lodged against Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole or any female artist who tries to come up. I listen to radio on the job all day and I only hear three women played on stations like 107.5 WBLS or Power 105.1 in NY and that is Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. No other female is heard. Not Janelle, no one. They’ll play Beyonce and Nicki more than once an hour. KTU, a pop station in NY, plays a plethora of women. No one woman rules, no matter who she is. The same can’t be said for us. But the question is why? Why can no other black woman rise up at the moment? I’m sure in the next few years when it becomes more apparent that we have dropped the ball, someone will come forth to blame us. Bad attitudes, too fat, too lazy. Too something or the other. Soul music is dead. Black music is dead. All we have now is rap which teaches blacks to hate black women. Like JBL said, we did the ish to ourselves.

  24. I have a question, are the hateful comments being made here about the skin tone of Black folks done on purpose, or are you just talking mess? If you are being serious I think you better read the Willie Lynch letter of 1712. The comments being made here amplify the principles of “divide and conquer” strategy he taught slave owners when it came to controlling their slaves. Calling folks “High yellows”, “country negros”, etc, etc is not helping our cause, nor strengthens the greatness of who we are and what we can become together. It’s sad because in the end no matter how dark or light your skin is there are areas here in the US and overseas where “they” will call us N******/K****** all the same; even string us up with the same rope(s) if they could get away with it. It’s all good to provide your perspective on why you don’t like an artist or person, but some of these comments are just hateful with no real merit. Get it together People!!

  25. @BHONEY

    Ok Luv, I respect your point but I still say it takes marketing to sell records. I’ll meet you half way about artists not getting played on the radio, but we are living in an age that has a vast variety of media outlets we are not using to promote these artists across all markets. Look at the history, in the 90s we saw more Black female artists with more Billboard top 100 hits than any other decade. I mentioned some in my blog above and we can add Total, SWV, Michell’e, Oleta Adams, Chrystal Waters, Karen White, Tracie Spencer, Shaunice, and countless others. We can thank radio, BET, Soul Train, Black Beat, Jet and other magazines, and Arsenio Hall during that time. But in this century/decade those things are gone (Aresenio is back at least, and helping a little bit) and many of the “black” stations and BET are now owned by I Heart Radio and Viacom. We are now back to the drawing board, just like the old groups and artists in the 20s thru 70s, when it comes to our artists. We have to develop a stronger marketing push to get artists exposure, especially our Black female artists. Your comments slightly suggest these radio corporations you’re listening to during your day should want to play more Black female artists than just Rih Rih or Beyonce. Well Luv, the fact is they are not going to just up and do that; and that is why many Black R&B artists are not rising up at the moment. Also, many people don’t listen to the radio these days like before. They use music devices, XM/Sirius, or music websites where they can customize their music selections. Going back to what I said before, we don’t have the subject matter experts push our artists to perform various venues and get air time on radio stations. These artists should be seen on various venues such as Leno, Conan, Kimble, SNL, Letterman, Fallon, Today, DWTS, AI, GMA. Credit to the A&R people that represented Ciara because she was everywhere in the 2013, and it paid off for her in certain areas. Also, and I’m glad you mentioned it, another reason why these artists are not selling 500,000 or more in overall album sales is because of boot-legging. We need to understand this hurts our artists and genres of music (especially in the Gospel). My point is we can’t wait for corporations to just voluntarily play our music. We have to market our product(s) better and let everyone know the Soul is not dead in the Urban streets.

  26. Oldpopeye u have made many valid points but dont blame it all on the black community.

    Who allows the bootlegger to stand on the corner in broad daylight and sell their bootleg CDs? They dont even have to hide in the shadows like the coke dealers.

    Also, please remember that black musicians only started getting paid REAL money for their work about 40 years ago. Before that they worked the chitlin circuit in the black communities smoky bars, had whites covering their music and making the millions, and the record companies STOLE the rest of the money, WITH THE LIE OF LOW SALES. The entertainers couldn’t go into the inventory room and count their sales, so they had to take their word for it.

    Watch the story of Little Richard, Cadillac Records, Why do Fools Fall in Love, and see how the record heads stole all the money, and most died in poverty. THOSE ARE TRUE STORIES. Their is a slogan “Take back our music.” Blacks are repeating it and dont even understand what it really means.

    So it is all politics, and black politicians in leadership are too cowardly to do anything about it.

  27. I said it before and I will say it again. Stanning for artists has caused a divide and conquer particularly with female R&B singers. It’s really sad. I LOVE R&B I think it may have even saved my life coming up. To watch it die they way it has is tragic. We are so quick to throw away our artists as “has been” while people like Willlie Nelson are preforming on the Grammys.

    Just had to co-sign this comment to the fullest.

  28. Sista I dont like stanning like a gang for only one artist either, and have spoken out about it to and discouraged it. Traditionally we have supported all our artist.

    BUT do you really believe that with our high rates of black unemployment that people would buy records rather than food?

    Black entertainers with the resources SHOULD BE CREATING JOBS FOR OUR COMMUNITY – THEIR CORE CONSUMERS! They are always bragging about their billions and millions. With resources like that they should have created hundreds of thousands of jobs. We have enough educated people to run the businesses, do the hiring, and stocking the shelves. We did it for white businesses and we can do it for black businesses.

    Also, much of the time when I try to download music, I cant because I refuse to pay tons of money for Iphones to have access to Itunes, when I can get a tele much cheaper. That fact obstructs a lot of black entertainers abilities to sell singles, where a lot of the money is made at these days.

    I cant really worry about negro entertainers who are too dumb to keep the wealth in their community by marrying in their community and investing in businesses where blacks can get equal opportunity.

  29. It angers me how Robin Thicke and JT can actually win awards for R&B music. Maybe I could understand if they had the kind of talent that of Teena Marie, who was very involved in R&B. Everything from her music, her lyrics, her swag, her ability to play many instruments, her production, her writing skills and basically making a R&B song from beginning to end. RT and JT had to have a lot of help just to paint the image of being a Rhythm and Blues Artist. Teena was also know as a “one take” artist. She’s go into the studio and kill it, in one try, in no time. True talent that could not be ignored or taken away from her. Rick James opened the door, But she had to do the work to stay there.

  30. I also believe this light-skinned, dark-skinned mentality will play itself out. With people getting tired of all these gimmicks these light-skinned starlets are using, there is now a big need for actual talent. I do believe someone like Janelle Monet will rise to the top as other artist will. People want music with substance, originality, creativity… Someone they can respect for more than having a big booty to impress them. If this wasn’t so then most of our pop divas of today would rid the gimmicks and strictly play off their true divinely God given talent. There is so much talent behind all the gimmicks that shine today. And let’s not forget that as in most jobs, it can all come down to who you know to get you where you want to be.

  31. Dear joyce I find your comments you spoke about light skinned black women quite disturbing, I do not know of any light black women that was taught to believe they are to rule over anyone, because I fit the category you are speaking of. I was taught to believe all people were created equal. I feel that you have some insecurity issues and have not dismissed the slave mentality. To some degree I agree that it is the fault of the black race why the music industry is turning their backs. It is the fact that they do not promote black music and do not give them the backing that they do with the Caucasian race. Some of the reason for this is that caucasians make up 73.4% of the population and african Americans make up 12% of the population. They have a much wider audience so they are going to turn to the much wider range audience to make their money because there is a lot more money to be made. This sounds like the mentality jay-zee has taken to and much as some of you want to put down bey, rhianna, and Alicia Keys they seem to bring in the most money, I think that Alicia Keys is a class.act, very talented and an excellent songwriter. People from the south need to stop race hating on the light-skinned african American. This type of thinking will only keep us divided and it will get you nowhere. I also agree that Fantasia, Ciara and Tamar definitely need far more recognition than they are receiving and I just absolutely love Estelle. These beautiful women definitely deserve far more attention than they are receiving.

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