“4” Album Cover

So here it- the official cover for Beyonce’s upcoming “4” album. Simple and straight to the point- the image says “I am a star.”

I love it.

“4” hits record stores on June 28th.


  1. Oh, Beyonce…sigh.

    We go from the classy and tasteful cover of I Am…to this?

    The font and “look to the distance” pose is all right, but the thong, the blond beach bum look, cheaply dyed fur is beneath her. Or so I thought.

    I’ll give the album a chance. I’ll try not to judge it by its cover, but damn.

  2. I ike this cover. Its not better than the I AM covers but better than the BDay though

  3. I’m going to comment on her overall look this ‘era’ as opposed to specifics…

    She less glam, less polished, less “robotic”, more “rugged”, fringe, dark.

    It’s different for her.

    I don’t like the font; would’ve placed the wording differently. Overall, I like it 🙂

  4. Breathtaking. Very tribal, nomadic, and so very refreshing to see such a 180 with her image. Grungy and moody, gorgeous. Possibly my favorite picture of her ever.

    Agree with Kanyade.

  5. Grunge (check)
    Naked (check)
    “High fashion” (check)
    Rihanna (oh no wait its the queen B)

    V. Original #sarcasm#

  6. Nice cover. Different for her but pretty much the edgy stuff other artist are doing. Keri, Riri, Kei$ha – ahem.

  7. I like the picture BUT not for a cover. =/

  8. You guys are reading my mind, this is 100% ke$ha.

  9. Aaaaw Sista nice to have u back. No more shade, but u know what I mean; )

  10. Idk about Ke$ha, but at first glance I though this was a white lady (no shade intended)


  12. Really all of these posts of Bey? Her time is almost up….her records are barely making the cahrts

  13. Rhianna has obviously gave this chick a nervous break down. This cover looks cheap and she still looks like a washed out bleached coke head. Look Bey the gig is up on you honey you can no longer hide the drugs. Get into rehab get well n come back with some new material and new look. No matter what look you go for it all looks the same just no versatility @ all. Its the same old Bey n ever photo. You are so predictable not in a good way. You have no swag so leave the high end fashion look for Rhianna because she have swag n versatility. We have grown boring with you we want to see different and you have not been able to produce it. Please dye your hair another color the blond is tired. And if you other songs are anything like Girls run the world burn your CD and start over. I know its hard to compete with a bad chick like Rhianna lol we see the stress and depression bey. It very clear that you are the under dog here. By someone that your husband over sees and have a lot of love for. Lol

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