4 Tips to Maintain Healthy Winter Skin


The season of hats, gloves and wrapping up is in full effect as this winter season promises to bring with it conditions much harsher than the last.

According to dermatologists, broken skin is the perfect ingredient for infection. The cold season strips the skin of moisture which may lead to dehydration of the skin, tightening of the skin, breakage of the skin and even eczema.

Below are 4 tips that will help your skin maintain vitality during the cold winter months.

Tip 1:
We have all heard of the saying that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Well this is the case here! The skin requires internal hydration, not just from water which is vital but from fruits such as blueberries and raspberries that are jam packed with antioxidants. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables encourages hydration for longer. Remember drink plenty of water as it’s beneficial regardless of the season.

It is also very important to take daily vitamins such as vitamin A and D. These supplements will act as a substitute as there is less sun during the cold winter season.

Tip 2:

Find a gentle facial cleanser that doesn’t soak up moisture from your skin. Safeguarding your skin starts with cleansing, so avoid using tough soaps that lead to irritation. Find a daily cleanser that offers moisture.

Tip 3:

Review your skin and find a moisturizer that is well suited for your skin type. If you aren’t too sure consult a specialist that will recommend the type of lotion you require. The lotions that you use in the summer are aimed at tackling oily skin so you will want to steer away from these in the winter.

People with normal skin should get a stronger lotion during the winter. A lot of the time these category of lotions will contain ingredients such as avocado and aloe vera that attack drying skin; even so, these lotions are still gentle enough to be used daily.

Those with dry skin should opt for an oil based lotion that will offer richer moisture.

Night creams are also important for keeping the skin moisturized and healthy. These creams are often oil based so the skin remains nourished through the night.

Tip 4:

Don’t forget your lips! Chapped lips are a nightmare so look for a lip balm that protects and nourishes your lips. Carmex acts as a very good solution to chapped lips. Additionally, avoid licking your lips as the wind will eliminate the moisture which will then result in dryer lips.

The winter cold can be tough on the skin; but it isn’t the end of the world! By taking 1 or all 4 tips your skin will most definitely appreciate the advantages of extra care during these next couple of months.

Author: Hidaya W.
Blog: bitesoftheworld.wordpress.com
Tiwtter: @HidayaW


  1. Can’t wait til my coconut oil gets here. My skin becomes very dry and flaky during the winter. I am hoping for a miracle.

  2. i’m ordering coconut oil today. also ‘authentic’ black soap. ever try it?

  3. I think I tried black soap once a few years back, but didn’t stick with it.

    As for coconut oil, I’m still waiting for mine, ordered it from Amazon, made sure to order just the right type. Excited to try it, especially on my face.

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