“4” Will Be #1

Despite having her “4” album nicknamed ‘4lop’ and ‘4closure,’ due to its lack of hit singles, Beyonce’s new album is actually shaping up to be anything but.

With first week sales predictions being released just moments ago, it appears “4” will easily be the number album in the country next week.

And though sales of anywhere from 275-300k is quite low for an artist of her stature, one must remember that her album leaked nearly three weeks early and got extremely poor reviews from the average listener.

On a high note “4” has also debuted at the top of the charts in the UK., France, Brazil and Germany.


  1. I was hoping for bigger numbers, but will of the thing going against her. I’m happy.
    And its her highest critically acclaimed album.

  2. I’m curious? How is one the King or Queen when your album sales consistently fall below that of people like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and less talked about Alicia Keys?

    None of those artists lick their own asses as much and yet their sales are nothing less than phenomenal.

    I guess that is what happens when you are the SELF PROCLAIMED King and Queen, rather than having the title bestowed upon you based on merit.

  3. Her camp probably bought have of them along with the gays…!!! they love beyonce…

  4. @Jessica

    WTH are you talking about. Lady Gaga sold her album for 99cents. Taylor Swift has the teens on lock and hits coming out of her behind. And Alicia’s last effort isn’t even platinum in the US.

  5. Beyonce fans better go buy some more album cause if she ends up in the 2k range that will be a complete embarassment. If Nicki Miraj sells more than her she should give it up.

  6. her album is number one on itnues all over the world… 4flop is not a word to use when talking about king B.

  7. Alicia Keys’ last album has sold 1.39 million copies and is certified platinum in the US, so whoever said she wasn’t is a liar.

    As for Beyonce being #1 around the world, she is in a few small countries where selling 40,000 copies can get you platinum status.

    She’s hardly selling Gaga or even Taylor Swift numbers.

  8. @Ranjay

    Beyonce is #1 in 23 countries including the US, UK, and Canada and still is.

    And Akey barely sold over 1million, but I stant corrected.

    And stop bringing Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift because NOBODY but them are doing those numbers.

  9. album sales are great and are not a reflection of the quality of the music on an album because there are many great artist out there who may not sell as many albums but the music is great, so just because her sales are low does not mean her music is garbage. i really believe she is just trying to branch out into what she believes is bringing something to a new generation that have never heard some of the music samplings. gotta keep it moving when you are doing something you enjoy.

  10. Well said Surabi.

    People stay so pressed. Just enjoy the body of work (or not) and stfu.

  11. Beyonce stans instructed the beyhive to purchase the album multiple times but to do it from different venues. They are posting their receipts all over Twitter again letting the world know how truly pathetic they are and how their queen is only a queen to them. If she were truly all that great they wouldn’t have to purchase the album multiple times to inflate her sales and status in the music game.

  12. Imma go in!! Lady gaga sold her album thru Amazon at full price, it was “AMAZONS” decision to sell the album for 99cents to promote AMAZON. they still about the album at full price, and even if gaga didnt sell the album at 99cents she would have still outsold Beyonce at around 800k.
    and Beyonce is an URBAN artist gaga and swift arent!!!

  13. Oh yeah, the same goes for Lady Gaga. It was estimated that her album would have sold five to six hundred thousand copies in its first week of release had it not been sold for two days at the give-a-way price of 99 cents.

    Fans and people who simply collect music downloaded the album multiple times inflating the sales. But look what happened afterwards. Gaga has fallen down the charts and that fat British girl Adeele is holding tight to the top spot.

  14. @Richmond Rose, that “fat British girl”? I think using her name alone would’ve sufficed, we know who Adele is…such a trollish, ridiculous thing to say.

  15. @Richmond Rose
    All stan bases buy multiple copies. Not just Beyonce stans.

  16. Lmao they mad. Of course Bey record company bought those records. Bwahaha the logics these simple fools come up with baffles me.

  17. Lmao they mad. Of course Bey record company bought those records. Bwahaha the logics these simple fools come up with baffles me.

  18. Jus so everyone knows, buying multiple copies does not help soundscan sales…

  19. Jill was # 1 whats your point these # are very week for someone who is the queen so called lmao

  20. weak is not spelled with two E’s diego….

  21. Mary J did 730,000 first week then the next album did 690,000 first week not impressed with Beyonce little sales numbers

  22. Of course it’s #1 beyonce could sell used tampons and her troops would buy it and go everywhere with it. However This is one #1 that i can agree with, in the list of her disastrous effort. “4” Was a formidable effort , My favorites are “end of times”,”i was here”, and “1+1”,The album is good

  23. Since when does buying multiple copies not help an album? You must buy them from different places is all. Beyonce fans know that. All these crazed stans of these mediocre artists know that.

  24. Some of you commenters are awful. Judgemental. Mocking. Some of you really seem to take pride in turning up your noses and mocking others. The Beyonce haters, the Rihanna haters, Keri Hilson haters, etc, etc. Idk why constructive criticism is so out of fashion with you. Your condescending attitudes are appalling and a bit inhumane, just saying. Get over it, stop being pressed and buy (or not buy) whatever music you want

  25. Remember no other artist released an album on 6/28/11 which would have made her #1 also, say if she had released with some heavy hitters like Adele; She would not have debuted at #1. Her camp knows what they are doing.

  26. I will never in all of my 21 years of living understand how people could hate on any artist at all. I mean did Beyonce forget to pay one of you guy’s bills for the month? Dang! It makes no sense in the world how some grown ass people could be and act so childish. And i dont see how people can hate on Beyonce when she is one of the few artist who actually sings live and puts her all into a performance. You will never catch me hating on artist who are doing nothing, but simply doing something that they LOVE to do. I also can’t come to understand that people especially of color can rip apart a woman who has broken down barriers and has been fortunate enough to have not 1 but 4 consecutive #1 albums back to back. Who do you know of color especially a woman that has done that? Its just sad that people like to spread lies,and insult people just to make the artist they like seem better….If the artist you like was all that you say they are; then their history in the business should speak for itself!

  27. I hate to rain on the Beyonce fans parade, but something needs to be cleared up.

    I have been getting emails to report how B is the first black female to score 4 consecutive #1 albums and that she ties Britney for the most ever by a female.

    This simply is not true. I know for a fact that Janet Jackson has had 5 consecutive #1 albums starting with control in 1986 and ending with All For You in 2001.

    And though I cannot be sure, I think Madonna and Mariah Carey may have just as many or maybe more considering they put out albums at their peak every 2 years and in Mariah’s case, every year.

    Just had to clear that up.

  28. @lol: Oh please! i have witnessed people give plenty of constructive criticisms towards beyonce, only for her fans to sum it up as “hate”, People were never against the whole beyonce persona until it became a sect like affair, either worship her or watch their wrath befall upon you , double that with the fact that her music is not the best by far,the overplayed legs spreading, and you have.. well, these comments on here. Even sista who used to post about beyonce almost daily saying nothing but positive things have had enough, we are tired of the stans,Sick and tired in fact. Personally i buy what i like regardless who it is from, but i can totally understand the boycotting of beyonce.

  29. ROTFL @ SISTA, send those arses to spam , and keep it moving. Where is the official B.e.t Post tho? Ima need to go in on a few folks Lol:)

  30. Of course she will SELL the first week, but the next week and so on is the reality check.

    Beyawnsay hasn’t put up real numbers since her debut release.

  31. Someone posted this on another blog and i think it sums up how people are feeling :
    “1) “Platinum” doesn’t mean 1 million copies in every country. It means that in the US. In some places “Platinum” means 100K. In others it means 50K or even 25K. So beyonce hasn’t cracked 1 mill in sales anywhere in the world, and probably not in total.

    2) I’m always fascinated by how fans will try to twist and manipulate the meaning of numbers just to justify how their fave’s flop was really a success. Last week I know of some bey stans who insisted this album would sell 500K just because it was bey. Three years ago her stans believed IASF would sell 1 mill its first week. And every time those projections don’t pan out, there’s always some excuse about how bey did better than this person or that person, or it was a slow economy, or it was raining on a Thursday morning, and its still a hit if you really think about it.

    Maybe if you stop putting her album sales on a pedestal, they wouldn’t fall off all the time.

    As far as this album’s flop-titude, I’ll put it this way, bey couldn’t outsell Taylor Swift, a country music act who writes songs for teen girls with crushes, and has considerably less promotion/hype/pr than the bey-machine, and no record label owning husband to A&R her projects.

    Get a clue. Thanks. Bye. “

  32. I wish people would stop making excuses for this chick. HEr album leaked but it still lacks that hit-factor. She is Beyawnsay, BeJesus, the second coming of slice bread, but she has lost her place and now has to prove herself majorly. Those numbers reflect who she is today, a fading artist.

  33. I’m a Beyonce fan, not a stan. I like the album, but I don’t think it’s her best. I still think she needs to hire her father back. When he managed her she had the hits left and right. It was still a good effort and every artist is not going to have 100 percent great times in their career. One album out of 4 that people think is a flop..not a big deal. She will bounce back like other artist have.

  34. As I’ve said before some of you naysayers are just as bad if not worse than the stans…utterly ridiculous. Some people dream of selling that much period, let alone their first week. But ya’ll see that as a “flop”?..Really??? I was always told ” if you can’t do better, don’t say s*it!”(just like that). And Hits Daily Double has certainly been wrong in the past so don’t get too excited (folks who thinks those numbers are bad).
    Whatever she sells she’ll still be Beyonce the hugely successful international superstar…And stans yall chill out to.

  35. “Hits”..”hits”..”hits” everyone wants hits. Wasn’t everyone saying she shouldn’t worry about hits anymore, and focus on making a great mature album? Ya’ll are reallly contradicting yourselves. That’s why people say she’s damned if she do and damned if she don’t because it’s true.
    One thing’s for sure it doesn’t matter what she sells because she will still be Beyonce.

  36. I love this album. She should be proud of herself, #1 or not. Her first truly mature album in since Dangerously in Love.

  37. I love her album it shows her maturity ,level as an artist. Beyonce will go platinum in no time trust that. PPl forgot that alot of the area where her cd was , were sold out.. n her record company didnt buy all those albums ..ppl come on.. just haters..

  38. These numbers are beyonce’s worth,these are a good popstar’s number, not iconic a la Sade,Alicia keys,Adele and such but they are hood for a simple popstar .beyonce is a popstar only iconic legendary or super important to her fans , I don’t consider this a flop I consider this what beyonce numbers are/should be.

  39. So I did some checking and as it turns out, neither Madonna nor Mariah Carey, or Whitney Houston for that matter, have had five consecutive albums go #1 as Janet Jackson has.

    So though Britney and Beyonce may have 4, the most during the Sound Scan era, which started in 1991, neither of them have tied nor beaten Janet’s record.

    By the way, so many ppl say the “Sound Scan era” but I don’t think they even know what that means.

    Sound Scan started collecting music data for Billboard back in 1991 but as is well known, music existed long before then and many artists who released music before that year have records that many artists today still cannot match.

    Beatles anyone?

  40. you know a great artist when the person gets all the attention from both haters and fans….

  41. Maliki and from whom do those word of wisdom? Hater is a nig-g-e-rrish word

  42. I find it interesting that people either HATE Beyonce or LOVE Beyonce. They hate her, because she’s beautiful, talented, married (before she had kids), wealthy and a marketing machine. They love her for the same reason. Ultimately, she wins. Anytime, so many people have so much to say about someone, she’s GOT to be doing the right thing. Ironically, I don’t hear any men complaining. I’m not either!! By the way, love the site. Beyonce – 1 Everybody Else – 0

  43. Britney Sprears – Femme Fatale / 276,000 #01
    Rihanna – Loud / 207,000 #06
    Katy Perry – Teenage Dreams / 192,000 #01
    Christina A. – Bionic / 110,000 #03
    Keri Hilson – No Sales Allowed / 102,000 #11
    Ciara – Basic Extinct / 37,000 #44

    The first three had #1 or more than more #1 singles on BB. Beyonce doesn’t have that and still is selling more. They also has more promotion HERE IN THE US. And other sources are claiming Beyonce might sell more than we think. So lets just wait and see before you guys jump for joy.

  44. Of course it will be number one. Jill is number one this week with 132,000 copies sold. I cn outsell that selling popsicles at the church picnic. LOL!Good for her. She’s trying to grow and find her way as a maturing singer. Is new ground her and her stans. It will either make her stronger or she will return to her original sound the next time.

  45. Dangerously In Love-317,000
    I Am…Sasha Fierce-482,000

    I don’t care if the album goes number 1 around the muthafuckin’ world she well never be a queen sorry boo boo no. She said on the Bet Awards 2011 that she wanted to be like Patti LaBelle. If i do recall she also said that she wanted to be like Tina Turner, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. This lying bitch has been lying her whole life. She just needs to slow down and have a dayum kid.

    I CARE


  47. beyoce never sells one million records in one week like kayne wesr or lil wayne..i wonder why..with all the exposure.

  48. Believe it or not, “4” has a lot of singles. “End of Time,”Best Thing I Never Had,” “Party,” “Countdown” and even the God forsaken “Run the World Girls.”

    An album doesn’t have to be perfect to sell well. Beyonce needs a certified hit and I think it is either “Countdown” or “End of Time.”

    I think when all is said and done this album will move about 1.3 million copies and produce 3 top 10 singles.

  49. @Sista

    Best Thing I Never Had is #25 on US Itunes. Its airplay on the radio is increasing alot. It jumped from #71 to #58 on Billboard. And jumped from #41 to #29 on Billboard R&B. With the Video and upcoming performances. This could be a big hit.* fingers crossed*

  50. Yea *nods head*…Beyonce is still THAT b*tch, I can tell just by looking at the comments.

    Sista- I love “Countdown” and can see it as a huge single.
    I really like this album, so much so I can’t choose my fav. song from it.

  51. Beyonce is a BRAND!

    She’ll continue to be bigger overseas…her brand is in good shape!…she can bankroll her own projects…in the US, we’re always about the next big thing…Mary and Alicia have their work cut out to do the big numbers too!

    I think even if Beyonce came with singles her fans loved her sales would be down…her sales aren’t dismal and I like some of what I’ve heard…it’s her stans who are locked in a time warp…unrealistic expectations for their superstar…not to perform well, but slay the competition…Lady Gaga proved she’s every bit of a “showman” as Beyonce in her own way, plus she plays piano…can hit those notes and can really SANG…Adele is the slayer, with little promotion and visibility and EXTREME AND PROFOUND talent (Aretha Franklin style)…she resides on the Billboard Charts! Change is inevitable!

  52. This is a bad economy…band wagons…bootleggers…overexposure…but, Beyonce’s way ahead than most…incredibly blessed!…the only difference is that her novelty was worn down…as it does for all those who take the number one spot…Christina Aguilera didn’t do nearly as well…but, people have a renewed interest in her as a singer and now as an actress…she’s a very good…the same for J-lo. Janet Jackson is iconic and legendary with a music catalogue to back up her accolades…when everything happens so fast…you’re going to fall off…Justin Bieber tauted as the next Michael Jackson…I seriously doubt it…will Lady Gaga be able to sustain her numbers three or four albums down the road?…now that’s a mystery!…the industry is so fickle…so don’t gloat!…I appreciate the equity being shared!!!…I grew tire of Beyonce everywhere and the DIY Legendary status (her accolades), swagger jacking, publishing ambushing and delusional stans…but, come on…the girl is only 29 years old…whereas most are just launching a career…she’s had a fabulous career thus far and it ain’t nearly over by a long shot…not when you have your own loot and look like Beyonce…she has every right to be front stage and center and we all don’t have to like it either…her stans need to stop linking their own self-esteem to hers or any celebrity!

    All that aside, Beyonce’s living her 100!

  53. people just dont buy albums like they used too. Gaga sold as much as she did because she centered her whole album around an issue (homophobia) and promoted THE f*ck out of it.

  54. Do the Beyonce bashers realize that they’re as annoying/crazed/warped as the Beyonce stans?!

    I’m personally going to pass on getting this album till I hear a couple singles that I like. So far there hasn’t been anything that caught my attention. But it’s been like that with me with all her albums except debut.

  55. Beyonce is exploring her options and I am glad she has released a more Mature album. I hope she goes on to do a Really Solid album like Adele!

    Even though I don’t like “Run the World”, her France XFactor performance of that song is Breath taking and the audience loved it too!

  56. ROFLMAO @ 4closure! I only heard “2” songs the entire album that were actually good, the rest were blah!

    There are some really good beats on there but the lyrics are so weak.

    She’ll be #1 the first week because the stans won’t let her flop but overall the album sucks.

  57. Her sales will plummet next week because there’s no momentum to keep it going if she has no hits. Of course she was gonna debut big because she has loyal fans. No matter how they spin it this era is looking like it’s going to be a wake up call to her to change her musical direction.

  58. She didn’t have a hit single. Period. But the sales are still tolerable. According to billboard, columbia has an 18 month promo plan. With the way beyonce typically saturates the market with each album, i’m sure it will sell about 1.7-2 million, not the 2.9 or 3.3 of Sasha and B’day respectively but still fine. She is also doing better than Sasha fierce with 4 in the UK as far as debut sales go, with nearly double the debut sales. Best I never had will crack to 20 in the U.S. probably top 10, and End of Time and Countdown will be strong hits (though End of Time is more radio friendly than countdown). It won’t be a hit, but it will definitely not be an embarassment. I also think it should be noted that Gaga’s album debuted at over amillion but barely made 50k this week, with huge declines, making it likely that it won’t pass the 2 million mark. lastly, Mary J. and Alicia have both had it rough despite their first week sales in their last albums, both struggling to make platinum. In the US Alicia Keys sales trump Beyonce’s any day, but worldwide, especially as of late, the sales are more evenly matched with about 25 million for both (depending on who you cite). At any rate, this album will not be as easy a sell as her last ones and she will probably do a 180 on the next album and go pure pop.

  59. @Love

    She changed her musical direction. She doesn’t have to go back to bubble gum pop to sell.

  60. the album may not be a flop, but beyonce is, her whole image and fake persona is played out, and if your entire career is based on psychos buying multiple ammount of your marchandise, it’s a fail, music is supposed to touch people regardless of how they feel about you, i cant stand a.keys, but her music speaks to me. Beyonce is a fail, she needs to rethink herself.

  61. You all need to read the recent Billboard article where one of Bey’s label execs said they plan to work this album for the next 18 months and put out many singles as well as videos and performances. So basically it doesn’t matter what her 1st week sales are, good or bad this album aint going nowhere anytime soon.

  62. I forgot to add…whoever said people are tweeting their receipts and stuff of multiple CD purchases. I saw a tweet with pictures of someone who purchased 120 copies! I’m like is it really that serious????

  63. @Shontelle – You made a very interesting point here….People were never against the whole beyonce persona until it became a sect like affair, either worship her or watch their wrath befall upon you”. This goes in line with something I had just seen not to long ago. It’s a brief clip explaining the meaning of her, “Who Run The World (Girls)” video. It made mention that if we as the public didn’t follow what Beyonce says, then we will suffer the consequences. I feel like this is the case with her “stans”. If you go along with what they say and do, you’re good to go. If you have an opinion or feeling that differs from their own, you’re somehow made to feel the consequences or as you just said, their “wrath”. Check out this video showing the “true” meaning behind her, “Who Run The World (Girls)” video.

  64. You guys need to go to YouTube to look at the clip explaining the “true” meaning behind her, “Who Run The World (Girls)” video. This stuff is getting deep.

  65. @KOKO – So basically, we’re going to be bombarded with all things Beyonce for the next year and a half? If we think things are bad now, we haven’t seen anything yet! Brace yourselves people!

  66. Good Lordt, 70 comments!?!?!?!


    Oh well, congrats on the #1.

    (make it 71 comments *wink*)

    @ KOKO, 120 copies???? <–obviously a cry for attention…TWEETING that they bought that many. Lordy, lordy. They'll make good Christmas gifts….for a big family…lots of friends…an orphanage…

  67. Ok this is some of the stupidiest shit have ever heard…everytime an artist does god some dumbass makes a video about them bein a devil worshiper …IT NEVER FAILS, and im a dude and i listened to 4 and i personally loveee it,she is actualli “SINGING” instead of dancing around =)

  68. Love “4”

    Had to go to three Targets to get my DX copy..Young guy was fussing because all copies gone… lol love it….

    King ” B “

  69. Hell No 4 will be a 4flop 4real and that is the 4truth. Bey is DONE STICK A FORK IN HER!!! I will say it again and again I suspect drugs she reminds me of the old Whitney when she firs came out for a little while. A lot of people do not know Bobby Brown was not the whole sole source of Whitney’s addiction. She was using coke way B4 him it spiraled out of control with him. True story and Bey has that same energy and look to me. Just keeping it Real Folks!!! Get this trick to a Rehab ASAP

  70. @Sista don’t forget Whitney either. You can say what you want but all of her albums have debut at number one. Also they are only talking about pop if you include R n B then we have a host of female artisist who would be included. Beyonce has accomplished a lot but she is not the first nor will she be the last black lady to do what she’s done. If she is #1 the second week then you have something.

  71. @John, @Ella Umbrella, @Luv…..I agree with all of you.

    @CT, your point sums up all the animosity towards Beyonce in a nutshell. ENVY pure and simple. People want to hide their envy behind these critical comments, but that’s it totally.

    She lives a life that some people would kill for and it just “churns the insides” of some people to know she has all those things. What people don’t get is, the more they lay on the negativity, the more God blesses. That’s how HE works. What it really is, is when you watch someone like Beyonce and their life’s path, self reflection soon steps in and makes a person turn that mirror on themselves and their own lives. Some of those lives have serious lack, so the “easiest” thing to do is to verbally abuse/attack someone who they don’t know and who doesn’t know them. Yeah, it’s easier to attack a woman who doesn’t know you exist than to really dig deep to try and figure out why you’re not living the same type of blessed life she is.

  72. @Anonymous

    I can’t not for the life of me understand why people cannot just NOT like Beyonce without people thinking they envy her or are jealous of her. You don’t have to understand why people don’t, and then don’t have to explain it. They just don’t. I’m sure you don’t like everyone you meet and they don’t have to be a bad person, you just don’t like everyone you meet. It’s the same thing, people just don’t like Beyonce and it doesn’t have to do with them wanting to be like her. Alot of people worship her beauty and her talent and her money and the stature she has. But none of that matters to me and never has, and I’m not fond of her, and I was not raised to have those things matter in my life and my life is just fine. But I wish people stop thinking it’s an envy/jealous thing. Goodness…

  73. We make light of these issues but sh-it is real, these people are really going around doing crazy things for a celebrity? Where are the parents? Where is the parent figure ?you are going to tell me you love a stranger that much?you don’t even know 120 people… This is serious now they are mostly on the Internet but what about when they spill onto the street?

  74. Love the Beyonce album! I got it on repet. Every song on their is smooth and different. No matter what anybody else says. I support talent and an artist that is real!!!

  75. Gotta say, I’m no Bey stan or real fan for that matter. I like some of her music. However I must admit that even though the album doesn’t have “single” worthy hits the album as a whole is enjoyable. I mean I think it’s pretty good and I enjoyed her first album. I wasn’t feeling RTW when it first came out but it’s become one of my fax probably because I can get my work out on to the up tempo beat.

    People need to take it for what it is and it’s good music. The hype over how many sales an album does is getting ridiculous, just because it sells 500k out the box doesn’t mean the album is good. That just mean that artist may have some deranged fans that will fork over money to purchase multiple copies so in the end the numbers lie because people lie.

    If she sold 500k folks would say her fans purchased more copies, she sales a reasonable amount considering “who really buys cds” type environment we live in today and folks say her fans need to go purchase more copies. Cut the BS folks!

    If you don’t like her as an artist that’s fine you have the right but if you haven’t heard the album and you’re speaking negative of her and the product based off of reports of how many records it’s sold I feel sorry for you because you’re just the type of mules the music industry needs then you wonder why they continue to put out stupid ish!! You may not follow Bey as an artist however you’re a follower none the less of bloggers and negative people. Think or should I say listen for yourself then judge. It’s just music people!

  76. If the haters weren’t so pressed in hope of Beyonce to fail with this album and her album didn’t leak 3 weeks prior to help make this a fail misson, but it didn’t work. Beyonce is a true artist and not a gimmick. Also Taylor is a country artist and country fans support no matter who. If haters and others alike wasn’t so pressed for Beyonce to step back for a minute to maybe start her family in hopes this will help the non- so much talented artist to get a little shine they should think, Beyonce is not going anywhere even if she’s pregnant, so the less tatented should learn some real talent and worry less about what Beyonce is doing.

  77. 4 is very meh.

    Good songs:

    Dance For You (HOT!)
    End Of Time (Pretty Good)
    Countdown (HOT!)
    1+1 (Good)
    Best I Never Had (Good)
    Rather Die Young (Good)

  78. ….. meaning the rest I didn’t care for.

    Jill Scott’s album overall was fire.

  79. Beyonce’s album sold 312,00 copies. 170,000 copies fewer than her last album. Even less if you deduct crazed stans who bought multiple copies. Factor in the three singles that had to be released and the picture is clear… you cannot force someone on the public if they do not want them.

  80. @ Bria

    Whitney’s “Im Your Baby Tonight” CD debuted at #22 on the charts and eventually went all the way up to #3. It never got any higher than that on the Billboard 200. It did however go to #1 on the R & B albums chart.

  81. Well duh! Of course the album will be number one! It’s the first week and she is Beyonce! However, that does not change the fact that her music sucks!

  82. @ Ranjay I don’t think she’s unwanted….just not as much…. at least not with this album.

  83. Where is the Post about Beyonce’s #1 ALBUM!!!

  84. Lets face it – Kanye put Taylor Swift on the map. she was lacking until Kanye embarrased her at the award show.

  85. Wendy you ignorant beyonce follower get on my nerves dont you have some nigatry to attend to? TAYLOR SWIFT WAS BAD before kanye west you dont know since niggas dont know anything but she was!

  86. @SJ

    Me too can’t stop playing CD love each song…

    KING “B”

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