5 Ways Miss Jackson Can Jump Start Her Career

Soul Bounce: Janet Jackson Le sigh. Janet Jackson is having the worst year imaginable. From having boyfriend Jermaine Dupri throwing up on her lap after drinking Jay-Z’s specialty booze to having to live down an older brother who constantly invents reunion tours out of thin air…it’s clearly been a rough escapade for Miss Jackson. To make it worse, Janet has quietly announced a few weeks ago that she has canceled all upcoming (and rescheduled) dates on her RockWitChu Tour. Presently, Janet fans are having a difficult time. It’s tough explaining the wayward career actions the singer has taken over the course of five years to their fellow peers. (Once I spent 30 minutes explaining to my Dad on the phone why Discipline flopped…I’m dedicated like that.) Maybe it’s time we can figure out ways to help her get back to the basics. Here are my suggestions, may Janet take these into consideration…

1. Ditch JD and bring back Jam & Lewis
Jermaine Dupri is a good producer, but he didn’t do jack diddle for Janet musically. When Janet recruited Jermaine (and started dating him) in 2004, Jermaine became Janet’s personal kryptonite as almost everything he touched, turned into mush on the charts. While a handful of JD tracks were worthy of hit status, it really bruised Janet fans when Jam & Lewis were “cast aside” for 2008’s Discipline. Even though it seems kind of old hat to recruit Jam & Lewis these days, but maybe if Janet just gave them a ring and put JD in the doghouse for awhile, something cool will be resurrected.

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  1. I think Janet should take a break from the career thing and start a familia!

  2. I think so as well. i love janet and, but maybe it’s just time to sit down. i mean she’s been doing this for over 20 years straight. take a break and come back with grown and sexy album. i think that would be a good looks

  3. It seems that pop singers have a tough time adjusting to getting older. Janet needs to move on musically. She can’t compete with Rihanna and Bey. Althought the term “grown ans sexy” makes me itch I have to agree with Mrs Jones, Janet needs to do an album appropriate for her age.

  4. Haven’t her last three albums been ‘grown and sexy’??? Particularly her “Damito Jo” album???

    I think Pop is and will always be her format. I think the formulas she had on Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet, The Velvet Rope, All For You is the formula that works for her and the one she should have never deviated from. And yes, that formula is Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. 😆

    On the flip, if she wants to take a break, cool. I think she should persue acting more….and no Tyler Perry flicks, she needs to do a Kill Bill or Robert Rodriguez or Christopher Nolan directed flick. Something OTHER than herself. She’s got a thing for kink, S&M, goth, emo, she should explore roles in that vein. She’s a big name and she has the talent, so why not take on the ‘unfamiliar’ instead of the homegrown, wholesome flicks she’s been doing. She’s older now, has older fans, doesn’t have to appease to the little girls anymore. Do older flicks, different genres, heck, go into foreign films and work with hot French directors and Asian directors. Get out of the box and go into ‘st. elsewhere’. *shrugs* That’s what I’d do if I had nothing more to ‘prove’ or ‘lose’ at this point. I’d do what the heck I wanted and embrace the ‘darkside’ of myself…at least in acting. 😆

    Go Janet! Still love you, boo.

  5. My sister and I were having a conversation about Ms. Jackson just this past week and I said THE same exact thing…. bring back Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!! That’s IF she wants to still do this entertainment thing because I can’t imagine someone just scraping the rest of their tour when obviously, tickets were sold and many ppl were counting on seeing you. *shrug*

    “(Once I spent 30 minutes explaining to my Dad on the phone why Discipline flopped…I’m dedicated like that.)”
    😆 @ Stephanie: Is he a Janet fan or did the conversation just come about?

    @ Kanyade: I agree with Janet going into a different genre of film or acting role.

  6. Janet needs to find her audience and it ain’t the young’uns!!! time to face reality…..we’re all getting old….i’m 43. LOL

  7. I agree that Janet just needs to sit down and raise a family. Sometimes people need to take a break and just live their lives outside of the spotlight. Tina Turner is 69 years old and on tour to sold out audiences, but she knew to take a break ever so often and then come back. That’s what Janet needs to do. I wish her the best because I love her and she is definitely an ICON.

  8. Umm, 40+ yr old women just can’t start popping out babies. It’s harder for women to have children when they hit late 30’s and 40’s–so that may not necessarily be an option for Janet, and hey maybe she doesn’t want to be a mom–and I think she doesn’t–i think because of her own shakys background with her family, particularly her father–I think Janet does not see motherhood for her, perhaps she fears she will make the same mistakes–or just doesn’t appeal to her–not all women want to pop out kids–Janet just needs to regroup, is all. Get rid of the weave ( She is the rare female entertainer that actually looks more beautiful when she has her own hair out), she can still do sexy, but more classic and sophisticated–and just make more mature, thought provking music–she doesn’t need to get extra deep, but we really do we need to hear about how she likes to get tied up all the time–just refresh it Janet refresh it

  9. I love janet but she and madonna need to graciously retire. Janet has so much respect in the game and has made history it would be hard for any pop sensation after her to top her numbers. With that being said it is time for her to sit back and enjoy her accolades, money, and fame. Write a book, do a biopic, but the singing career in hope of getting that “magic” back in not in the cards. Its a new generation. Her fans are older, wiser, and need a little bit more substance then what she puts out. Also the target generation thinks that she is too old to relate to anyway. Where does that leave Ms Nasty.

  10. Hmmm…. I think that Janet has simply fallen in to the the syndrome that many artist ( Toni & etc) have faced…. she is simply has gotten older & w/ getting older that means that the younger generation has phased her out. Let’s keep it real JJ has been out since the early 80’s… the girl has done her thing in the music industry. I agree that ditching Jermaine & bringing back the dynamic duo, Lewis & Jam, would be a fantastic idea. But I also think that Janet needs to stop tryin for world domination w/ her music & focus on the core following.

    Everytime a new Janet album comes out, it seems that ppl feel that she will take over the world w/ her sounds. But everytime the album drops, Janet falls short. I think that instead of her pushing for that, Janet should just focus on GOOD music & the large following she has. I mean why try for world domination when u have like a group of ppl in the amount of 3 states who back you. Stop trying to be in the “now” & just focus on the legacy that has been made & grow from it. If Janet focuses on those things I think everything will fall into place w/ her. It is only a matter of time before Mariah gets to this point… one can only pretend to still be a 20 something w/ the “in” crowd for so long until that “in” group shows you that u are in a new place in your life & NOT apart of them.

    @Kanayde…. the last 2 albums were targeted to the grown & sexy. But Imo those songs were not the greatest. Even tho “Enjoy” was my jam from 20yo & the 1st single from Damita Jo was my song too.

  11. Ummmm. Janet just needs radio play and she will be alright.

    It is easy to say her album flopped or career is over when most radio stations intentionally ignore her. She was/is punished for the SB. Plain and simple… For some reason, we looked past this and placed the blame on JD, her age, her music, etc. They are all valid considerations, but they are not what changed her success. It was RADIO.

    Radio did it!

  12. @LUV

    What you say is true, but once again who gets radio play? The “now” group. The Rhiannas, Beyonces, Chris Browns, Lil Waynes, T- Pains, TIs, & etc. All of those ppl are artist who the younger generations cling to. Janet gets radio play, but most times I hear her songs they are on the adult stations. Adults buy music, but not in 10 folds like the youngins. Therefore if she wants to do it big she NEEDS to get on the stations that play the Rhiannas & so forth, but those stations won’t play her b/c… Janet’s appeal is not as strong w/ those listeners. Not saying that there is not any kids in that group that listen to her… but you won’t find droves & droves of teens talking about ooohh Janet. radio plays what they think is hot & the kids want. Which we can all see from other artist who are good & get no play.

  13. I wish her the best. I’m sick and tired of the rumors about this woman, it was reported last week that Miss Jackson will be touring in Japan in February. Today Medaiatakeout.com is reporting that Miss. Jackson is in fact pregnant. What she needs to do is make an official statement because she has the fans very upset. Jimmy & Terry would be great. I’m 25 years old, every time a new Janet album drop I get disappointed with the product. If she doesn’t want to be original anymore she needs to hang it up, because I’m tired of the whispers and sex songs.

  14. Interjecting here:

    Velvet Rope is my most favorite Janet album.

    🙂 :brownsista: 🙂

    Please continue:


  15. I have always loved Janet! I want Janet to go back to old Janet, Rhythm Nation days where her music was political and meaningful….now she just talks about sex only. We need big time artist to step up and start balancing out their music, I want to hear bangers but I also want to hear you are in touch with whats going on today and how we can change it.

  16. I think the first thing she should do is stop trying to compete with Rhiana & Bey because she does not have to. The second thing she should do is loose this overly sexy image. It’s not her and it’s just not working for her. Every diva has a bad time in life. Beyonce nor Rhianna can sell out stadiums in Europe it’s a fact look it up. So she does not have to compete with them. She should focus on her s0lid fan base. She should let Jermaine Dupree be her private life and get back with who works. That is Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. If Madonna can get up there and Tina Turner then she is damn sure not to old. She just went a little to much left.

  17. Telling Janet not to sing or sit down is like telling her to stop breathing!

    I place the blame on her record company. If they put as much time and effort into her projects she would have a much better outcome. I agree, that she needs to find her audience or actually she needs to get back to her audience. Her audience is still out there, the over 30 crowd. We grew up with Janet and will support her no matter what. That is who she needs to get back to.

    And yes, she needs to get back with Jam and Lewis. The chemistry they had created masterpieces. Instead of looking for the latest producers Island Def Jam should have been looking at what is best for Janet. HER sound, HER flow, HER style. That is how you create masterpieces.

  18. There’s some excellent comments on here! I love Janet and I always will but maybe she can find talent and produce…?!! Kinda like what Kanye did with Estelle and John Legend…I know not everyone is cut out for that but I agree about her heyday being her heyday…

    It will never be over for Janet…cause the talent and being a star will never leave her…its in her genetic code…she’ll do what’s best for her no?

  19. Hi Stephanie – you probably know by now I am a dedicated fan also!!! I love Janet and I think she has had a good run, but if I were her, I would become a choreographer to some new artists. I think she would do well, I love her, I just don’t think too many people are checking for her any more 🙁

  20. Janet needs to step up her vocal game so then she can do the kind of music that will get her core audience back. She has always emphasized the dancing aspect of her performance and choreography(I still say Pleasure Principle is the best video done by a female performer ever) but the vocals though not terrible was not at the same level. Then again, I like Liyahs’ idea. She could do great things with that career and THEY WILL LISTEN TO HER because they know she’s an icon. It is one of those two things: Improve her vocals or find someone to stay in the industry in some capacity like Liyah suggested.

  21. Liyah, question? I like your suggestion about her being a choreography, what about her teaching dance? She would be great at that too. I like to see her in the industry in some capacity because she IS a legend(I can say that with no hesitation).

  22. You dont go from one of the biggest selling female artists in the world ( 9th or something) to be doing choreography. Even tho me and my sis loved trying to copy her moves. We were :thumbsdown: . Many women are leaving it late for the family, look at halle berry or Jlo. then again Mayb she just isnt clucky, there are women like that and there’s nothing worng with it.
    She should just make music because she wants to, easier said than done in the music industry cos music bosses want somthing in return cos… wel its s business essentially. But she’s been in the game for too long not to b callin the shots. Acting doesnt seem like a bad idea either if the right script came for her. Something to surprise ppl, like Alicia keys in Smoking aces. idk

  23. 1. SING UP (NO WISPERS).

  24. As much as ppl talk about them Jacksons, well the two important ones MJ and JJ anyway 😆 they still love em’.

    I think if they did something together it would boost both of their careers. I don’t know about a full blown out tour but a few arena spots in some of the major cities would be the baddest show of the year. Those two together would be the talk of the music world and I think there a ton of ppl who would love to see that.

    I mean we can only take so much of Chris Brown and Ciara lol I know I’m getting sick of the copy cats, sometimes you need the real thing :bowdown:

    Also Janet needs to quit listening to whoever she’s been hearing and start making music that SHE herself gets/enjoys’. She doesn’t need to compete with these lil artist out now. That’s why Madonna is still rockin it out cause if you really notice she competes against no one, she does what she wants. Janet needs to stop catering to this fickle crowd and make good music that will last.

  25. Hi everyone,
    I agree with most comments about Ms J finding her audience – we’re here for you Janet and we still love you but we’re all grown up now!!
    However, with that being said the music industry is all about profit! Its a business and record labels want artists who sell and its targeted towards kids, the same kids who made Soulja Boy a musical sensation 🙁
    So if she wants to keep singing, she needs to switch gears and do something different because Pop music has change a lot! I mean can you imagine her singing “Single Ladies” or “Shut up and Drive” or even worse “Umbrella”? I know I cant!
    She should get a record label that doesnt expect her to compete with young artists but rather with artist in her age group with her own unique style and in a different market segment….cause the mainstream is saturated with artists like Chris Brown, Rihanna and Beyonce……

  26. Janet Jackson is one talented woman and as many of you stated she should either go back to Jam & Lewis or retire from music completly to pursue other endeavors.

  27. @Luxe said the reason most adults don’t buy a lot of albums is because they don’t put anything out worth buying. But when it comes out we get it. That is why Jill Scott, Eryka, & Angie Stone can tour forever. People want to see them. Look at Maxwell, this brother has not had anything out in like 8 yars and is selling out concerts. So don’t say it’s not a profit in making music for adults. Just make something worth buying. These new artist won’t be around twenty years from now. No one when they get grown will be listening to freaku dress, umbrella, soldier boy, and any other nonsense that come out. That is why these groups from the 70’s & 80’s can still go on tour. They made great great music and it takes people to great times.

    Who wants to be going through a recession and hear all of these millinonaires talk about how much money they have. That’s why they are not selling alot of albums. It’s jsut trash.

  28. once they have that fan base, well thats it. U dont know the future. Britney Spears is still here and stronger than ever I suppose when evry1 thought they would be reading he obituary. None of her songs are what u ppl call deep but she is the biggest seling female artists of the past decade. R u saying, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna , Estelle etc cant be like that. And they all started young in the industry making music people would enjoy. i dont know why everybody is acting like every artist ‘back in the day’ was a ‘legend’ cos there were some fluffy ones.

    ( please dont include the likes of Soulja boy, rich boy and whoever there) :noway:

  29. @ Curtis, I feel you on that, however, I can see Mya moreso being a dance teacher but I think Janet would be a better Choreographer than teacher IMO

  30. I would love to see Janet do some more acting. I would love to see her do drama, thriller, or even a comedy. I think her personality is top-notch and she has a great stage presence. She’s a beautiful woman who just happened to age – we all do that. I still think her best was “Poetic Justice” as far as movies go. I can definitely see her succeed in the movie industry far beyond what she’s done in the music industry. She’s talented. But seriously, I still find it hard to take her relationship with JD serious. I can’t put my finger on it, but if she’s happy then it’s alright.
    Kanyade – a “Kill Bill” would have been great IMO. I also think something like the “Matrix.” Her possibilities could be endless. Good luck to you J.

  31. The music industry is very similar to the modeling industry. Huge competition and a short career span. Even if your very good at what you do.Very few move on to become legenderay or supermodels. Same with music. You always need to have a fall back plan if or should I say when it doesn’t work out.

  32. My girl Janet. I have been a fan of the girl for awhile. However, I am disappointed in her career choices and albums for quite sometime. There was alot that went wrong. Well after Velvet Rope, she did very well. “All For You” tour was very successful. It could due to the fact that some people wanted to see her because they wanted to experience her creative performance from the Velvet Rope concert lol. I went tp the All For You concert and baby it was hot!

    I think that the wardrobe malfunction that took place at the 2004 Super Bowl really hurt her career. People started to blame her for a mistake. Her album sold less than what she could’ve sold if that didn’t happen. Anyways after Damita Jo, which wasn’t a bad album, she released 20 yo. That album was do do trash. Jermaine-catch-me-my-lucky-charms embarrassed my girl with those terrible songs. Please let him go Janet! He can’t produce hits for you! Go back to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis or the neptunes because the neptunes hooked Madonna’s “Hard Candy” up!

    It seems like my girl Janet hasn’t had easy or hasn’t recovered well after the wardrobe malfunction, however, she as artist has to know how to recover. She had three times to recover and come back hard but it didn’t work. The songs she released as singles were just average or terrible. I agree that Janet should just do acting. She is not bad at all. She is actually watchable lol. Anyways I hope she can recover and come back on top once again.

  33. People sayin janet have a family go raise some kids. :lol2:

    Janet does no want any kids, i don’t care how much time she says she does she been with that midget 😆 j/k long time so she has no excuse.

    She remind me of mariah carey they both have mindsets of a child shit i’m in shock madonna had kids :lol2:

    I love janet but she gonna need to make a grown and sexy- That’s the way love goes album and not dance and act like she is in her 20’s leave that to the queen of grannys madonna 🙄

  34. This is a wonderful commentary but the comments are ironic. Why should Janet go and have babies and/or raise a family but I just saw a SOLD-OUT concert for the Eagles and the Rolling Stones (they’re over 60 yrs old). Celine Dion will continue to sell records and have successful tours, regardless of her age. Madonna is over 50 and can continue to sell records AND sell out concerts because young white girls will continue to admire her and older whites that have been her fans will continue to support her.

    Can we just be realistic and state the obvious, WE are not die hard fans? It’s not just Janet Jackson. Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston (even if she had never engaged in drugs) or even Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross and anyone else that reach age 40+ can barely fill a concert hall, let alone an arena.
    Janet has to market to a younger audience because only a portion of the fans that grew up watching her will support her music regardless if it’s great or mediocre, and urban radio is non-existent for most R&B. The younger market has new talent in their own age range, therefore, why would they feel the need to support an artist such as Janet.
    Janet is faced with a sobering situation – after a certain age, your support will dwindle in our community. Whites turned on her due to the Superbowl incident, yet Justin Timberlake can continue to thrive in the industry. She needs to find a way to gain crossover appeal again or find a new passion.
    Blacks over 40 will go see Frankie Beverly in the park for free but we do not support our artist once they’re over 40+.

  35. @37 watching frankie beverly free the comment was priceless. Lmao hahahahahaha rotfl… I certainly felt you on that comment

  36. @Sepiastar

    I get what your sayin, but @ the same time the groups that you mentioned imo are on a different wavelength ( musically) than Janet. Plus Janet DOES have the fan base of a Madonna or a Rolling Stone. If I am not mistaken every tour date( that she actually went thru w/ it) was sold out. Plus if we are gonna throw Madonna & the Stones in the mix. Madonna’s tour dates sell out, but the last album “Hard Candy” didn’t do so well & I can’t remeber the last time the Stones released a album. The Eagles did in fact have great success, but once again I believe that this last album that they released was the 1st that the Eagles had released in years, case point fans of the band were “thristy” for some new material from them.

    My point is that all of the ppl mentioned yes sell out tours, but haven’t released or had poor record sells when they did release. Those folks are no better than Janet in that arena b/c what they do on TOUR Janet has & still does as well… which is sell out. Right now the focus is on the actual ALBUMS that she releases, not the tours which is plathera(sp?) of her songs thru out the years. Let’s face it the material hasn’t been the greatest. She isn’t the only one, I actually have the latest Madonna album & let’s say… it’s ok, but great.

    Every type of artist can hit a pitfall like Janet has. It has nothing to do w/ the “community” …just good music. I am sure there are plenty of White artist who have had these problems w/ the material & white ppl walked away. We may not know it b/c we are not into the artist like that, but I am sure it happens. Why must the Black community be singled out? What does race have to do w/ crappy material? Also the aging situation goes across the board. Many Of Madonna & Celine Dion supporters are like Janet( in there late 20’s & beyond). You don’t find too many teen girls sayin ooh Madonna or ooh Celine.

    Yea also, My aunt looooovesss Frankie Beverly & Maze & every time( & I do mean everytime) she has gone to see them she pays & pays hefty. What park are you seeing the group @ for free lol?

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