7 Simple Ways To Jump-Start Your Weight Loss Goals

Summer is almost here ladies! With spring already in session, its time to modify our winter eating habits and get fit for the season of swimsuits and lounging poolside. We are all busy women; from developing an ad campaign, to running after the kids, to staying up late for a final. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few changes to help us look and feel our best this coming summer.

Here are a few easy steps to ease your way into changing the way you eat. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or just wanting to eat healthier, these 7 steps will jump-start you to a healthier lifestyle.

1. Breakfast is Key
We have all heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well ladies, its true! Eating breakfast helps to regulate our appetite, so we aren’t starving by noon and willing to eat an entire pizza pie alone. Start your day with a hearty bowl of oatmeal with ½ cup of your favorite fruit (fresh fruit preferably), or try a Tomato & Cheese Omelet (low-fat cheese please!) with 1 slices of whole grain bread. You can come up with your own plan; the key is to have a balanced breakfast.

2. Drink More Water
This is another known solution, but many of us don’t implement this into our daily lives. Besides aiding in helping us lose weight, research has shown drinking water helps to give us a radiant, healthy, younger looking complexion.

3. Portion Control
Its okay to want that bowl of ice cream sitting at the party table near you, but understanding how much to eat of your favorite foods is key. Here are some simple examples to help you determine portion size:
1.Cooked Meat (ex. Beef) = Deck of cards
2.Rice = A tennis ball
3.Small candies or nuts = One hand full

4. Food Swaps
As I mentioned before, it’s okay to have your favorite foods in moderation. You can also swap healthier versions of your favorite foods. Here are a few simple swaps for an everyday sandwich: (calories listed below are based on research)
1.Whole Wheat Bread (100 calories per slice) VS. White Bread (140 calories per slice)
2.Mustard (16 calories per serving) VS. Mayo (103 calories per serving)
3.Turkey Breast (70 Calories per slice) VS. Salami (100 calories per slice)
4.Swiss cheese (70 per slice) VS. Cheddar cheese (110 per slice)

5. Beware When Dining out
Eating out can be tricky. Many restaurant entrees are loaded with fat, preservatives, and empty calories. One way to cut calories and gain control is to “order everything on the side”. Who says you can’t have that yummy chicken alfredo? Just ask the server to put the alfredo sauce on the side. This allows you to control the amount of sauce you use.

6. Stressful Eating
We all have those days where we just want to lay on the coach with a tub of ice cream. However, fighting the initial temptation can lead to a smaller waistline! Finding alternative ways to relieve stress such as exercising, talking to a friend or, reading a book can help distract you from reaching for food.

7. One Step at a time and Do Your Research
Stay positive and take it a step at a time. These small changes will create huge results overtime. Also, I encourage you to do your own research to find healthier food choices. Put the control in your hands by figuring out what best fits your goals and lifestyle.

Good luck. I hope to see you poolside!


  1. I’m already on this, and I’m making a decision to start a lifestyle, and not just do this when its that time of the year. I’m going through a change in my life right now and I want it to be TOTAL. I’m happy cuz i feel better and look better. 🙂

  2. Portion control is huge. I learned that via a nutritionist. Americans are really confused about what a normal size meal looks like.

  3. That’s great Tutu. Golly, I am well on my way to starting a healthier lifestyle as well it just takes perserverance and time. It’s a lifestyle change, not a seasonal thing. The African-American community wonders why we have so much Hypertension, Diabetes, and Stroke/etc. in our members and the clear answer is the food that we eat. So much of it is good TO us, but not goot For us. We eat much more fried, fatty, and salt-filled foods compared to our peers of other races. Proper nutrition and exercise is the KEY. I just discovered a GREAT nutritional website today called MyPyramid.gov and its just a great way to learn the basics of proper nutrition.

  4. this is so true. alot of women are so allergic to water. water not only is responsible for a healty complexion and aids in weight loss. but it is also good for yor hair. more water means more hair growth, because we are like plants. oh and yeah i drink alot of green tea…with no sugar added. for those that cant drink it straight up…add a little honey. but just remember the more sugar that is added, mean the more benefits that is taken away.

  5. Kourtney good for you as well.
    Qeentee24 you are so right with the hair growth and water statement. and green tea…i cant have it any other way. been drinking green tea straight for the past 4 years, its amazing all the benefits it has…maintains weight, cleanses, its an antioxidant, and so much more. I drink about 3-4 cups a day, which is probably too much, but it has done me so much good, i cant stop now.

  6. TUTU I am with you girl I have to have my cup of green tea in the morning and at night. Its a great substitute for cofffee because its naturally caffeine free. another way to jump-start weight loss is a mild laxative or high fiber popcorn to get rid of stubborn waste and that heavy feeling. But drink plenty of water because you will loose water as well.

  7. I always fall hard on the breakfast thing. I miss breakfast like 4 times a week. But I have granola bars to fill in. And I never overeat, cause when I do I get stomach pains. So that’s good for me I guess….

    I love water, but I can only drink it when I’m thirsty for it. If I’m not thirsty for it, its not as great. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  8. I cant wait til my son comes out so i can finally start my weight loss plan. I’m so motivated to make some real changes and get myself in shape this year. It’s long overdue. These tips are awesomeand helpful, the only part I can’t do is the mustard on the sandwich, i can’t stand the stuff. The funny things is they didn’t mention anything about an exercise plan, but i guess that’s pretty much a no brainer

  9. Since we’re all being so open and honest —

    – If you’re guilty of a history of off and on dieting or really bad eating habits, I recommend a cleanse. Not a Master cleanse, which is water mixed with cayenne pepper and syrup, but a fruit cleanse or a Colon cleanse. You can research them on the net. Some of the colon cleansers are really good – they eliminate stubborn waste sticking to the walls of your intestine. Great way to give yourself a clean slate before you reform your eating habits.

  10. Thank you for the reminder! I have declared this weekend to be my last free-eating weekend! Take care of yourselves ladies and do not fret if you stray from time to time. Just get back on course! 🙂

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