“702” Member Passes Away

Singer Orish Grinstead, one of the orginal members of 90’s R n’ B group, 702, died of kidney failure on Sunday, April 20th. Orish, who was only 27 years old, started the group with her twin sister LeMisha Grinstead and older sister Kameelah Williams back in the early 90’s and eventually caught the attention of New Edition member Michael Bivins, who later signed them to his fledgling label. The group had moderate success with their first CD and scored a top ten hit with their single, Where My Girls At, which was written and produced by Missy Elliott. The group officially disbanded back in 2003 after their third CD, “Star” failed to live up to the success of their previous two albums. Orish eventually made her big screen debut in the 2004 low budget film The Brewster Project which also starred Regina Belle and former Destiny’s Child Member Farrah Franklin.

Last I heard all three founding member were back together and looking to get their careers back on track but this obviously puts a damper on those plans. May Orish rest in peace. 27 is too young to die.



  1. May she RIP. WOW! Only 27 yrs old….they must have been really young when they came out.

  2. I believe Irish was Orish’s twin sister. I think LeMisha was just their other sister.

  3. This is so sad. I’ll keep their family in my prayers. I loved this group.

  4. Damn sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  5. oh my goodness that is terrible. i didn’t even know anything was wrong with one of them! why are so many people leaving us nowadays?? I guess God is just calling them all home one by one. so sad, i will keep them all in my prayers

  6. How unfortuante! There’s a one way to come into this world, but a million and one ways to leave. Though this is hard to hear, it’s also reality. Here today, gone tomorrow. Everyday should be cherished like its your last because tomorrow isn’t promised.

    My condolences to 702!!! God bless!!!

  7. This has not been a good week for music. The first to leave us was Al Wilson. He was a soul singer from my generation, from back in the 1970’s. His biggest song was “Show And Tell”. A day or 2 later, Paul Davis left us. Again, he was from my generation. His music was a light, semi-rock type of sound. And now this young lady has left us as well. 27 years old is much too young to pass away. May God and all his holy angels rest their souls in peace.

  8. Orish was the twin sister of Irish(who was a member of 702) the twins and their older sister Lameisha founder the group but Orish was not actually in the group. Rest in peace, 27 is way too young to go but at least she’s in a better place and no longer has to suffer.

  9. i was just thinking bout them i still listen to their albums thats so sad i love 702

  10. Awww I really loved them too! & Irish was my favorite because she was soooo pretty!

  11. Which sister was she? I thought Irish and Orish were the two sisters and the other girlie was a friend/cousin….

    At any rate, this is so sad 🙁 I loved those girls and their “Steelo” song and “Where My Girls At?” They could sing and were beautiful.

  12. That’s a shame. I always liked that group. My condolences to them =( .

  13. Orish was the twin of Irish (standing in red). Lemisha (sitting in blue) is older. Orish can be seen in the Subway video “lil game we play”. She was no longer an active member of 702. There is a link from BET’s story about her passing to another site that has a picture of Orish.

  14. Originally, Irish and Orish (twins), Lameisha and their cousin Amelia formed 702. They did a song called The Game We Play or something similar as the title with a group called Subway, Orish left the group to pursue a solo career and their cousin left as well I guess. Kameelah, the darker skinned woman and a childhood friend replaced Orish and when Lameisha got pregnant Orish took her place for a while…and when Kameelah left for a brief stint to try to do a solo career, it was the twins and Lameisha again…but now it is back to Irish, Lameisha and Kameelah due to Orish’s passing…devastating…I am a twin and I would not know what to do if I ever lost my sister…

  15. This is very sad. I hate that she had to go so soon.My deepest condolences go out to her family and friends.

  16. That’s sad, deep condolences to the family, fans and friends of the entire group. That had some banging music, I remember.

  17. As a gossip blog, make sure you get your facts straight on sensitive topics like these instead of getting things twisted. I had someone tell me that one of the three 702 member’s died because of people blogging and having no idea what they’re talking about.

    Orish is the twin sister of Irish (the light-skinned member with the long hair). She had left the group awhile back.

    Rest in sweet peace, Orish. She was so beautiful and so young! This is really a shocker.

  18. If the story is wrong and offends you contact BET because I sourced it from them and posted the link. Either way the name and deceased are correct.

  19. We love you 702
    May her soul rest internal peace

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