8 Ways To Tell If You Are Dating A Bitter Man

Guys are always talking about bitter women and how they are so sick of them. Well guess what! There are a lot of bitter men out there who made poor choices in women in the past and from here on out, every woman that they date after her is being punished. Instead of them taking the time to get over their past hurt, they jump right back into the dating game with all of these unresolved issues that they force on the new women in your life. Don’t worry about me sweetie. Dude, are you bitter?

Check out YSSI Radio With LJ Knight and Taleice Green Eyez- Ladies, Are You Dating A Bitter Dude?

1. He talks about an ex that burned him or did him wrong but she was also the love of his life.

Yeah this is the guy who is always yapping about his ex-girl. When you ask him are you over her? He swears he is but then proceeds to continue to talk ish about her on your dates with him. To the point where you want to yell: I don’t want to hear about this chick!

2. He does not want to do the simple things for you.

He fears that any form of him giving in the slightest would mean that he is engaging in the act of giving of himself. He does not want to give too much of himself or anything at all to any woman because some chick from his past used him. So now he barely wants to hold the door open for you. Don’t let the door hit you in the face girl.

3. He tries to devalue the impact that a good woman can have in his life.

This is the type that has a grudge against all women and refuses to believe that there are any good women in the world. So, this gives him the freedom to treat chicks any way they please guilt free.

4. Does not want to spend any money on you.

Whenever you guys go out on a date, he refuses to pay for you. In fact he won’t even take you to a nice restaurant. You better have your own McDonalds money girl. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

Check out YSSI Radio With LJ Knight and Taleice Green Eyez- Ladies, Are You Dating A Bitter Dude?


  1. Very good article!

    Ohhhhh…Lord KNOWS I dated a bitter man!!!For far too long, actually!! It was WAY too much drama!! I never dealt with a man that bitter before and did not know what I was getting into. He possessed EVERY one of the issues on that list…I mean, ALL 8 of the signs were present!!! I saw the signs in the beginning, but I thought that it would get better if he is exposed to a good woman (i.e., me). Pffftt!! Yeah, right!! The drama continued until I finally stopped dating with him. Unfortunately, he’s still in my life…as a friend. But that still presents with plenty of drama, especially when I date other people. We need to separate, and have done so before, but we eventually become “cool” again…then the drama starts back up! *sigh*

    Word of advice, ladies — if you notice these signs in a man, RUN!! It won’t get better unless and until he is ready to acknowledge and address his emotional turmoil. Conversely, we can apply these signs to ourselves…to examine if WE are bitter as well. Don’t want to repeat the cycle!!

    Just my 2 cents…

  2. I agree and that is the kind of man you do not want. Do not make excuses for this type of man,because he will not change. Instead as a women know our worth, value. Its not just about the money he doesnt spend, but the time theres a difference Time and then theres Quality Time. A like this has no place being with a good woman, do not change for him and no you cannot change him. Look at the small little things he does or does not do thats what really counts and if it not only out weighs the bad but starts to take a toll on you FUCK HIM. Men dont date woman like them selves the aim for higher. WOMEN, ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN SEE THIS AND


  4. >>>>it not only out weighs the bad but starts to take a toll on you **** HIM. <<<<<

    LIYAH Perez, say it again and again and again….don't leave out the momma-issues.

    Worse of all is a man who denies he has a problem but everyone else does.

  5. I like the article! I am fairly still young and I had never come across a bitter man until a few months ago. He had me going for a few weeks with his holier than thou phrases and how much he loved the Lord; how he had big plans to do this and that and I was the kind of woman he wanted…..Until! I didnt realize it until I dumped him that he was bitter. I was only with him for nearly 2 months (too long) and he was already calling me ouuta my name bc he “felt like it” and was just a straight a-hole to me. I made excuses for him for a short while until I realized I am worth more than he could ever imagine! He didnt deserve me! I left that sorry, unstable, disrespectful, insecure, bitter sucka in the dust!! I HATE that I wasted those 2 months of my life on him! But it was a great lesson learned and showed me what I needed to look out for in the future! 🙂

  6. My girlfriend Called me all pissed off this morning, Saying that her husband of 10 years is now telling her that she is lazy and need to get a job instead of spending all his Nfl Money, Yet when he met her she was a top business owner, just about to franchise; He literally forced her to sell her business, move to California with him , and have some babies, Now all of the sudden he forgot that the man is supposed to be the provider of the household, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the Topic, But I’m so sick of relationship issues, I feel like my man,i and my parents are the last well working Couples on earth….

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