SWV Debut New Single MCE (Man Crush Everyday)

SWV DEBUT NEW SINGLE MCE (MAN CRUSH EVERYDAY)SWV isn’t letting the recent cancellation of their WeTV reality series get in the way of releasing new music. The trio just unveiled their latest single, MCE (Man Crush Everyday), via Essence.com, as well as the official release date for their upcoming album, Still.

The trio had originally planned to debut new music via SWV: Reunited. Unfortunately, after being left in limbo for several months, the girls learned their show was cancelled and would not be returning for a third season. “Yes, we were disappointed,” Coko told Billboard. “But SWV was a group before the show and we will remain a group after the show. We made the show, it did not make us.”

You can listen to the group’s new single below, as well as watch a performance the girls gave recently on The View. They performed a medley of their hits, including their most recent, Ain’t No Man.

The group has also confirmed February 5th as the release date for their album Still. Coko also hinted on Facebook some months ago, that the group was in talks to stage a tour with several other girl groups from the 90s. As always, group tour cans be iffy, so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of this bit of news.

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