SZA: ‘Supermodel’ Video


First Look: ‘Supermodel’ Video by SZA

R&B singer SZA has shared the magical new video for her single Supermodel. The visual is directed by Nabil, who also directed the singer’s Love Galore video. SZA calls Supermodel her favorite track off of her Ctrl album and says the video was in need of a visionary like Nabil to help bring its extremely personal and intense message to life.
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Interview: Michael Jai White

When you hear the name Michael Jai White, you immediately think of movies like Universal Soldier 2 and Spawn. You know he is one of the few Black actors in Hollywood who know martial arts. Not until recently, with the explosion of Tyler Perry’s Why did I Get Married franchise could people begin to appreciate White’s explosive talent. He is not just an action actor but also handles himself comedically quite fine. Not to mention that the brotha did his thing as Nicki Minaj’s love interest in the video for her single “Your Love”. Brown Sista sat down to talk about White’s acting past, his time on the set of Why Did I Get Married, oh and did someone say a Black James Bond?

Brown Sista: How did you become involved in acting?

Michael Jai White: It was kind of a hobby. I was a school teacher. I had taken some acting classes while in college but I did not take it very serious. I got more serious about it one summer and decided to get it out of my system to see if I could possibly make a living out of it. I started getting positive reinforcement which lead me to thinking I was doing the right thing.

Brown Sista: A lot of people may not know that you played Spawn. One of the few Black super heroes. What are your thoughts about the lack of Black super heroes?

Michael Jai White: Hollywood disregards Black audiences. That is why more people are starting to go in the direction of doing their own thing; so that they can touch the Black audience.

Brown Sista: What advice would you have for aspiring Black actors?

Michael Jai White: Look at show business as a business. So many people get wrapped up in what they want. The desire for fame. They neglect the fact that it is a business. You have to know the value of who you are. You have to be able to answer the question why choose you? If you are trying to sell something then you have to have a good product. So you need to learn everything you can. That is the best advice that I can give anyone.

Brown Sista: What was the experience like while filming the movie Why Did I Get Married Too?

Michael Jai White: The experience was terrific because we already were friends. It is like getting together and working with your friends again. The movie was like art imitating life in that way. It is not often that you have the opportunity to work with people you like and make money.

Brown Sista: People really enjoy your character in the movie as well as the interaction between you and your on screen wife. What do you think it is that draws people to you two aside from the constant bickering of course?

Michael Jai White: The thing I hear all the time is that we remind them of someone that they know. At first people raise their eye brows when they see me doing something comedic.

Brown Sista: Do you think that is because they are accustomed to seeing you in action movies like Spawn and Universal Soldier 2?

Michael Jai White: Well yeah. I always have physical roles. When you do something that is not what you are defined as, you have the opportunity to reshape how people see you. With Tyler trusting me, because he knows me personally. For him it is no big deal, seeing me in a comedic role. It’s not strange to him. What’s funny is that the majority of the stuff I’ve done, it’s more comedy than the physical role. The physical roles stand out to people because there are far less people who can do that. It is unique. It’s understandable. I don’t gripe about it. It just myself and Wesley Snipes who are known to do martial arts. You see a Black man doing martial arts it stands out to people. We haven’t seen that since Jim Kelly. I knew going into this business it would start to define me. That is why I made the decision not to do any martial arts movies until later on in my career. One of the first movies I ever did martial arts in was Universal Soldier 2. At that time people did not even believe that it was really me that was doing the martial arts.

Brown Sista: Do you have any pending projects?

Michael Jai White: Well, I’m telling you this from my office. I have been working on a movie that I am about to direct for Sony.

Brown Sista: Can you tell me about the movie:

Michael Jai White: It is a post date action movie. It is a little early for me to give too many details.

Brown Sista: Do you think that we are ready for a Black James Bond?

Michael Jai White: Absolutely. I think we are ready for a James Bond who is Black. I know it sounds the same. The same way that Barack Obama is the President and he is Black. The same way a person can play the James Bond it will be because he is a believable James Bond. It would have less to do with him being Black.

Brown Sista: For the ladies that love you, they want to know are you married?

Michael Jai White: I’m married. I have been married for 11 years now.

Brown Sista: I want to change the subject here. Tell me something about that your biggest fan would not know about you.

Michael Jai White: I have no sense of direction. I literally get lost in my own neighborhood. I don’t know if it is early Alzheimer or something but I get lost almost every day of my life. I average about 3 u-turns a day.

Why Did I Get Married Too has recently been released on Blu Ray Disc from LionsGate. The features on the disc are


Girl Talk: The Women of “Married”

Male Bonding: The Men of “Married”

Janet Jackson’s “Nothing” music video

Couples Character Guide

Photos courtesy of Kate sZatmari

La’Juanda “LJ” Knight

New Stacey Dash Photo Shoot & Interview

Stacey Dash recently sat down for an interview with photographer Kate Szatmari and shared her feelings on the death of 32 year old actress Brittany Murphy, whom she co-starred with in the 1995 cult classic ‘Clueless.” The actress also talked about her enduring career in Hollywood, which few people know has actually last for over 20 years. Check the excerpts below…

Stacey on the pitfalls of fame: “I think at times celebrities can’t feel human or normal and experience the pressures of having to put on a show. I think that would wear anyone down and make them reach for things outside themselves to fulfill what they can’t seem to get from within.”

Stacey on the responsibly of celebrities to the public: “We have access to millions of people. We have the power to encourage, inspire, and bring hope. Unfortunately, we also have the power to discourage and destroy. It is very important for each individual to realize we can make a positive difference through the songs one chooses to write, a role one chooses to take or one’s everyday involvement through various charities and community projects.”

Stacey on why she wanted to do a reality series: “I want to make a difference and inspire! I would like to show that celebrities are not different than anyone else as it’s often assumed. We experience the same basic need for survival and the pressures every day can bring.”

Stacy on the death of good friend Brittany Murphy: “When I heard the death of Brittany I was in a state of shock and filled with sadness. She was a sweet, funny girl with this incredible light around her. To have her leave us so soon is a great loss.”

Photography by Kate sZatmari
Excerpts via Kate sZatmari Blog

Tatyana Ali Does Krave Magazine

Actress, recording artist, Harvard graduate and the national spokes person for Millenium Momentum Foundation! She is currently the star of BET?s webseries ?Buppies? which she has co-produced with her sister Anastasia, and is wrapping up her new album called ?The Light? due out in April. Tatyana Ali is a multi-diverse celebrity and is a woman who sees the necessity in getting involved and giving back. Her great love for education and politics made her choose the MMF who?s mission is to increase the number of students from various ethnic groups in public policy and other public service related fields through education, mentoring, and leadership development training. ?Educating these predominantly minority students and giving them the skills they need to work in government at the highest level turns out to be a tremendous investment into the communities they come from because most of the students aspire to bring what they?ve learned back home.? All funds raised are directly invested into the students who strive for excellence in achieving to make a difference in their community. ?The students are exposed to city leaders doing exactly the kind of work they hope to do and they are put through a rigorous mentorship program. The kids in the program are planning to make ?giving back? their vocation, so they need and deserve our support.?

To read more check out the latest edition of Krave.
For more information, please visit the foundation?s site:
Photography and words by: Kate sZatmari ?

What Meagan Good Kraves

With the remake of “Stomp the Yard” underway with a whole new cast, Krave Magazine decided to go back and catch up with the original gang- Columbus Short (DJ), Meagan Good (April) and Brian White (Sylvester). Check out exclusive images sent to us by the photographer Kate sZatmari. – as well as a few excerpts of Meagan’s inyerview.

Meagan on her dream role:
“I would really like to do Aaliyah’s life story. I was an am a huge fan of hers and think in a way she was like our Princess Diana. She was classy, beautiful and carried herself with such respect for such a young age.”

Meagan on what type of movies she wants to produce:
I’m a very spiritual and non-judgmental person. I want to produce films with spiritual undertones- films that don’t force any issues down your throat or lay judgments on specific situations or roles.

Meagan on being repeatedly mistaken for a “video girl”.
I’ve been in the industry since I was 4 years old. People do often mistake me for a video even though the first video I did was in 2003, 50 Cent’s “21 Questions.” Initially it was just something fun to do and though I did make a few cameos on other videos I decided to not do it anymore. Unfortunately when it comes to films I began to be bowed in as an actress in terms of how people would see me. It’s hard to break out of a market and I’d like to be in all markets.

Meagan Good Is Smoking Hot

Uber stylist to the stars, Mr. Bradshaw, recently got the opportunity to put his unique stamp on actress Meagan Good. The two came together for Meagan’s upcoming pictorial in Krave Magazine and the results are nothing short of amazing. You can check out a few of the outtakes below, as well as a behind the scenes video of the shoot here.

FYI- love the shades Meagan is wearing- get a pair for yourself at SB Accesories.

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