‘One Day She’ll Darken’ Adds Golden Brooks to Cast


Golden Brooks Joins TNT Drama

Actress Golden Brooks has been added to the cast of the upcoming TNT drama One Day She’ll Darken. The former Girlfriends co-star joins a stellar line-up that already includes actors Chris Pine (Wonder Woman), Dylan Smith (Into the Badlands), Jay Paulson (Mad Men), and Justin Cromwell (Training Day).
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Golden Brooks Joins Fox Thriller ‘The Darkest Minds’


Golden Brooks Joins ‘The Darkest Minds’ Cast

Actress Golden Brooks is set to join Amandla Stenberg in the upcoming Fox thriller The Darkest Minds. Based on the trilogy of young adult novels by Alexandra Bracken, the film follows a group of teens who develop supernatural abilities after a pandemic wipes out most of the planet’s adult population. Brooks will reportedly play Molly Daly, the mother of Amandla’s character, Ruby.
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Keesha Sharp Replaces Golden Brooks in ‘Lethal Weapon’ Reboot.


Fox Replaces one Girlfriend with Another

Remember when I told y’all a few weeks ago Golden Brooks had landed a plum role in the upcoming television version of the hit film Lethal Weapon? Well, apparently things didn’t go so well during a recent table read and Golden has now been replaced with her former Girlfriends co-star, actress Keesha Sharp.
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Golden Brooks Joins ‘Lethal Weapon’ Pilot

Golden Brooks Joins Lethal Weapons Pilot

Golden Brooks Returns to TV in Upcoming Lethal Weapon Pilot

Actress Golden Brooks has been cast to star opposite Damon Wayan Sr. in the television adaptation of Lethal Weapon. Wayans will star as Roger Murtaugh and Brooks will star as his wife Trish. The hour long Fox dramedy is being written by Matt Miller, directed by McG and is expected to go into production in Atlanta next month.
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Golden Brooks Interview & Photo Shoot

Last month Golden Brooks sat down to talk to BET and as usual the conversation quickly turned to the departure of popular cast member Jill Marie Jones who played the part of Toni Childs.You would think after all this time people would be over Jill’s departure but apparently they’re not and that clearly annoys Golden as she did not mince words when it comes to how she feels about being forced to constantly answer questions she thinks Jill should be answering.You can read the entire interview on the next page as well as check out pics below of Golden taken at the 2007 World Style Lounge.
Golden BrooksGolden BrooksGolden Brooks
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Golden Brooks On The Future Of Girlfriends

Golden Brooks may not be as “sassy” as Maya Wilkes, the single mom she plays on the CW’s Girlfriends (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), but she can definitely relate. Just like Maya, Brooks went through her own long-term relationship, which she recently ended, and thus knows how hard it can be to figure it all out. But Brooks has a good feeling about Maya and Darnell — her on-screen husband played by Khalil Kain (The Tiger Woods Story) — as well as for the continued success of Girlfriends. Here’s what she shared with TVGuide.com about her show’s on-set chemistry, and the thrill of trying Something New in last spring’s romantic feature.
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Tia and Golden Return to TV

Actresses Golden Brooks, last seen on “Girlfriends” and Tia Mowry, last seen on “The Game,” will both be returning to television later this fall. Golden will be revisiting network TV, while Tia will once again dabble in the cable arena.

Golden will join the CW’s already successful dramedy “Hart of Dixie,” playing the role of Ruby Jeffries, a woman who returns to her Southern roots and befriends the show’s star Dr. Zoe Hart, played by actress Rachel Bilson.

Tia Mowry on the other hand will be bringing her talents to the kid friendly channel Nickelodeon, starring in the comedy “Instant Mom.”

The show is loosely based on the lives of writers Warren Bell and Jessica Butler. It centers on a 25-year old party girl who gives up her life as a socialite when she marries an older man and instantly becomes mother to his two young children.

Tia will take on co-producer duties as well.

Look for “Instant Mom” to be a mid-season replacement and debut sometime in November. “Hart of Dixie” will return for its second season in early September.