Joy Bryant Designs For Charity

Actress Joy Bryant has teamed up with purse aficionado Monica Botkier to create the Joy Braynt Satchel. Made of soft brown pebble leather and costing a whopping $575.00, the versatile summer carryall is actually three bags in one and is part of a collection of bags by Botkier whose profits benefit Oxfan of America, an international relief organization for which Bryant is an ambassador. “I am a Sister on the Planet for Oxfam. It’s an initiative engaging women of all walks of life to raise awareness about the environment. I hosted a cocktail party in N.Y.C. to talk about the work we are doing and Monica [Botkier] came and asked, ‘How can I be a part of this?’” said Bryant. “I love the notion of creating a product where your dollars are helping make someone’s life better.” Bryant is going to Tanzania later this year to educate farmers and coffee growers on sustainable farming methods . . . and, she says, “I can’t wait to show the women the bag—I hope they dig it!” The Joy Satchel is sold exclusively at

Joy Bryant Lands New TV Role

Joy Bryant Joy Bryant is the latest Brown Sista actress to abandon the big screen for the small screen. Following in the recent footsteps of Gabrielle Union and Nia Long, Joy has taken a role on network television. The actress tweeted the good news to her fans today and was quickly congratulated by Sanaa Lathan, who herself just recently took on the voice role of Donna in the Fox animated comedy series “The Cleveland Show”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Joy will join the cast of the NBC drama “Parenthood” and play the role of Jasmine, a single mother who moves back home to pursue a professional dance career and introduce her young son to the father he never knew. The actress will be joined by fellow cast members Maury Tierney, Craig T. Nelson, and Dax Shepard. Look for “Parenthood” to make it’s debut in early January of 2010.

Actress Joy Bryant Weds Longtime Boyfriend

Joy Bryant Congrats go out to actress Joy Bryant as the 31 year old “Virtuality” star wed her boyfriend this weekend during a beachside ceremony at a private residence in Amagasett, New York. Joy, who is also a former model who was spotted while attending Yale University on a full academic scholarship, met her stuntman fiance, David People, while filming the Martin Lawrence comedy “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”. People Magazine reports that wedding guests received e-mail invitations to the ceremony that simply requested that “Ladies, leave their Manolos at home.” The actress is reported to have worn a custom dress designed by her friend Angela Missoni, while the groom sported a grey Calvin Klein suit. No official pics from the ceremony have been made available yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they hit the net.

Regina Hall Does ‘About Last Night’ Promo


With her role in Martin Lawrence’s CBS pilot officially canceled, actress Regina Hall says she found herself with a bit of extra time on her hands and used it to tape her latest film “About Last Night,” due out February 14th.

The romantic comedy co-stars Kevin Hart, Joy Bryant, and “Almost Human” actor Michael Ealy.

If the success of Regina’s recent films are any indication, “About Last Night” may shock everyone and become another unexpected urban blockbuster.

Both “Think Like a Man” and “Best Man Holiday” topped the North American box office, tallying receipts of 30-million dollars in their opening week.
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Regina Hall Readies Next Film + Best Man 3 Coming Soon


Actress Regina Hall is all smiles after learning her latest film, “The Best Man Holiday,” grossed just over 30 million dollars at the weekend box office- and though it came in at #2 behind “Thor: The Dark World,” its per screen average of $15,115 was far greater than “Thor’s” per screen average of $10,011.

Regina thanked fans for their support of the film via her Facebook page and broke a bit of news as well. Apparently Hollywood is so enamored with the film’s success, they have asked writer/director Malcolm Lee to start working on the third installment of the film.
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Essence Honors Mary J. Blige

Last night belonged to nine-time Grammy Award winner, Mary J. Blige, the esteemed guest of honor at the Essence Black Women in Music celebration in Hollywood.

The Sunset Tower Hotel was the place to be on Wednesday as Blige accepted the inaugural Essence Black Women in Music Award. Much to her surprise, Island/Def Jam Chairman, L.A. Reid, was on-hand to present her with her statue before a star-studded, standing-room-only crowd including the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Melanie Fiona, Ledisi and Ludacris along with Taraji P. Henson, Joy Bryant, Gabrielle Union and Jurnee Smollett.

“Thank you so much for supporting me from the day I stepped foot into the music industry,” Blige said to the crowd. In the 18 years since she dropped her debut album, it’s clear that she’s very aware of how far she’s traveled. “It really means something to me to have Maya Angelou speak on my behalf,” she noted after viewing Angelou’s segment of a special, video presentation. “It also means a lot to have Oprah on my speed dial!”

The Black Women in Music celebration was the first, of many, events planned in Hollywood to kick off Grammy week. And speaking of the Grammys, be sure to tune in to the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night as Blige is set to join Andrea Bocelli for a special performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The audio and visual versions of their performance will be available for download at iTunes. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to benefit the ongoing earthquake relief effort in Haiti.


Women & Their Weaves: A Love Story

You all know me as Fashionista101, but let me really introduce myself. Hi, I’m Shanteé, and I wear weaves — both sewn and glued. Yes, fashion is my forté, but I was really inspired to do this post because of the way a lot of [black] women react to other black women’s hairstyle choices. For some, hair is an accessory, so I believe do with it what you please. It is yours after all. So, whether you prefer your hair relaxed and straight, or kinky, that’s on you. It’s pretty annoying hearing some women’s comments toward weave-wearers:

“I don’t wear weaves, my hair’s already long.”

“Typical. Black woman and a weave. Perfect match!”

I mean, sometimes I have to laugh. Like how the hell is that typical of me?! I personally have a nice length of hair, but I wear my weaves long, approximately 14 inches, and I love it! Because of heat breakage, not chemical, my hair began to break off about 2yrs ago. So, I got it professionally weaved to give it a fuller look, and it turned out great! Everyone, including myself, loved it.

Since then, my hair has grown back, but I won’t even let anyone see my real hair. Why? — Because I don’t feel like it. I like the way I look with 14 inches of hair flowing down my back. I like how manageable it is, and I like being able to put it into a quick ponytail when I’m hot. LOL. As long as my hairstyle looks tasteful, what’s the big deal?

Some, like Solange on the Oprah Show the other day, spend and think you have to spend tons of money on hair extensions. If you want a really good looking one, yes you’ll have to shell out some cash. But, isn’t hair care expensive PERIOD? I personally wash, set, relax, weave, and style my own hair. So, monthly, I’d say I only spend about $50-60 on my hair (that’s including my weave). A wash and set at the salon these days cost at least $30! So, no. I’m not one of those baby mommas spending formula and rent money on fixing my “wig”.

I usually think very highly of black females, but in the past year I’ve noticed how it’s black women that criticize other black women the most! I’m from New York, and in my town hair like mine is considered “normal”. Straight and relaxed. Not kinky or “nappy” hair. Not unprocessed hair.

Before you speak, and give your own critique, I think you should at least be a bit educated on hair weaving and hair extensions, because what you all may not realize is that white women probably wear extensions more than we do! So why does it look so natural you ask? — because the secret to having an amazing hair weaving experience is to have the right type/amount of hair to blend with the extensions. Sometimes Beyonce’s looks REALLY natural, but that’s because she has a nice length of hair already. I bet most of you also didn’t know that Kim Kardashian, Hollywood’s top Armenian princess, also wears weaves. Even her oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, was caught on camera getting her weave hooked up the other day. I also watch as many episodes of the Wendy Williams Show as possible, and on each show she asks her guests (mostly white) if they’re wearing hair extensions, and I don’t believe any of them has ever said “No, this is actually all mine.”

Actress Joy Bryant, who some were shocked to find out wears a weave as well, recently posted an article to the Essence Magazine blog, titled The Tracks Of My Weave. In the article Joy admits to wearing weaves and loving them. She also states that she was not moved at all by Tyra’s “Going Natural” hair segment.

>>National Real Hair Day? I missed that one…In fact, on National Real Hair Day, I was calling Extensions Plus in L.A. to make sure they had enough of the 20” “relaxed roots” texture hair that I love oh so much (and that keeps selling out like crazy!), and making an appointment to get my hair, I mean, my weave, hooked up. I loooooove taking new hair out of the bag, combing through it with my fingers, holding it up with my two hands, and burying my face in it. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm! Nothing like a new batch of zig-zag curly to get your self esteem out of the dumps! With long brown tresses and a tan, I’m Pocahontas, ’cause I got Indian in my family. With easy waves, I AM bohemian rhapsody goddess personified. And now that I got blond highlights! What!? I know I look like Beyonce! You can’t tell me nothing! Uh oh, uh oh…

Not everyone is blessed with having gorgeous hair — Just like some aren’t that blessed in the looks department, and choose to wear makeup. Who’s pressin’ you about that? Or the ones who LOVEEE to rock grey contacts KNOWING it does absolutely nothing for you! Oh, oh, and what about push-up bras for the less fortunate, and high heels for the height challenged? So basically cosmetics in it’s entirety should be ruled out [for black women]?! I think not! As a matter of fact, the next black chick I hear talking smack about another black woman’s hair weave, I’m gonna snatch her outta her 6-inch heels, and run her under some hot water and soap. We’ll see how NATURAL she is!

So, for all the women who’ve “gone natural”, yet still use hair dyes and still get their hair pressed, THINK AGAIN! That my dear, is NOT natural. Natural is letting it alllll hang out, no matter what. So cut out using gels and all that other extra stuff too. Just do it like they did it back in the 1800’s. I, on the other hand, will continue to rock my 14-inch jet black Yaky hair. Hmmph. Maybe next time I’ll try out that 16-inch!

Brown Sistas At The Golden Globe Awards

Beyonce The 2009 Golden Globe Awards were held earlier this evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Not many Brown Sistas were spotted on the red carpet this year- mostly because few were nominated or tapped to present an award. The lone African American female nominee, singer Beyonce, lost the award she was up for to music veteran Bruce Springsteen. Still, the singer can take solace in the fact that she is already topping many lists as the evening’s best dressed female. Other Brown Sista’s to grace the red carpet with their loveliness included actress Taraji P. Henson and television personality Shaun Robinson.
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