Macy Gray Records an Ode to Her Vibrator

macy gray vibratorHaving written a song called Smack a Bitch, is it any wonder Macy Gray would be outrageous enough to record a song about her vibrator?

Well that is exactly what the 90’s hit-maker did with B.O.B, a catchy tune that pays tribute to the singer’s Battery Operated Better: an uncomplicated mechanical fellow that Macy says “fits like a glove and is always ready for love.”
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Macy Gray’s New Film Gets Distribution


Macy Gray’s latest foray into acting, the independent drama “Where the Children Play,” has officially been picked up for distribution by the Urban Movie Channel.

“Where the Children Play” tells the story of a young woman, estranged from her family, who returns home for her mother’s funeral, and finds herself having to remain behind to care for her ailing and abusive father.
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Macy Gray Unveils New Music


In anticipation of her new album “The Way,” singer Macy Gray has released its lead-off single “Hands.”

Via Facebook, Macy said she wrote and recorded the song while on tour and that it is a homage of sorts to the 14th anniversary of her debut album “On How Life Is.”

“The Way” is set to be released via indie label 429 Records on October 7th and according to Gray, is her most fulfilling album to date. “This album is very personal to me,” Macy told fans via Facebook. “I want my fans to understand the place where I’m at in my life and feel inspired by the music because it is relatable.”
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Macy Gray And Bobby Brown Have “Real Love”

Macy Gray has premiered the video for her single “Real Love” and I absolutely love it. The song features Bobby Brown and in case some of you have been living under a rock and don’t know who Bobby or Macy are, the video reminds you in the beginning. If you can sit through the awkward introduction, what comes after that is absolutely magic. Bobby and Macy have made a really cute song that definitely deserves some love on R n’ B radio stations.

FYI: The video also features “Why Did I Get Married” actor Michael Jai White and has some crazy ass outta nowhere plugs at the ending. This clip definitely takes sponsored videos to a whole other level.

Macy Gray Talks Age Discrimination In The Music Business

“I don’t know how to get a 40-year-old woman on the radio. If she was 20, 25. This record would be incredible.” This quote comes from a powerful record label executive, just before she said no to signing me for my fifth album. And who would fault her? Everybody knows that a 40-year-old female recording artist is “geriatric.” While a 46-year-old president is the “new kid on the block,” a singer over 30 is just a few songs away from the nursing home of music.

The obvious remedies: Age defying crème, botox, face lifts, brow lifts, hair dye, Perricone Promises, super foods and denial. Lying about our age was once a quick fix, but Wikipedia has ruined that for everybody. Cosmetic touch-ups and diet discipline may take ten years off, but how do you go ten years back? How do you sing songs that are relevant to teenagers and who are you fooling if you try?

I am a single mother of three teenagers. My every day begins and ends with them. Breakfast – school – teachers – grades – basketball – piano – tennis – birthday parties – money – etc. The best part of the day is when they smile or laugh, because when they’re laughing or smiling, I know they’re OK. Even if its just for a minute, even if I don’t know what they’re happy about, it’s a relief. My biggest goal is to keep them talking, because that’s the only way I know what they’re thinking and what’s going on, so the most important thing I do all day, is listen.

Sometimes I feel alone and it gets me down. One of those times, I heard my daughter laughing in the next room and it didn’t necessarily make me feel better, but I exhaled, because I knew then that we were ok. That night, I wrote a song called “Beauty in the World.”

There’s a song on the album called “Kissed It” about staying in a bad relationship because the sex is so good. The first song on the album, “The Sellout” is about compromise. “Real Love” is a duet with Bobby Brown that talks about everlasting love. And “The Comeback” – about the day you realize that you cannot be who you are not. All of these are universal themes that even teenagers can relate to, but according to music industry experts, they’d much rather “Toot It and Boot It,” pop champagne, love gangsters and skater boys, wear the latest Gucci, and meet at the hotel lobby at 6 in the morning.

With very few exceptions, the gatekeepers send these three messages:

1. The younger generation has little substance

2. The music needs of the older crowd don’t matter…

3. Once a female artist turns 40, she should go away – maybe learn how to knit.

The truth is that as a mother of three teenagers, I can tell you that the music industry drastically underestimates the souls of the young. And that there are over 40 million women, in the United States alone, in their 30s, 40s and beyond, that are starving to be musically inspired and lyrically represented. While the fans miss out on great music because of age discrimination, there is still BEAUTY IN THE WORLD.”

Macy Gray Debuts New Video

Macy Gray is back with the video for her first single “Beauty in the World,” which is off of her upcoming album “The Sellout.” Macy’s new single is being received quite well overseas and the singer already has plans to kick off her summer tour over there in Prague. Look for Macy’s new album to hit record store shelves in the U.S. on June 21st and for those who want to download the single, it is now available on iTunes and Zune.

Macy Gray Tries Her Hand At Fashion

The market for plus size clothing and models to wear them has really taken off over the last few years. Curvy models are now gracing catwalks ((Marc Jacobs showcased plus size models during his Spring/Summer fashion show. )) and being showcased in major fashion magazines. Even music artists have gotten in on the act. Jill Scott has a collection of bras ((The Butterfly Bra )) for curvy girls that are sold exclusively through Ashley Stewart and now singer Macy Gray is also looking to enter the field. Macy first attempted to launch a curvy girl line back in 2008 but it didn’t really take off. Now the singer is ready to try and re-launch her “Humps” line with a new head designer and new inspiration. Macy said her recent performance at the opening of the new Esprit store in New York City was what motivated her to once again try her hand at fashion. Macy says she plans to be more hands on this time and that the public should look for “Humps” to officially re-launch in the spring of 2011.

New Macy Gray Album Promo Shots

Macy Gray is set to release her “The Sellout” album on May 17th and with a new album comes new promo shots- which you all know I live for. These pics were sent in to me by a fan and they are pretty typical of Macy- not too over the top. Look for the singer’s video for her first single, Beauty In The World, to be out soon, as Billboard Magazine reports having already gotten a glimpse of it. You can also catch Macy in the Tyler Perry’s film adaption of “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Was Enuf.”