Nadine Ellis’ Must See New Film

“Let’s Stay Together” actress Nadine Ellis and Darrin DeWitt Henson are starring in a new independent film that is sure to make a few eyeballs pop.

The pair have teamed up with writer/director Eric Haywood to bring you “Four of Hearts,” a look into the life of a couple who try to save their marriage by having a one night stand with another couple.

Here is a short synopsis: A young husband and wife attempt to rekindle the fading spark in their relationship by having a one-night fling with another couple, but find themselves unprepared for the tangled web of guilt, jealousy, and forbidden attractions that follows.

Haywood says principal shooting on the film has wrapped and he hopes to have it ready for 2012 summer festival submissions.

Check out a clip below.

“Think Like a Man” Opens Big

Though I may have been on the fence about whether or not I was going to see “Think Like a Man,” it appears the same was not so for many of you.

According to Box Office Mojo, not only did the film snag the #1 spot with 33 million dollars, it did so playing on only 2,015 screens across the country, well under the 3,155 screens the #2 film, “The Lucky One,” played on.

News of the massive take for a mostly African American film is already being heralded by many in the industry as groundbreaking, and a rebuke to the longstanding Hollywood notion that black films can’t pull in big numbers.

According to “Let’s Stay Together” actress Nadine Ellis, doors in Hollywood will be opened just a little bit more now that the film, made for a modest 13 million dollars, has broken every industry stereotype imaginable.

So did you guys go see the film? If so, what did you think?

‘He’s Mine Not Yours’ Trailer

Originally screened at this year’s 2011 Black Film Festival, ‘He’s Mine Not Yours, is now set to air this December on BET.

Starring Gabrielle Dennis (The Game), Caryn Ward, Nadine Ellis (Let’s Stay Together) and Jason Weaver (ATL), the film revolves around Mandy, an undercover seductress who is hired to tempt men in order to prove their fidelity.

Written by Marlon Jones and and directed by Roger Melvin, the official trailer has now been revealed, which you can watch below.

FYI: I just discovered that a lot of urban films that are either straight to DVD or made available in only limited release, are quickly being picked up and aired by BET.

Meagan Good’s film ‘Video Girls’ was made available in limited release back in June and is now airing on the channel.