Paris Jackson Tried to Kill Herself


So, as I am sure you guys have heard by now- Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s 15-year old daughter, has apparently tried to kill herself.

According to published reports, an ambulance was called to the Jackson home at about 2am and Paris was taken away after having either taken an overdose of pills or cutting her wrists. We don’t really know at this point.

Katherine Jackson, who shares custody of Paris with nephew TJ, asked for privacy via her attorney, saying “Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy,”

Debbie Rowe, Paris’ biological mother, also released a statement via her attorney, essentially saying the same thing. Paris had recently made contact with her mother and the two were reportedly getting to know each other.

The last time I wrote about Paris on this site, I predicted things would not go well for her. Earlier this year when she took to Twitter to disparage her family, I saw the writing on the wall. Paris has no parental supervision and has been allowed to run wild online… and probably off. I doubt anyone says no to this child.

Paris needs boundaries. No more Twitter. No more Instagram. No more interviews and no more contact with the media or various other strangers online. This suicide attempt is a plea for attention. Get this child in check now or make no mistake about it, just as I predicted, the world will have another Lindsay Lohan on their hands. If Paris is trying to commit suicide at 15, drugs can’t be far off.

Mark my words.

Paris Jackson Denies Being Hit by Janet

Despite her denials via Twitter, the media is still reporting that singer Janet Jackson, 46, slapped her niece Paris, 14, during an altercation at Katherine Jackson’s home.

Though Paris continues to tweet and then delete many of her comments, she admitted twice, once via Twitter and once via Instagram that Janet did not slap her. She would later go on to delete that tweet along with several she made vilifying her father’s siblings.

Whatever is going on in the Jackson family right now is without a doubt being exacerbated by Paris and her penchant for tweeting, re-tweeting and then deleting her comments. Anyone who follows Paris knows she’s been a terror on Twitter for a while. She re-tweeted a comment from a poster weeks ago insinuating Janet was against her acting because Janet was jealous. She also deleted a re-tweet she made in which a commenter suggested the Jackson family was trying to get her cut of Michael’s reported 1 billion dollar fortune.

I don’t blame Janet, I would have tried to take her phone too. Despite her claims of “knowing exactly I am doing,” Paris does not. She has effectively put herself into a spotlight she isn’t yet ready for. Cavorting around online with Michael’s crazy fans who blame his family for all his problems isn’t helping either.

I spent a great deal of time following Paris’ tweets yesterday and she re-tweeted a comment from a MJ site saying only MJ fans were her true family. Paris’ reply: “I love you guys too.” She also re-tweeted a comment that said “Now people see why your dad was away from his siblings.” That did it for me. I thought, if I was Janet or any of the Jacksons, Paris’ ass would be shipped off to a group home.

It was Michael’s siblings who walked hand in hand with him as he entered court every day during his trial for child molestation. It was his family who tried to intervene when they knew he was on drugs. It was his family that tried to keep his legacy intact after his death when all the media wanted to focus on was the negative. Most important however, it wasn’t his family who was filling him nightly with propofol. Truth is, had Michael stood by family, he would most likely be alive today.

So for 14 year old Paris to be wielding her iPhone like a weapon against the only family she has ever known, shows she’s not family. Social Media needs to be used responsibly and her constant tweeting, re-tweeting and deleting of comments is causing all sorts of rumors to fly. And unless she is being neglected and not cared for, she shouldn’t be on twitter saying a damn thing. Personally, I’d put Joe on her ass. She needs a good dose of what he used to give to Michael- an old fashion southern style ass-whoopin’.

Expect this little brat to end up like Lindsay Lohan in 10 years. Michael must be moonwalking in his grave. No way he wanted his daughter in the spotlight like this. But she asked for it and will eventually learn the hard way that the media isn’t a friend to anyone with the last name Jackson.

Janet Jackson In Paris

Rihanna isn’t the only fashion forward diva taking Paris by storm this week. Janet Jackson has also been shining in the City of Lights- attending several high profile fashion shows with her stylist. Just last year Janet was rumored to be launching her own line of lingerie- aptly named after her 1987 hit single, The Pleasure Principle. The line apparently launched overseas this year and is due to hit U.S. stores sometime in 2010.

Janet Jackson Returns to the U.S. + Says European Tour Will Be Rescheduled

Janet Jackson Says European Tour Dates Will Be Rescheduled

Singer Janet Jackson’s European Unbreakable Tour may still happen after all. Via her official Twitter and Facebook accounts, Janet told fans she would be rescheduling her European tour dates sometime in the near future. “You’re missing me, I’m missing you… I’ll be rescheduling our Unbreakable shows in Europe soon as I can,” Janet assured fans.
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Janet Jackson is “Coming Soon”


What is brewing with singer Janet Jackson?

If you have been keeping track of all the rumors surrounding the MTV Icon, then you know her longtime producer Jimmy Jam has been dropping all sorts of hints via Twitter as of late.

It all started back in April when Jam linked to a Buzzfeed article praising the singer’s contribution to the music industry, along with the caption “In anticipation of some exciting @JanetJackson news, let’s refresh our memories of her greatness.”
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Miss Jackson Chin Checks TMZ

Janet Jackson and her lawyers have once again forced lying ass website TMZ to retract a story they wrote about her.

As many of you know, the online gossip rag erroneously claimed Janet slapped Michael’s sassy mouth daughter Paris for not giving up her cell phone, only to retract the story when Janet’s lawyers threatened legal action.

Fast forward a few weeks and TMZ is right back to their dirty ways, claiming the mortgage on Janet’s Las Vegas condo would now be paid for by Michael’s estate so Katherine can live there while visiting family.

Janet soon got wind of the story and I guess you all know what happened next. Yep! TMZ once again deletes the original story and issues a retraction, claiming it wasn’t a mortgage that money was need for, but rather, get this, TOILET PAPER.

Janet also issued her own statement, effectively calling the entire story bogus, saying the home has no mortgage and was bought for Katherine flat out over a decade ago.

Read Janet’s full statement about the tabloid media’s latest round of lies here.

As for TMZ, Janet might as well buckle up because they are planning on taking her for one helluva ride. The stories won’t stop, as a matter of fact I predict they will intensify and get even more personal.

Janet Performs in Paris, France

Singer Janet Jackson made history last night when she became the first female artist to perform under the iconic I.M.Pei glass Pyramadic at the Liason au Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Janet’s performance in the ‘City of Lights’ was her first in almost a decade, and something that I am sure pleased her legion of French fans who have been hoping the singer would soon return to them.

Janet kicks off the European leg of her highly successful ‘Up Close & Personal’ Tour on June 24th in Berlin, before once again returning to Paris and playing two more shows.

Janet will eventually hit London, Dublin and Montreal before heading back to the U.S. where she has several more shows that will reportedly keep her on the road until late 2011.

Janet Jackson Speaks To Her Fans

After many weeks of being MIA in public and on the charts, Janet Jackson has finally left another message for her fans on her official website.Janet talks about her new single, tour, and upcoming performance on the Billboard Awards.Janet is due to open the show and tells her fans it will be a performance of old and new material.To read the entire message you can check out Janet’s site or just click over to the next page.Don’t forget to check out Janet’s gallery on as well because we have added quite a few new pics in the last couple of days.
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