Sleepy Hollow Gets the Axe + Nicole Beharie Unbothered


Fox Cancels Sleepy Hollow

While Fox was busy canceling the longstanding catastrophe known as Sleepy Hollow, its former leading lady, actress Nicole Beharie, was spotted out shaking her groove thang at Naturi Naughton’s baby shower. As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Fox finally took out the trash, canceling the sci-fi drama just one season after it unceremoniously killed off the national treasure we all know as Grace Abigail Mills.
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Why I’m Glad an Abbie-Free ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was Renewed

Why I’m Glad an Abbie-Free Sleepy Hollow was Renewed

Why the Bitch in Me is Happy ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was Renewed

Ok, I’m gonna be honest. I think Nicole Beharie/Ichabbie fans wanting Sleepy Hollow canceled is as bad and mean spirited as the Ichatrina fans who wanted the show canceled after Katrina was killed off. It’s selfish to want every day, average actors and actresses to lose their income simply because we are no longer happy with the show. Stop watching. Let those who still want to enjoy the show do so. We have no right to try and take away their enjoyment simply because we’ve decided to jump ship.
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Nicole Beharie Says ‘Creative Tension’ Led to Her Sleepy Hollow Departure


Nicole Beharies Attends ‘Brave Summit’ Panel at Georgetown University

While attending yesterday’s Brave Summit: Women in Media panel at Georgetown University, Sleepy Hollow actress, Nicole Beharie, reportedly gave attendees a glimpse into what led to her character being killed off during the show’s shocking season three finale. According to journalist Phyllis A. Gilchrist, Nicole cited “creative tension” as the reason behind her no longer appearing on the show. However, whether she chose to leave Sleepy Hollow or was fired, remains unknown.
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First Look: Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

Who Will Die in the Sleepy Hollow Season Finale?

Who will die in the Sleepy Hollow season finale? For some time now there has been speculation that Nicole Beharie’s character of Abbie Mills may be killed off this season. Fox hasn’t done anything to squash those rumors, and if anything, this week’s set of photos from the season finale, may even reinforce them.
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Sleepy Hollow Ratings Remain Steady


Sleepy Hollow Ratings Remain Steady Thanks to Nicole Beharie

Since its move to Friday nights three weeks ago, Sleepy Hollow’s ratings have remained consistent. Low, but consistent. The show seems to be hovering around the 2.9 to 3 million viewers range, and the 0.7 to 0.8 demo range. Now, if they can get their demo up, Sleepy might actually stand a chance of getting a fourth season, something many of its fans are obviously rooting for. Continue Reading

Gallery: Sleepy Hollow ‘Dark Mirror’ and ‘Into the Wild’ Episode Stills

SLEEPY HOLLOW DARK MIRROR - INTO THE WILD1Sleepy Hollow has just released stills from their March 4th episode, Dark Mirror and their March 11th episode, Into the Wild. Both will apparently feature the expanded version of the Witness Team, which now seems to include Sophie Foster on a full-time basis. I haven’t yet decided how I feel about this. Most of her scenes appear to be with Ichabod and Abbie, which kinda makes her the new Jenny, which kinda makes me a little uncomfortable.
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