Tami Roman Shopping Around a New Pilot

tami roman tv show with nick youngTami Roman is once again throwing her hat into the acting ring. The Basketball Wives star is shopping around a pilot titled The Assist, which she shot with singer Brooke Valentine, basketball player Nick Young, and fellow reality star Paris Phillips.

The half-hour comedy finds Tami playing a publicist who works for an NBA superstar, a role she says she’s more than prepared for given her seven year marriage to former NBA player Kenny Anderson. “This was an amazing character for me to play,” Tami told fans via Facebook. “She’s fully in control, not the girlfriend, not the ex-girlfriend, not the baby mama; I’m kind of the boss over the boss on the show.”
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Tami Roman Returning to Network Television


Reality show veteran Tami Roman is heading back to TV, with two new projects in the works.

With season six of “Basketball Wives” in doubt, Tami has signed on to star in her own reality project, tentatively titled “Roman Empire.”

A check of her IMDB page also shows at least one appearance in Halle Berry’s upcoming summer series “Extant.”
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Tami Roman Goes National


Being one of reality TV’s baddest bad girls is really starting to pay off for Basketball Wives star Tami Roman.

According to a post on her Facebook page, Tami is set to take her TR Love Cosmetics Line national, having recently inked a deal with Walgreens.

Starting this December, Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain (8,000 locations) will carry TR Love, Tami’s exclusive line of nail polishes and lip glosses.

Tami Launched TR Love in 2012 and says she did so to provide women of modest means with quality beauty products.

Those quality products include nail polishes with names like Jealous Much, Sex You Up, Supa Tramp and #WERK, which is a signature nude color created by talk show host Wendy Williams.

Lest you think Tami is totally ratchet, she flipped the script with her lip glosses and named them after women she says she admires, like Cecily (Tyson), Khloe (Kardashian) and her daughters Lyric and Jazz.

Tami Roman Calls it Quits


Reality TV bully Tami Roman has unofficially quit “Basketball Wives.”

After weeks of complaining of being made out to be this season’s bad guy by show creator Shaunie O’Neal and bestie Evelyn Lozada, Tami took to Twitter earlier today to announce her departure.

When asked by a fan if she would be returning for season six, Tami’s response was direct and to the point: “No”

Tami went to say she has been struggling to break free of her past behavior and being on the show is “hampering” her progress.

Tami’s dissatisfaction with her portrayal on “Basketball Wives” this season has been so great that recently she took to YouTube to update fans on scenes she says have been “conveniently” left on the cutting room floor in a bid to purposely make her look bad.

Tami lashed out at Shanie, Evelyn and Suzie Ketcham in her videos, calling their actions “dead ass wrong” and vowing to avenge her name at this season’s reunion show.

Tami recently made amends with former “Basketball Wives” co-star Meeka Claxton, who you may all remember was viciously attacked by Tami back in 2011 while taping in Italy.

Career wise Tami has also moved on from “Basketball Wives,” recently landing a co-hosting gig on VH1’s “Tiny Tonight.”

Tami Roman Heads to TV One


Actress Elise Neal and reality TV star Tami Roman are gearing up for the premiere of their new television show ‘Belle’s,’ which is officially scheduled to hit the airwaves on January 21st.

The show revolves around a southern family who own and operate an upscale soul food restaurant, and costars Ella Joyce, Migue Nunez, Nadja Alaya and Keith David.

TV One has released several clips from show, one of which you can check out below.

Tami Roman Sued by Meeka Claxton

Drama! Drama! Drama! Basketball wife Meeka Claxton is suing basketball ex-wife Tami Roman. According to published reports, Meeka claims she was assaulted by Tami while vacationing in Italy and shooting scenes for their VH1 reality series ‘Basketball Wives.’ The incident reportedly happened last month and yes, is the same incident that will be seen on next week’s episode.

In the lawsuit, Meeka alleges Tami assaulted, beat, threatened, battered, thrashed, punched and shoved her- causing serious bodily injury. Meeka also alleges the assault caused her to miss a day of taping on ‘Basketball Wives,’ thus causing her to violate her contract with VH1.

Meeka is seeking unspecified damages for “emotional and physical hell”. Tami has yet to respond publicly to the lawsuit.

Basketball Wife Tami Roman Has SmartLipo

Reality show veteran Tami Roman had “Smart Lipo” on last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives.” The 39 year old mother of two says she has struggled with body image issues for years and despite eating right and exercising, cannot seem to get her body the way she wants it. For those of you who watched Tami when she was on the Real World nearly 20 years ago, you know that even back then she was taking drastic measures to lose weight. At the tender age of only 21 the 5 feet 9 former beauty queen had her mouth wired shut in order to curb her ability to eat solid foods.

Since allowing her lipo to be featured on “Basketball Wives,” Tami says she has been accused of having self esteem issues. She denies the claim however and insists that her desire for lipo was motivated by her need for “extra help” to achieve her fitness goals.

Tami Takes it Off for Faux PETA Ad

“Basketball Wives” bad girl, Tami Roman, debuted a new PETA inspired photo shoot to her fans on Facebook yesterday. Though not an official PETA ad, Tami says she is a supporter of animal rights and would love to one day work with the organization.

The 39-year old actress and budding producer also says she is working on her second short film “The Promise Keeper,” which will be shot in Haiti.

Tami’s previous movie ventures include “The Tomb,” which has been shown at several film festivals and was nominated for a 2011 Black Reel Award.