Warner Bros. to Reboot ‘Cleopatra Jones’


In the Works: Cleopatra Jones Reboot

Are you guys ready for yet another remake of a classic 1970s Blaxploitation era film? Well, Warner Brothers hopes you are because they have just secured the rights to Cleopatra Jones, which originally starred Tamara Dobson as a government spy who uses her day job as a model to shield her globe-trotting covert operations.
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A Modern ‘Get Christie Love’ Reboot is in the Works


ABC to Reboot ‘Get Christie Love’

ABC is looking to their past in order to solidify their future. The network reportedly won a recent bidding war to reboot Get Christie Love, the first show on American television to star an African American woman. The series starred actress Teresa Graves and originally ran on the network for one season back in 1974.
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