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Happy Monday Brown Sisters..

Hope all is well and that you’re amped for the Holiday Season. Can you believe that Christmas is only three days away..? But after the big “gift giving” day there’s reflecting on 2008 and then thinking about how big we want 2009 to be. GT believes that 2009 can be as great as we want it to be even with the financial news that things aren’t going so well. We may not even be able to control our jobs but we can control how we live and what we surround ourselves with…here’s some thoughts…

1. Fix anything that’s broken or toss it.
2. Surround yourself with the things that you absolutely love only. Become a ruthless editor.
3. Buy a plant or fresh flowers.
4. Create a space for everything. This means good storage solutions. You can go to the container store, Bed Bath and Beyond, or the Salvation Army. Beautiful objects should be seen; not collecting dust.
5. Forget Twitter; have friends and family over more often and get back into the habit of face to face communication.
6. Create a life list. Make it believable by exploring your options and your hearts desires.
7. And GT is bad at this herself; but learning how to do one thing at a time is a goal that I’ve set for myself this year. Multi-tasking can drive you crazy cause you’re constantly splitting yourself which leads to stress.
8. Leave your desk clean when you leave the office. You’ll be surprised at how much of a good mood this will put you in.

Sistas we can own our power by how we treat ourselves. And we have the opportunity to create our own happiness every day. Don’t let anyone tell you different! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa.. Brown Sistas and Gents…Let’s make 2009 a better year. Hugs and Smooches. GT.

Name one thing you’ll make better for 2009?


  1. Ugghhh! I totally agree with #4! You inspired me to clean my room (last month) — LOL — and I went shopping for storage cubicles, and new bedding (pink and white). Everything looks amazing. Especially since the whole house got repainted and new carpeting this year. (My walls are pink!)

    And, 5-7 are rules I’m definitely planning to live by. Number 8 is another of my faves, but instead it’s my room (not office), and I love walking into a spotless, spacious, comfortable area!

    So, to all my sistas: understand that your personal space is just as important as your favorite heels — take care of it, love it, and keep it clean!

    Thanx GT! :brownsista:


  2. I for one, just want my life to get back on track. i have been through so many changes this year, marriage, new house, new car, financial problems. UGGGGHHH. everything is just so chaotic right now. To top it off I turn 22 on january 12, so i’m just hoping 2009 will be my year. I want to go back to school, and also start recording a demo (i’ve been wanting to sing almost as long as i could talk). I want to loose about 30 more pounds ( i lost about 20) and get down to my goal way, and i want to kick tobacco to the curb. I want to be able to manage my money better ( i thought i was good, but my bank slip tells me otherwise). I just want to be an overall happier person, and i want to get my butt back in church every sunday. We all need Jesus, especially in these trying times

  3. :iagree: with Mrs. Jones3, I really want to start going back 2 church every sunday .

  4. I will be starting a new vision board for the new year and filling it with “visions” of the life that I want. Two goals, in particular, are already coming in to fruition right before my eyes. I am currently working toward a goal of finishing a marathon. Of course, I am putting in the work to make it happen, but whatever you want for your life, just make it happen! Baby steps count, too. No excuses.

    Anybody looking for inspiration? Read Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck..great book.

  5. @ MrsJones3
    Hang in there, girl! I can’t believe you said you’ll be turning 22 y.o…you should be very proud of yourself for accomplishing that much in such a short period of time. Your life is supposed to be chaotic when you’re that young. You have plenty of time.

  6. I am going to try as much as possible to be stress free. I do understand that stress will always be there, but it’s how I’m going to handle it.

  7. I would like to catch up with all the resolutions from three or four years ago lol. Ya know the lose weight, go to church etc etc. I know one thing for sure that I would spend less times on these blogs. When I started to go on these things a few months ago I didn’t know there were so many hateful, miserable, lonely, bitter, angry, sad, pitiful, ignorant people on the blogs that I go to. So I want to cut my time on them. Plus it all a part of gossip and I know that’s bad if I wanna get close to the pearly gates. Next I will definitely do more soul searching. My goal is to make a difference and leave my mark on the world

  8. Nice post. My goals for 2009 are to stay on the course that I’m on. I like the way my life is going. My goal is to just become better and stronger.

    My motto for 2009 is “develop interest in life as you see it, in people, thinks, literature, music-the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls, and interesting people. Forget yourself”.

  9. I want to plan in 2009. I know this seems simple, but I never plan-I just wing it. I winged college and my career. I just play it by ear and trust that God is going to work it out. I usually say I’m going to do something and if I like it sticks, if not I drop it. So in 2009 I will plan and I will stick to those plans.

    I will increase my financial bracket and I will become more active within my company.

    Most importantly I will trust God, be still, and listen to Him more. :thumbsup:

  10. that is really strange because yesterday i was the first person to post under this topic, i wonder how fashionista got ahead of me?

  11. @prettylady818

    thank you!! i am pretty proud of myself, i guess it gets so hectic sometimes i forget to think about all the rewards

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