A Blast From The Past: Jade

Jade Okay, just to prove that we are not going to devote this site to Janet Jackson for the entire week I have decided to post a little something that takes me back and makes me feel 20 Y.O.One of those things would be the awesome music I grew up listening to back in the late eighties and early 90’s.Today it is all about the Usher’s and Chris Brown’s, but back in my day the ladies ruled and music in my opinion was much better because of it.
I am always finding new and interesting things that remind me of the good old days and just last night I ran across a video from my second favorite Girl Group of the 90’s, Jade.Just like En Vogue, Jade was an all girl Black group comprised of nothing but lead singers.Each girl was beautiful and could totally hold her own on the mic.Unfortunately, just like En Vogue, they had a very short run in the music business (less than 10 years) and were eventually replaced with the likes of 702, 3LW and the even yuckier Destiny’s Child. ((No I don’t like the music of Beyonce or Destiny’s Child but I do support them.))

Back in the early 90’s female r&b group totally ruled the planet and what a wonderful planet it was.The girls were talented and sexy, whereas today if you look good in a mid-driff shirt and can hold a mic without dropping it, you can be in a girl group.The days of En Vogue and Jade are gone, but thanks to You Tube, they will not be forgotten.

Here is my video jam of 1994: Dont Walk Away

Video Removed By Request


  1. Hey Sis. I posted a 90s mix of R&B chicks that includes Jade. Check it out when u get a moment. 🙂

  2. OMG, I was one of there number one fans. They never really made it big, in fact alot of good balck R&B groups from the 90’s never got the respect they deserved, and Jade was one of them.

    On DC, I actually like most of there stuff.:smile:

  3. ^^ Agreed.Jade was good but never really got the credit they desrved.I read an article on them not too long ago.The lightskin one (can’t remember her name) owns her own business as does Di Reed (the one in the middle) the other one had a daughter and is singing in a gospel group now.

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