A Fan’s Review Of Whitney’s Comeback Performance

Whitney As reported here last week, singer Whitney Houston made her long awaited return to the stage at yesterday’s Live & Loud Music Festival in Malaysia. Before I went to bed last night at least one review had been posted online by a fan who said they were at the concert. By the time I woke up this morning and checked my email- there were several and none of them were very flattering. Honestly, I never expected Whitney to be her old self vocally and that is why I believe she launched her comeback overseas rather than here in America. However, I didn’t expect the reviews of her voice to be so sad either. According to Mr Manager’s Blog the Whitney of old is gone.

Below is a partial excerpt of his review of Whitney’s voice and you can click the link above to read the article fully and see more pics.

Her choice of repertoire was good but the delivery of the songs was inconsistent. Some were actually bearable whilst others were just sad. Gone is the golden voice that I grew up singing along to, the voice that sang songs which make up the soundtrack to my life. I am probably one of her biggest fans, and tonight I couldn’t help but sit silently in total disbelief and horror. I didn’t expect to hear the same Whitney from The Bodyguard; that would have been unrealistic. But what I heard was simply too shocking. The deterioration in her vocal range and tonal timbre was scary. Nevertheless the crowd was kind, and clapped her on. Malaysians are nice.


  1. I am surprised at the number of people who really thought Whitney would be able to sing as she did so many, many years ago. Had folks been paying attention they would have seen and heard how bad she has been for years. Remember her Olympics disaster performance last year? Her horrendous performance at the VH1 Save The Music show a few years ago. Whitney’s voice has been gone for years and getting off of drugs was not going to make her voice come back. The drugs destroyed her voice. As for Whitney;s pot belly, we have all seen that before too. Whitney actually appears to want to show it off at times. :confused:

  2. I’m glad Whitney kicked her terrible habbit. Too bad it may have destroyed her voice. We’ll find when her new album arrives early next year.

  3. I continue to pray for Whitney as she aspires to achieve her comeback. I haven’t heard her voice yet but with every opportunity to perform she’ll be stronger, and stronger, and stronger for God Himself has given her a testimony of healing and faith.

  4. she had a lot to overcome in her life with a bit of training and practice she’ll be back on track i think she is a great singer and a good voice never fade away unless you really want to :bowdown:

  5. If people can be named entertainer of the year yet sound like billy goats being strangled everytime they come close to a mic… then dammit Whitney can sing wuteva, wheneva da buck she pleases

  6. Whitney was the BOMB in the 80’s and naturally it was wrong for people to expect her to sing like she did then. I mean she isn’t the first to undergo a negative transformation due to age and drug use.
    ANITA BAKER (ma queen) came up with an album that was so bad and i knew age had caught up with her.
    LAURYN HILL epitomises what drug use can do to one’s vocal abilities.
    So Whitney,Thanx for trying.

  7. I think people should listen to what she sounds like them self and then make a judgement to what her voice sounds like. to me she does not sound bad at all. And yes she is not Whitney in full force but she is getting there.
    This is Whitney singing My Love Is Your Love from her concert

  8. I am glad that she is back in good health, seeing her like that was terrible. I did hear a clip of her singing at the event and it was not good. Maybe if she sang all of her old songs in a lower key, she’d sound better. But most of all, I am very happy that she is off of the drugs, free of bobby and looking great again….the other things will come later. I pray that she is able to stay clean 🙂

  9. I cant imagine it being any worst then Mariah’s voice. No one is talking about that. I assume Ms “oh hell to the nall” will be just fine. But then again, we do tend to eat our own when it comes to “keeping it real”

  10. Well, I guess the drugs did indeed take a killer toll on her voice. I haven’t heard it yet, but it saddens me that I won’t get to see Whitney anywhere near as spectacular as she once was. However, I think she deserves the respect she’s earned from her past accomplishments and for getting past her addiction. I hope that people won’t try to cut her down or let the bad outweigh the good, because she is and always will be in an exclusive group of singers in my book, and it’s not a very large club.

  11. oh, it’s good news that she comeback in good health. :dance1: I have seen a video clip on youtube few days ago.

  12. First sorry for my bad english… i’am french…

    Do not forget something everyone, when you really love music, if you’re an artist you have to grow up and walk sometimes alone and that what she does now, just apreciate!
    anything can happen, the worst and the best with whitney but she’s try to show everyone for 1 year she had a good stability in her life after she divorce’d and finish went to rehab.

    the voice do not will be the same of the begining, but she do her best to be back, and i think she belive in herself to give some love again IN SINGING.

  13. Well, my favorite diva, Natalie Cole, had similar issues in the early 80s. Her crack smoking destroyed her voice – listen to some of her early 80s records and her voice is in tatters – and people wrote her off too. But, she got clean, took time to heal her voice and came back better than ever. Don’t be so quick to write people off. Things change and the universe works in mysterious ways. I think Whitney can come back but it’s gonna take a lot of time, patience and work. She can do it. She’s won half the battle by kicking her habit and trying to restore her health. I’m still pulling for old girl! (Damn now ya’ll got me wanting to pull out her first album, LOL)


  14. This is too bad, really. But maybe with time and coaching and concoctions, her voice will realize it’s old self. It was an exquisite voice at one time, wasn’t it. 🙁

  15. Whitney – has been in the public eye for many years, painted as a sugar-coated pop princess and pulled and pushed and persued by paparazzi at every turn. Naturally this talented woman is just like everyone else with foibles and issues. Different media played her up or down depending on the angle required for copy. Plus add ‘Bad Boy’ Bobby Brown and you have headline making news for years to come. Voila!
    Sad, but as my Mother often says: Ah so life go, sometimes. I wish you well, Whitney.
    Zee Harrison

  16. Why would say someone should just get high and chill. Have you ever knew anyone who’s life has been devasted by drugs. That is just a mean thing to say. I heard clips from the concert and she sounded good. Like she is on her way back. No she didn’t sound like her old self but she sounded good.

    A vocal chord is a muscle and it can get out of shape if you have not been using it. So just like any other muscle you have to get it in shape. I am singer and when I heard her I said she still has it she just has to work it out. I will continue to pray for her. There are tons of people that sing in church that have wonderful voices that were recovering addicts and had to get their voices back in shape. Trust and believe she is working that voice out.

    That is a God given talent to her and when God gives you something there is nothing you nor no one else can do to take it away. Stop looking for the negative all the time and just pray for her and her family.

    The bad you wish on someone will be the bad that will come back to you ten fold. You go Whitney prive the naysayers wrong. I am sure there were people who probably told her she would never be clean again.

  17. Oh and also according to some other reports she recieved a twenty minute standing ovation. Are we sure this Mr. Blog even went to this concert.

  18. I listened to several clips from Whitney’s show and it is not as bad as some are saying. I was not expecting her to sound like the Whitney during the bodyguard days. It just makes me sad that such a great talent has been tainted in such a major way. I believe she just needs to continue to perform she seems a little nervous about singing now and she shouldn’t. She just needs to let it flow and stop that talk/sing thing she is doing. I still believe she can release a good single or two and sell some records. I saw Whitney live in 1999 the first concet I ever went to and she is truly an amazing talent. I just do not understand why people dog her out so badly. She is human like the rest of the world.

  19. she doesnt sound as bad as some people would say they just need to shut up if we have to listen to those os called singer crootch shower lil ho out there we can bear miss houston’s voice

  20. Isn’t it true voices change the older you get? I know she’s damaged her voice with the drugs and the cigarettes, but who’s to say she wouldn’t be ‘on par’ with the vocals if she hadn’t done all the damage? Maybe it’s age, too. Still, I’m happy for her.

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