A Hot Essential for Winter!

Brooches have become a very popular accessory for the winter season. They can dress up any dull black coat or jacket and play up a cute beret hat like the one Beyonce is wearing. Notably Michelle Obama has been one of the many pioneers of the brooch, but she has given us a new way to wear the signature piece……. on a pearl necklace!!!! Brooches are really shining this winter and they show that you dont have too lose your fashionable touch while staying warm for the winter months!!! Personally I love brooches and I always try to find old vintage ones in thrift stores or popular spot Forever 21 for an affordable fix. It is a must have item!


  1. Broaches have such a grandmotherly image behind them. Can’t remember the last time I saw one I would wear.

  2. I have several black jackets and I wear beautiful broaches with each of them. Nothing dresses up a plain black jacket or coat like a colorful broach.

    I will admit this though, Dana, I got the broach thing from my Grandmother.

  3. why LISA JONES because Beyonce was pictured wearing them? If it was just the First Lady on this post wearing them they would’ve been sooo in and stylish.(hypocritical) now go ahead and deny deny deny.

  4. ^^^^^^LOL I dont like Broaches because they are ugly^^^^^^^ Get a life! Are you on Beyonce’s payroll?

  5. By the way, this is not a beyonce post…….you seem a little obsessed sweetie LMAO!!

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