A “Lefteye” Picture Moment

Because we have come across so many beautiful pics of Lisa Lopes, we have decided to create a gallery for her on BrownSista.net.Below is a sampling of just a few of the amazing photo shoots we have of her, many we believe have never been seen before.Check back with us later on this week and we should have it completed.In the meantime, enjoy a blast from the past:Block Party !!
Lisa Lisa Lisa


  1. Sometimes I still can’t believe her and Aaliyah are gone.Life is just so unfair sometimes.Lisa looks like a angel in those pics- a well dressed angel. 🙂

  2. [quote post=”1509″]many we believe have never been seen before[/quote]
    I have never seen these before.Lisa looks so purty and natural.I think if any of the three girls would have been a solo star it would have been Lisa.

  3. It’s about time Lefty Eye got more attention. She is one fallen star who does not get enough props or attention as does biggie etc.:thumbsup:

  4. [quote comment=”2714″]Sometimes I still can’t believe her and Aaliyah are gone.Life is just so unfair sometimes.[/quote]I know what you saying too.It’s weird looking at her and knowing how she died.She was lost at a very pivotal stage in her life when she was searching for something and really growing into herself as a woman.I believe had she lived she would have gone on to become a really great artsist.She had that something that I just think would have connected her with a lot people.It’s ad she had to die before her time. 😥

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