A Monument to Beyonce?

Marcus Miller and Steve White, co-owners of Armdeonce Ventures, a branding and development company, are looking to build a monument in Houston, Texas that honors the city’s most famous export, singer Beyonce Knowles.

According to the pair, “Our biggest thing is a lot of people get honored when they die, so our goal is to why not honor people why they’re still here? We felt as though it’s her time to be honored,” Marcus Mitchell said.

White says Armdeonce is looking to erect a monument in Harris County that will house Destiny’s Child memorabilia, as well as rare clips of Beyonce performing as a child.

The coup de grâce to all of this is that Miller and White say they already have the blessing of Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker and several community board members.

The project is currently in the developmental stage and looking for investors.


  1. I’m so tired of seeing the same pics of Destiny Child. Why don’t they put a pic of Bedunce graduating High School? Oops! And how do you honor someone that doesn’t have any?

  2. Congrats to Bey on another accomplishment. As usual, she got people pressed. The fact that she continuously gets people who don’t like her to get online and talk about her deserves a monument in itself.

  3. @SAYWHAT proceeds will go to charities including Music for America, the Grammy Cares Foundation, Hurricane Katrina victims, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi flooding victims!!

    Congrats Bey she’s worked her butt off over the past 15yrs and they said it best “why not honor people why they’re still here”

  4. Still seeking funding = hasn’t happened yet.

    This will be a good look for Houston (tourism). Not surprised the Mayor and board gave it the a-OK.

    @SayWhat, there’s already a shelter home built for women, done so by Destiny’s Child. I forget what it’s called, but it is located there in Houston.

  5. @Kenyade,

    It’s called the Knowles-Temors place apartments, which was built to house displaced Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims.

    In addition, they also have the Knowles-Rowland center for youth, which is aimed at building the capacity of young children in the city.

    The proceeds are going to charities that she’s involved in so I don’t see the problem.

    Like Kenyade said, it hasn’t happened yet and may not even happen. However, it is an honor and an accomplishment in itself that someone thought highly enough of her to try and make this happen.

    It’s just funny that people are hating and getting their panties in a bunch over something that may not even happen. Like I said, the fact that her name gets a negative rise out of so many people deserves a monument in itself!

  6. congrats to her1

    but i really may be the only one who doesnt get the hype. its really weird to me. maybe ive been living in a cave

  7. I’m sure Beyonce is honored whether it happens or not. I know I would be.
    As for the negativity, it’s expected (don’t know why though?). When you don’t like someone/something you find every little thing about them/it to complain about. Beyonce’s kinda like Tebow people love/hate her but she always has em talkin.

  8. By the way I love what they said about being honored while you’re still here.

    SN: Sista where do you find these pics I’ve never seen them?

  9. Sincerely I ask, what has she done that is deserving of her being monumentalized in stone? What? Help me understand.

  10. lol John,

    you deserve a monument yourself for being her Brownsista blog defender. *rolls eyes*

  11. Tutu- I don’t see how I defended her? I was just answering a question. Nothing to “roll your eyes” about.

  12. If anything, I think Beyonce would be embarrassed by this foolishness. As annoying as she is, she seems to have her head on right and would possibly direct the funding for this towards a more worthy community effort rather than a trifling ill advised overpriced restroom/resting place for pigeons. It seemms to me that this branding company is just looking to brand itself with the publicity that something like this would attract. If I was Beyonce, I would thank them and shut this nonsense down. This type of tribute of honor is best left for those who are no longer among us not someone alive and well with so much more to give than she has given. SMDH! I need some attention too. I think I will build an Obama statue with a black power fist on the grounds of the state capitol in South Carolina.I am sure everyone will know my name after that. Same thing.

  13. All these people saying congrats to this Satan how about making Jesus your idol.

  14. Samantha- So saying congrats, means we idolize her??? Some of you people really need to think before you type.

  15. @samantha,now u know satan loves the weak and simple minded and they love her back. By the way, Get Real is one of the headliners.

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