A Must Have Makeup Find Under $10.00!

Rihanna is one of the most bold, chic, and talented entertainers in the music industry. Her flawless skin, and unique style has landed her yet another title, as one of the youngest spokesmodels for Covergirl. She advertises Exact Eyelights Waterproof Mascara. This is personally one of my favorite beauty products. The best feature is that it dosen’t smudge, rain or shine. It’s light-reflecting metallics makes your natural eyecolor 4x brighter. This mascara is definitetly a summer must have.

Retail Price $9.00



  1. This is one of the few mascara brands I haven’t tried. I last tried Lash Stiletto but didn’t like it. I’ll pick this one up the next time I stop by CVS.

  2. @ Stephanie

    I agree on the lash stiletto. My eyes are black though, what would it do on black eyes I wonder?

  3. TRUTHTELLER, are you sure your eyes are black? I don’t think black is an actual eyecolor (just looked it up). Chances are your eyes are dark brown. 🙂

  4. @Truthteller my grandmother had jet black eyes and from what I’m told they were beautiful. Stephanie it is a rare occassion but every blue moon someone is born with black eyes.

  5. Most makeup I rock is stuff on the lips….I’ll keep a lookout on all your tips tho.

  6. My eyes may be black and they may be brown. I may never know. But I will try this stuff, it’s getting some pretty good reviews.

  7. ARI i’m old as dirt but I still like to look good what beauty aides that I can use.thank you.

  8. I purchased this mascara about 2 days ago at Target. It was $6.99, which is almost unheard of for mascara these days.

    I have used it several times and no, my eyes don’t seem any lighter or brighter 😆

    I would still buy it again though because I like the brush.

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