A Natural Beauty

cassie2It’s no doubt up-and coming R&B artist Cassie is naturally beautiful. Her flawless skin and gorgeous physique are just a few of her stylish characteristics. So it didn’t surprise me at all when I found out she wanted to go for a simple and natural makeup look for the VMAs, to compliment her bold and unique hairstyle. Cassie rocked dark grey/black smokey eyes with a lightpink lip gloss. Totally fab.


  1. I don’t know if I would call this look natural but it is very well done. I personally love creamy looking makeup rather than the matte caked on look.

  2. now only If this BEAUTY with no brains can get to “WORK” instead of shadowing diddy all the time

  3. Me and my people have a little theory of detecting a beautiful woman:

    If she can fo w/o makeup, cut off all her hair (or sport that half hawk Cassie wears) and you still find her beautiful… not just pretty or cute but BEAUTIFUL! She’s a natural beauty and Cassie IS that. I thought she was flyy as heck @ the VMAs

  4. Cassie is cute, I almost forgot she was a singer, if you want to call it that. But i’m happy for her, singing didn’t work for her, but I think it got her more modeling jobs.


    I agree, she can rock anything and look great.

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