Rumor: A Star May Not Be Born

Though Beyonce has been confirmed to star in the 4th remake of “A Star is Born” and Clint Eastwood has been confirmed as the film’s director, the chances of the film actually being made are starting to look slimmer and slimmer.


As in previous reports, it appears the lack of a high profile male counterpart to star alongside Beyonce, is keeping the film in limbo. This may be the reason why a recent article on IMDB says the film has been scrapped altogether

Despite Leonardo DiCaprio’s name being the latest to be thrown around as Beyonce’s leading man, the actor has never commented on the role and appears to already have three other films in pre-production.

So what’s next for the film, which has been on and off again for over a year and a half now? Well, who knows? Maybe within the next few months some of the other actors whose names have been thrown around will eventually accept the role.

Better yet… maybe Hollywood will do what I would have done and just flat out offer the role to Terrence Howard. He’s hot. He can sing. And he knows how to play several instruments, including the piano and the guitar.

I think he and Beyonce would make a striking couple on the big screen.


  1. I told someone the other day the film wouldn’t be made. Hollywood wants a white male to play her lead and none are fitting the bill. Plus you haven’t heard anything else about since it was announced that Clint would be directing. But if they want to really guarantee a hit why not get Justin Timberlake? He wants to act and would prolly jump through hoops to play alongside Beyonce..

  2. She is a very high profile singer but not a high profile actress I am not surprised that they find it difficult to find a high profile male counterpart.
    The same thing happened when she was supposed to be the lead role in the play “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” in 2007-2008, most of the actors in talk to play the male counterpart were reluctant to take the job saying: “Yes, she is very pretty and a massive star but she doesn’t have the credibility and the skills as an actress to pull it off yet”.
    I love Beyonce and I wish her all the best in her career, but when it comes to acting if feels like she is bitting more than she can chew.

  3. I think this is a good thing, if Bey wants to be taken as a serious actress, she needs to stay away from the music related films and pull a Justin Timberlake and do a makeunder like Mariah Carey did in Precious


  5. How is Clint and Beyonce a bad match? He’s not playing alongside her, he is directing her. The notion that she isn’t a high profile actress doesn’t make sense either. She has cross-over appeal and depending on the story she can sell tickets.

    I think the movie has been stuck in neutral for so long because not everyone wants to see a colored woman in this role. Ordinarily they would have easily been able to find a leading man to play alongside Beyonce.

    Something tells me Will Smith knew to stay away from this and so do a few other people.

  6. Lol at a keri stan calling beyonce overrated. Delusion at its finest. Anyway ‘obsessed’ was a success so obviously bey is a high profile actress to have pulled that off. I wish her continued success in everything she does.

  7. @ Miss Jeri
    And that is where you are wrong,they have overestimated her, she can’t sell tickets, because she has yet to carry a film on her own, be the lead, that is a huge reposibilty. She is NOWHERE near being a high profile actress

    With Goldmember, she was starring alongside Mike Meyers, which was already a successful franchise
    Pink Panther she had Steve Martin
    Fighting Temptations was not a HUGE hit, quite moderate and had Cuba Gooding JR
    Dreamgirls had Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy who have already proved they can take the lead and sell tickets at the box office
    Obssessed had support from 2 POPULAR TV stars, don’t underestimated their in built fanbases

    Outside of music does Bey have a FILM fanbase who appreciate her acting? no not really

    Lets be real here she a great performer, but actress NO, she she is too robotic and not believable

    In Cadillac records she was ok, but thats it

  8. I don’t think it has anything to do with her being “colored.” I think it has a lot to do with it being the 4th remake of the same story. Do people not know how the story goes? I mean how many times does Hollywood need to remake the same movies over again? It’s getting ridiculous. Even if it weren’t Beyonce in the role, it’d be some other woman struggling to get a “suitable” man to play alongside her to the SAME story (and same type of story) we’ve seen time and time again.

    Hollywood needs to get fresh fast. Then maybe people will care again.

  9. First off, the film WILL happen no doubt about that.

    I don’t think it’s the male lead that’s holding them up, that’s the easy part…very easy (as far as actors wanting the role) Clint’s turning HUGE actos down left and right.

    If anyone “knows” Clint Eastwood it’s that he’s a perfectionist. Like Ella Umbrella said the movie has been made countless times so he’s just examining, studying, and perfecting it. This one is definently going to be different from the others, drastic things will happen in this film. I’m sure Clint’s going over the storyline, locations, scripts, the smallest things. Don’t think it will be a replica of the past films because it won’t. And if Beyonce doesn’t have her heart in it and gives Clint what he want’s she’ll be out!
    For some reason I think (and hope), that they use a new unknown male lead actor. But yea the film is going to happen for sure, and it will be a work of art because Clint’s oldschool.

  10. I doubt most of you talking know anything about Clint Eastwood the actor or the director.

  11. By the way, the last version of the movie was made nearly 40 years ago. The younger generation know almost nothing about it and don’t care how many times it has been made before. If they cast the right people and do things right it will do well.

  12. i agree with ranjay, if people know anything about clint eastwood know that he is a perfectionist and he will craft the work to fit the actor or actresses essence while crafting them into the mold of the character and this takes time. i believe it will come out and believe me the actors probably don’t want to work with her because a lot of actors who are only actors don’t care for singers who want to be actors.

  13. RANJAY- If that was towards me I’m actually kinda offended. I don’t talk about things I don’t know about. I grew up watching Clint Eastwood in movies and movies he’s directed (hence my mom and dad). And he’s great and both and doesn’t settle for less than greatness. SURABI basically said the same thing I did…right?

    Clint want’s QUALITY. Like I said if Beyonce doesn’t work her tail off, and gives him what HE wants she can kiss this role goodbye.

  14. @Dana,

    Justin Timberlake may be able to sell movie tickets, but he is inappropriate for the role. Those who are familiar with the movie “A Star Is Born” know that the male lead is an “aging” musician. Justin is too young to play the role.

    Like a few of you have stated, I feel the problem is indeed getting the proper male lead. The actors who would be appropriate to fill the role are probably questioning putting their career integrity in jeopardy by acting along side Beyonce (who I very much admire), a less “seasoned” actor. It’s a lot to risk, when actors are constantly judged by their latest box office hits/misses. I do hope the movie gets made, as I think it would be interesting to see how Beyonce handles this role. I am a big fan of the Barbara Streisand version.

    I think if Bey handles it well and shows some acting growth, it could possibly make Hollywood see her as more than just a pretty face who sings. She would then be taken more seriously as an “actor”, not just somebody who has a built-in fan base who can fill movie seats. In Hollywood, It Is about the money but it is also equally about the “craft” for some as well. I also agree, it is indeed time for her to seek out roles with no musical component whatsoever. If she intends to continue acting, she needs to grow beyond musical roles.

  15. Beyonce and Terrence Howard would make a striking couple on the screen and off…. Lol

  16. Too bad Jay-Z is rich and ah JAY-Z even if she thought about testing the waters who could measure up outside of the bedroom?

  17. I’m with John & Ranjay…and where is this article? I clicked the link and it didn’t say anything about the project being shelved…??

    No srsly, not tryna be a smarta** but I didn’t see the article and would like to read it please 🙂

  18. Clint’s also a one-take/two-take kind of director.

    Leo and Clint have the J.EdgarHoover flick coming out that will more than likely be Oscar-bait. Leo is long overdue for an Oscar. LONG OVERDUE. If they are postponing, for now, AStarIsBorn then maybe it’s got something to do with them wanting also to see how Leo/Clint fair Oscar-season. Imagine on the heel of an Oscar-nominated feature you announce/shoot/release another feature starring Oscar-nominated actors (re: Natalie Portman: Black Swan, No Strings Attached…then Thor, the latter two features did VERY WELL at the box office). Maybe this is cause for their delay, too.

    Also, respect due. Beyonce “wildin’ out” (girlfight) in Obsessed PUT BUTTS IN SEATS. She has box office draw. Also, Idris helped put bootays in chairs, too. That man is just TOO FINE. Beyonce could carry a movie on her own though; if not a HUGE BOX OFFICE DRAW then definitely a critically acclaimed indie-feature…which is probably where she should go, if this AStarIsBorn doesn’t pan out. Small roles, bit parts, build her craft and cred as an actress… but that’s just my .02 cents.

    Also, when I heard about Leo, I just couldn’t see it… Not the two of ‘them’ together. So if not Leo (or Russell Crowe who was ‘rumored’ for awhile), then who? OP suggests Terrance Howard. Umm, I can’t see it, either. LOL. I’m trying…I know dude can sing and play, but his voice…warbly, whiny, light and airy LOL I don’t know.

    And on the remake tip, be on the lookout for remakes aplenty, sequels aplenty, built-in-audience (from board games to film, from book to film) aplenty…and most likely ALL in 3-D! Egad, Brain! Right? LOL

    And Justin Timberlake? Err, I think the role calls for someone older…however, I think he and Beyonce have a certain ‘chemistry’. Justin is just as thirsty for the acting game as is Beyonce. They’re both those kinds of stars that do it all: sing, act, dance, entertain, etc.

  19. @Sista

    Beyonce just did an interview and said that they are still looking for a male lead. I am very familiar with movies and some take years to find a cast.

  20. And ALSO Beyonce’s latest film Obsessed, where she is the lead actress made 30 million its first weekend and over 70 million worldwide. And they weren’t going to see Idris Elba..See his previous work.

  21. ^ Made 24 million in its first week
    she was lead female but the not the top lead

  22. What “S” said!!!

    @LMAO, you need to read “S’s” post.

    The film had to be downgraded to PG in order for her stans/fans to support it. LMFAOOOOOOO

    Beyawnsay is washed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SHE DID HERSELF IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. like i said


  24. @The Truth

    Who else was the lead then? Idris Elba? He was the lead man. And Bey was the lead female.

    And 24 million. NOT

    “Screen Gems’ obsession with genre pics paid off again for Sony as stalker thriller Obsessed opened to an estimated $28.5 million from 2,541runs to lead another boffo weekend at the domestic box office. Rogue Pictures and Universal’s Fighting also debuted better than expected, grossing an estimated $11.4 million from 2,309 runs to come in No. 3 after Obsessed and Warner Bros. holdover 17 Again, which fell to No. 2 in its second sesh. (Variety)”

  25. It took Clint Eastwood YEARS to get to do “Bird”…a film can take a long time to be made and distributed.

    As long as Beyonce can bankroll her own projects, executive produce and her brand continues to be strong and it will…whether embellished or not???? Beyonce can and will have an acting career…so if not this film, then there will be others!

    As Kanyade stated, I cosign…build and do some great roles, some indie films…very few actors get an Oscar their first, second or third time out…Leo is due one, Annette Benning, Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone probably will and others…so many fine actresses…acting is a pure art form, Beyonce hasn’t produced on the level of today’s contemporary actresses…looking at what does well at the box office today…she will need the ideal leading man…Leo was perfect…why would he chance possibly great box office receipts and mixed or poor reviews…even with Clint, it can happen…look at box office mojo and see even Reese Witherspoon and the Twilight dude didn’t do well with their Water for Elephants…action films, franchise sequels, horror, outrageous comedies…Obsessed was a mix of a lesser version of fatal attraction and a thin line between love and hate…with an interracial twist…why her leading man is most important…Justin Timberlake is doing well…he hasn’t had a new album…major tour…he’s been building…focused on acting…along with other enterprises…Queen Latifah got better and better with music in the background…Alicia Keys…building…The Secret Life of Bees was a wonderful showcase…Jill Scott…beautifully building, just now releasing new music…no matter how great we are, we can’t do everything all at the same time, none of us!

  26. Idris Elba was the TOP lead, OKAY, she has NEVER carried a FILM by herself, are you getting it,

  27. How about they just not do it … The Streisand version is iconic even though its not the original. Beyonce cannot act and she needs to let that one go.


  29. My apologies to to those who worhsip and have dedicated their lives to Beyonce, but that chick does not make the movie exciting at all. She has done nothing to improve her acting skills, and I am willing to bet the farm that her character will be the same wooden character she plays on all of her films. Even her real personlity is wooden and controlled. So, it would be best for them to scrap this film and search for a real actress with the ability to sing and act, who also has great stage presence. Bey needs to stick with her day job. I will now go and sacrifice thirty lambs at the altar of the blonde one in repetance for my blasphemy.

  30. Please Beyonce can’t act to save her life. All of a sudden everybody who sings want to act now. She’s too over the top, and she’s trying too hard to do everything. This girl needs to chill out for a minute, dye her hair brunette then come back. I just can’t stand her vulgar ass.

  31. Terrence Howard is a good actor but he has gotten a bad reputation after the whole Iron Man situation. He’s so not going to be on the wish list for this movie.

  32. Copyright infringement singer can not act. I wish people will wake up to her foolishness and stop kissing her butt like she’s the only singer out there. Juvenile, raunchy lyrics- people under some kind spell with this child. This woman/chie can not act at all, nor can she complete a basic sentence.

  33. @Sista

    Christan Bale is looking to be the lead and filming starts at the top of the year according to variety.

    Also that matches with Beyonce being 41/2 months pregant, according to fans who saw her live last week. Still rumored though.

  34. Maybe they can’t find a male counterpart, because Bey cannot act. No one wants to risk their careers on a woman whose movies have been flops.

  35. Beonce wants an ALIST WHITE MALE; she trying to get an OSCAR!!!!! She got Clint and that’s a start!

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