A Thought for our Sistas this Holiday Season

You Are More Than Just For A Season

As I was walking and praying this morning, I happened to come across what was left of a Christmas tree that had been thrown out with the trash. It saddened me because I could see how its life is similar of that of many of our young ladies. Before it could mature, it was plucked up from where it grew up, decorated, celebrated, and then when all the merriment and good times were over, stripped and cast away like trash. The only clue that it was ever once cared about was a little bit of tinsel that served as a reminder of its former glory. Now it had become someone’s garbage.

So many of our young ladies are plucked out of their parent’s homes before maturity, adorned and decorated by some man to win their affection, celebrated and lifted up as his boo, his shawty, his baby momma, soul mate, wifey, etc.But once the season of merriment and good times are over, she becomes nothing to him. He begins a new season plucking up a new tree. The only reminder that she was ever cared about by him is a little tinsel; maybe a child, meager child support, or a piece of car. When you see a young lady with a tattoo of someone she is not with anymore, its just tinsel.

Its a reminder that she cared about someone enough to brand herself for someone who didn’t care enough to stay. I would to say to all ladies; be no one’s Christmas tree. Stay under the covering of your parents until your season to be covered by your husband. And if you’ve already been hurt, damaged, and discarded; seek the covering of your Father in heaven. For He is able to make all things new in Christ Jesus.

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  1. It has been awhile since I have written anything on this site. When I read this it really spoke volumes to me. During the Holiday seasons I work at a Emergency Room at a local Hospital. I do this every year as crime, accidents, illness, all this seems to rise around these times. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I see a little bit of everything.

    Last week a young woman 19 came into the ER. Her complaint was that she had a lot of vaginal discomfort and discharge. Upon our examination it was discovered that her bottom half was covered in sores and had a bad discharge. We immediately reconized these sores are Herpes. When the young woman was asked how long she had those symptoms she then said “oh that’s not why I am here! I’ve had Herpes since I was 15 years old, I need to know where the discharge and smell is coming from?!” I then had a Medical social worker come in to speak with the young woman. She could not tell us how many people she had slept with, when was the last time she been to the Dr for treatment of her disease, who was the last person she had slept with.

    What bothered me most is that I know this young lady’s mother from High School. She was also a hot mess. I am 34, so her mother had her young and she grew up to be just like her mother. Looking into this little girls eyes I could see that at one point in her life she was a beautiful young woman. The street has taken over her life and it showed. She had make up piled on her face, jeans tight as can be. When I tried to have a heart to heart with her, she rolls her eyes and smacked her lips.

    I just shook my head and made sure she had her perscriptions. She is like a tarnished piece of jewerly, just need someone to claim it and clean it up.

    This story made me reflect back to that day. As a mother I just hope that all the morals and values I instill in my daughter will carry on with her through the rest of her life.

    A rose is still a rose.

  2. You made me cry summer raiNe….
    I feel so helpless faced with this issue in the a.a community, how can we fix this? At my job all I see is young mothers, reffering to their son as nicca this nicca that, or to their daughter as beetches, it’s heartbreaking, no fathers, no jobs, no goal what can we do to fix this? Why are our men hurting us? Why don’t we realize our power and our responsabilities as women? Where are our role models? The real ones, nit the naked ones shaking their rump , why aren’t mothers teaching better? Where are the elders? When us the freaking change coming? I feel helpless, what can we do to fix this?

  3. Fortunately, there is something we can do….but it lies in women…women as the mother to raise there SONS and DAUGHTER righteously…and it takes this same woman to hold her self at a higher standard than somebody wifey, girlfriend, jump off. Stop jumping into bed unless you are these men wives not wifey…a man that really wants to be with YOU will wait until marriage. I tell my girls…if all he wants is sex he will leave you when you give it to him or he will leave you if you dont give it up..let me tell you it NEVER hurts mentally or emotionally when he leaves and no intimacy is shared…..know your self worth..you are worthy.

  4. Summer-Raine,

    What an incredible story, reality! This would make an excellent documentary, simulcast on various networks as an health update…intervention…like the documentary of Alicia Keys, “Keep A Child Alive,” you can find on cable and demand or the heartbreaking documentary “Very Young Girls.” I read and hear the numbers, but to have such a personal story attached is quite disturbing and frightening!

    I read this post while sitting at Chuckee Cheese, so it really blew me away because many of those kids will or are being abused!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Michael,

    Great article…you have touched on some wonderful points! We need more voices speaking out in our community beyond celebrity dish, it’s always refreshing!

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