A Tip To Improve Your Skin!

It’s no doubt cycle 3 winner of America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille has healthy and beautiful skin. Great skin care begins with daily cleansing and moisturizing. All skin types whether normal, oily, or dry needs some level of moisturizing to keep skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. Sunscreen is also essential for all women, and all types of skin. Without the use of sunscreen the effects of aging increases. I reccomend AMBI EVEN and CLEAR DAILY MOISTURIZER with SPF 30. AMBI is specifically designed for women of color. I’ve been using it for about a month. I must say i’m pleased with the results. Hopefully you will be too.

Retail Price: $10.49facial_daily


  1. I think I may be trying this out soon, seeing as though the price has risen on my Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer w/ only a SPF of 15… 😐

  2. ive been seeing the commercial and thinking i need to buy this product because it’s about time they had a facial cleanser for women of color because ive been using AMBI’s coco butter stick on my skin and loved the results. The other facial moisturizers just does not show the results im looking for. So i’ll see what results i get from this.

  3. @SHELL 30
    Hi!Thanks for reading my article.This moisturizer actually evens out skin tone,and reduce the apperance of skin discolorations. I like it a lot u should try it.

  4. Went out and bought it yesterday evening….loves it already!!

  5. I bought it and unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. My skin started breaking out which defeats the purpose of products skin tone evening abilities. I loved the price and the fact that it’s made for women of color….but sadly it just didn’t work out. I had to toss it.

  6. @Danny
    Hi Thanks for reading my article on improving your skin. I’m sorry the Ambi moisturizer I suggested didn’t work for you. You may have sensitive skin,
    so I reccomend you try a moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive skin.

  7. @Ari im a CLINIQUE sista so dnt need AMBI but i have to say i’m one of those people who were confused about Ambi but took comfort that it wud be illegal to commercialise bleachin creams …..i think they have to do a new marketing campaign some people are not convinced that all has changed…..i grew up being told that b4 the black consciousness movement people were using AMBI to lighten their complexion inorder to get better jobs and now they are left with dark marks on their cheeks and foreheads….you see not everyone is sure about it and thats a loss to the company,even their ad is not doing enough it just shows you’ll gain a better even complexion…does it help people who have damaged their skin with years of abusing bleaching creams? coz i know a couple of people who might need help.

  8. @Lizz It’s funny you mention yourself as a clinique sista, im also a fan of clinique. I use their new Even Better Foundation with SPF 15.
    It’s unfortunate this has happened. What many people don’t know about bleaching creams is that it works by stripping the skin, of
    it’s natural pigmentation. However, in African-Americans the pigmentation is the skin’s natural protection from the sun. Hydroquinone
    which is a very powerful chemical that is widely used in skin lightening creams, it is soon to be banned from the market. I reccomend
    them to consult a dermatologist about the negative effects bleaching cream has. I know you will find a solution.

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