A Whole Lotta Rihanna

Excuse my poor language skills this morning but the title just seem to fit this post so well (lol). As many of you already know, Rihanna has been in New York City taking in Fashion Week. While here she has of course been front and center at most of the exclusive collections, but in between taking in the shows and launching her new umbrella line at Macys, the sista has also been busy taking in the sites and sounds of the city. And so above and below you can find pics from all the events Rihanna has participated in this week and several of these pics I believe are exclusive or semi-exclusive to this blog- for now at least.

I have far too many to post here. Other exclusives will be added to Rihanna’s gallery later on today.


  1. She looks great. It kind of reminds me of peter pan, but its still cute. She is a fashion trendsetter. Ok, I’m going to get back to work now, I have been slacking with all of these good posts!

  2. Oh my god somebody caption that seventh pic :lol2:

    And thanks for the pics. I hadn’t seen about three of them. Rihanna is doing her thing and good for her. She, Mary and Alicia have got their promotion game on lock. :brownsista:

  3. Rihanna is stunning indeed. I wasn’t feeling the haircut before, but I am definitely feeling it now :banana: I love those pants/jeans in the 6th picture :banana:


  4. [quote comment=”20594″]Oh my god somebody caption that seventh pic[/quote]I don’t understand why people love my no singing @ss either :lol2:

  5. RiRi has stepped her game up 100x’s – she has the fashion game on lock! :thumbsup:

  6. i don’t find rihanna interesting, however she seems to work really hard and sometimes hard work is rewarded.

  7. This girl is hot, always changing her look since she has been in the public eye she has had many hairstyles,, yes she does not have the best voice but in the industry many people dont but they still make it. make you money while you can little sister nothing last forever there weill be another one to replace you coming up real soon.

  8. Amen to the above comment :bowdown: :bowdown: And yes Rhianna make that loot !!!!!! Besides that’s the way of the music business, as fas as the singing thing. LET’S KEEP IT REAL!!!! IF YOU LOOK AT MUSIC BUSINESS YOU REALLY COUNT ON ONE HAND HOW MANY REAL SONGTRESS THEY REALLY ARE

  9. Looks like someone is enjoying Fashion Week. Her outfits are always fitting and cute. She has my best wishes! I love the seventh pic, too! “She said what?” She’s a pop star, built-to-order and a living script of good management and planning. Say what you will, but not every girl could pull that off (Even when she isn’t only one that does so.) Quite honestly, I don’t expect more from her in terms of music than what she’s given. If she ever does do more than that, I’d be happy to see it. So it’s easy for me to be happy for her success and simply let it go. It’s the ones that can actually do a lot more, and I know it, that irritate me.

  10. Rih Rih looks awesome! Absolutely WON-DER-FUL!! I love that she and her stylist put in effort so effortlessly. GOOD JOB! :thumbsup:

  11. Rihanna looks fabulous! Can’t sing, but girl is always on point, eventhough, Kelis had that same black shorts set with orange pumps last year! She still looks incredible! :thumbsup:

  12. she is looking fabulous and beautiful she will be one gorgeous lady as she grow older

  13. She has a very classic look about herself. She is one of those people that ten years you are going to look at her real hard to see where she has aged. She has great taste. I don’t know if she dresses herself or if she has a stylist but hey deserve a raise if she has one.

  14. I love Rhianna’s style esp since she is tall like myself.. She is def a trendsetter.

  15. I am totally feeling her style – and she’s an Aquarius like me!! 😀

  16. Unknown,
    I’m an Aquarius too! Rihanna was born on my b-day but 10 years later. Aquarius’s are known to have great style!

  17. Yes b, she does have a stylist who really knows what they are doing with her. Her cutting her hair even further is bold n it suits her. Her style is developing more and more, although she will always have a cute face, her fashion choices mean that people can see past just her pretty features and take her more seriously. Good style does make an impression and holds and demands someone’s attention. Vive la Mode!

  18. rhianna is not a fashion trend setter….you guys do know that she does have have a stylists and besides, her style is nothing new. she’s a swagg jacker of Fefe Dobson…ho needs to sit her avril lavigne poser ass down.

  19. @ The Mars Volta

    Finally someone said it, she swagger jacks Fefe Dobson. You are so right.

    :stop: Fashion trendsetter, please, Rihanna swagger jacks Fefe Dobson, Kelis, Posh Spice and Beyonce. Get on top of your fashion game people!

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