A Word For My Sistas

Print ScreenA Word For My Sistas was first launched back in May, 2008. Initially a blog site, A Word For My Sistas is now an online magazine created to inform, inspire, and uplift women of color. With new issues delivered biweekly, A Word For My Sistas hopes to become one of the premiere destinations for women of color.

I am excited about the progression of A Word For My Sistas and is hopeful that it will become everything I envisioned it to be. Launching A Word For My Sistas as an online magazine is a reminder to me that I should always follow my dreams and never be afraid of failure.

I want to thank my husband for being my #1 fan. I want to thank Shawna J, the face behind Brown Sista, for truly exemplifying what it means to help someone else along the way. Last but not least, thanks to Purr Design for all their creative efforts.

With no further ado, please check out the debut issue of A Word For My Sistas at


  1. I think Purr did a great job Onetta- and I totally love the design. Good luck and I’ll be stopping by often to support you as you have supported me *hugs*

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