Abbie and Jenny to Meet Their Father + Last Night’s Sleepy Hollow Ratings


Sleepy Hollow’s Ratings Remain Steady

While I haven’t seen next week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, something tells me I will probably enjoy it as much as I enjoyed last night’s episode. Via newly released photos from Fox, Abbie and Jenny are finally reunited with their father, Ezra Mills. This is something fans have been asking for since season one, so it’s nice to see the writers have finally listened and brought him on board.

What, if anything, Ezra knows about the supernatural remains to be seen, but I am glad we at least know he is not the loser many fans speculated he would be. According to Sleepy Hollow’s showrunner, Ezra was not a drunk who just ran out on his family. His reasons for leaving were reportedly far more complex and will be explored in the back half of season three.

Next week’s episode is titled Sins of the Father; promo stills below.

Now, on to last night’s rating. Sleepy Hollow appears to have found its sweet spot, hovering for the third week in a row around the 3.2 million viewers mark. This is really good news. The demo was 0.8, which is also good news. Last week’s final demo was also a 0.8. Hopefully when the final numbers are released in a few days, it will have ticked up a notch or two.


  1. Sleepy Hollow is all over the place. Last nights episode was decent, but not good enough to bring me back fulltime. I love that Zoe is gone and Ichabbie might come to fruition eventually, but the storytelling is still really bad. I have so many questions I know I’ll never get answers to. The mythology has just been thrown out the window. What are they fighting for at this point? I’m just lost really.

    I’ll tune in again next week, but only because of the reunion.

  2. I love that Abbie doesn’t look mad at her father. They seem at ease and like they’re just catching up on lost time. I’m also glad he’s not going to be written as some trifling ass black man who abandoned his family for another. He’s still going to have some explaining to do though. :/

  3. Abbie looks positively happy to see her father in the image above. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode. I hope Papa Mills stays around for a while. Jenny and Abbie need more family members to interact with. I’d also love to see a bit more of Abbie’s life before Crane. Surely Abbie has at least one girlfriend that lived in Sleepy Hollow. Either that, or I’m open to a few girl night sessions with Abbie, Jenny and Sophie.

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