Actress Meagan Good On Her New Comedic Role

Meagan Good Tries Her Hand at Comedy

MEAGAN GOOD ON MR ROBINSONWith two fall shows to promote this TV season, actress Meagan Good has been quite the busy little bee. Along with her starring role on the Fox sci-fi drama Minority Report, Meagan will also have a recurring role on the NBC comedy Mr. Robinson.

Comedian Craig Robinson keeps his name for the show and plays the lead singer of a struggling band (Nasty Delicious) who takes a job as a music teacher to make ends meet. Robinson quickly becomes infatuated with beautiful English teacher Victoria Wavers (Meagan) and from there sparks begin to fly.

Mr. Robinson premieres August fifth and will air back-to-back episodes for three weeks. It also stars Hunger Games actress Amanda Stenberg who has been making quite a name for herself via her socially conscious posts on Twitter.

Check out a recent interview Meagan gave to Uverse where she talks about her character and the challenges of performing before a live audience.


  1. i will be checking this out, too. love craig robinson and mrs. good

  2. If you have Hulu there are lots of preview clips and interviews with the cast, including Meagan.

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