Adina Howard: Private Show

Adina Howard: Private Show So you guys remember that sometime ago we discussed Adina Howard and her possible return to the music scene. Well it appears that time is upon us as Adina’s new album, Private Show, is due to hit record store shelves this Tuesday, June 26th. The album boasts production from Black Eye Peas producer Poli Paul and to preview tracks you can check out Adina’s My Space Page . However, with songs like Tease and Phone Sex, I think it is safe to assume that the new Adina is as much a freak as the old one- an observation which I’m sure pleases her die-hard fans.

Track listing below…

Artist: Adina Howard
Title Of Album: Private Show
Release Date: June 26, 2007
Label: Arsenal Records
Genre: RnB, Hip Hop, Pop
Total Time: 41:43 min

1 Intro: Adjust Your Mental 1:26
2 Picture This 3:24
3 L.O.V.A. 3:07
4 Tease 3:30
5 Doin’ 80 4:12
6 Interlude: Bedroom2thafloor 0:55
7 Like Me 4:11
8 Phone Sex 3:50
9 Stole On 4:17
10 Hips 3:51
11 I Forgive You 3:35
12 Outro: Private Show Goodbye 1:45
13 Hips: Grown And Sexy (Remix) 3:46


  1. I heard LOVA online yesterday and loved it. Any idea which song is the first single?

  2. [quote comment=”9254″]Any idea which song is the first single?[/quote] Does it matter? No promotion equals no record sales.

  3. She looks and sounds GREAT! I wish her the best of luck. Welcome back Adina 😎

  4. Who cares?

    We already have a new Adina Howard and her name is…

    CASSIE! *not vocally of course* but you know what I mean! :booty: 😆

  5. Cassie and Adina are nothing alike. In no ways are they similar. The only person I can even begin to compare to Adina musically is Khia.

  6. yeah i was listening to this the other day. her cd is better than mosts.

    adina howard > kelly rowland

  7. Adina would have definitely record My Neck, My Back. :booty:

  8. ^^^Well at least adina didn’t look like an obvious pervert. She was presentable unlike khia who has bullet wholes and wounds, and doesn’t make a conscious effort to cover her stretch mark ridden breasts. smh. not to mention she needs to schedule a dentist appointment asap.

  9. She is droppin this album on the down low. Its not going to sell. How you gonna be away that long and drop something on the low. Her promotion is terrible :noway:



  11. She’s with an idie label. What did you all expect? Indie labels have a promotional budget of exactly $0.00 and that is obviously what they spent getting the word out.

  12. Thanks for the newsbit. Her album was released on iTunes and a few copies were sent out to U.S. retailers. I doubt Arsenal Records really wanted to release this (since there was word that they were going to shelve it due to lack of funds) but I guess there was some contract obligation they wanted to complete. Additionally, the album artwork (the rose) was NOT Adina’s decision.

    While I do see the disappointment landed by the label, I’m glad the album is finally out and fans at least have something to purchase (and perhaps get signed @ a concert). Beats the shelving of her 2nd album “Welcome To Fantasy Island” back in 1998.

    But yeah, to someone who asked, what’s the first single?

    Well, the first single was “L.O.V.A.” which was made available as a digital single 2-3 months ago. The second single is the Paul Poli (Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low”) produced track “Picture This”.

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