Admit It Day 2. 10. 2008

I had totally forgotten that I had made an “Admit It Day” post back in 2008, until I got an e-mail from a poster asking me to make another.

So here we are almost a year to the day that I made the original post- and I have a few more things I am willing to admit.

1. I still hate blogging about celebrities but the money is slamming so I’m sticking with it- lol.

2. I have a crush on President Obama. A year ago he was a funny lookin’ dude with big ears- but now I would so “Monica Lewisnksy” him- lol.

3. I really like having my toes sucked (giggles hysterically)

4. Men online keep professing their undying love me- I dunno why though.

5. If Meagan Good shows up wearing those Black latex pants and YSL tribute pumps at her next event I will strip her of her category on this blog.

Okay- your turn…


  1. Hehe that was funny yet honest! I know its personal but is blogging a good way of earning money (on the side) Im a student and could do with the extra pennies lol

  2. 1. I am in my twenties but still love watching Spongebob Squarepants.
    2. I really, really like my best friend’s husband.
    3. This is my second favorite blog to visit.
    4. I always wanted to be a firefighter.

  3. I hope these men online do not include JPierpont and Brown Bomber, because those two cats are low down.

    Why hate celebrity blogging, well If it pays the bills that is good enough?

    Who are these men, probably they need you to promote their blogs for them, or they love you online personality.

  4. 1. I look at the tissue after I do # 2. (you no u do too)

    2. I like a man who don’t mind scratchin yur danduff (haha)

    3. Size does matter!!!!! (don’t want too big, DON’T want too small)

    4. I wish that was me dancing with Barack when beyonce was singing “At Last”

  5. 1. I admit I still want to get back with my ex although he is no good! But the sex was great; I admit he was my “first” and he had a big ****!
    2. I admit I had a one night stand once in my life.
    3. I admit I am scared of death!
    4. I admit I there were times I’ve spent the rent money on foolish things!
    5. I admit I want to go back to school to join a sorority!
    BONUS 6. I admit I am all that!!!!

  6. 1. One of my favorite movies that I wouldn’t really admit to anyone is DROP DEAD FRED. =]
    2. I’m such a sucker for love and also wish that I had a love like Barack and Michelle.
    3. I’m a sucker for chocolate men and have never dated a light skinned man before. =/
    4. I’ve basically lost all interest in Meagan Good and I really don’t want the source anymore.
    5. I’ve found a new love for web design, photography and graphic design (they do make money).
    6. I hate fashion! All you’ll really see me in is either sweats or jeans ; or a tank or t-shirt.

  7. OMG!!!! I love Drop Dead Fred!!! “NOOO PANTIESSSS”

    1. I still “like” girls!!! (shhh dont tell my husband!)
    2. I wish my husband wasn’t such a punk cause I would soooo “do it” in the bathroom at his job!
    3. I really wanna “do it” in the “back door” but it hurts too bad!!!

  8. 1. i love my dad more than i love my mother and i dont want her to know
    2. i cant commit to one woman, its not happening too many bootylicious and boobilicious sistas out there
    3. most men think about cars, clothes, shoes but there isnt a day in my life when i dont think about sex, going for a day without sex is enough to drive me crazy
    4. i know i`m the sh-i-t, never been on drugs, never had a msidemeanor,or felony, has a full time job, graduated from college with grades good enough to only interiew once, how many black men are like me? not too many
    5. michelle obama aint fine( sorry it is what it is)
    6. kerry washington is what a black woman should like, she is the poster face for wifey material
    7. i fall in love quickly and break up quickly
    8. i hate to go to predominantly black places ( too much drama, bad english, fat sistas,)
    9 i`m happy to be alive
    10. i want to see chris brown in jail.oooops!

  9. men are useless
    2.i hate my job
    3.welfare of any kind should be abolished
    4.white people are not as rich, beautiful, sincere, caring or intelligent as the commercials would like us to believe so stop wanting to be like them
    5.puertoricans, dominicans, hondurans, etc are not Spanish but you can’t tell them that
    6.white men in power have put our country and lives in jeopardy for high priced hoes or whores
    7.barack obama cheated on his wife and it will all come out
    8.jesus was a black woman

  10. -I love to shop at Walmart
    -I enjoy belching really loud
    -I used to wet the bed until I was 23
    -I like it bare “down there”
    -I am a hopeless romantic, but havent found my soul mate

  11. i only like metrosexual men

    Barack Obama looks like a cartoon character and i dnt find him sexy at all just love his intelligence and personality

    i hate skinny guyz,didnt like light skinned dudes before but have changed my mind,i dnt know why white men like me coz i’m so not into them,i just admire them maybe if my search for a self loving and self accepting black man turns to be futile,i might turn to the vannila dudes,only if they are greek or italian

    i like a guy who knows how to suck my nipples coz they are so sensitive,i hate male whores and why do i always fall in love with wealthy annoying guys who always talk about,their money and material things and are always emotionaly distant,i dnt want a broke nigga but a flossing nigga is big turn off

  12. 1. I admit that at my age I spend way too much time day dreaming
    2. I admit that I have a fetish for men’s feet
    3. I admit that one of the reason that I don’t want to marry a non black man is the penis size
    4. I admit that I still need to grow up
    5. I admit that I like Megan Good’s style & see nothing wrong with her wearing something more then one
    6. I admit that I have a fetish for shoes & love buying them
    7. I admit that I love a big, tall, strong man & have no problem with letting him take the lead
    8. I admit that I’m hoping that Obama will inspire black men to change for the better
    9. I admit that I have never been in love
    10. I admit that no one has ever been in love (to my knowledge) with me
    11 I admit that I think it’s sad when a black man think that they are a rare species & act like they are all that because they have never been arrested, have a full job & are educated (these attributes should not be a rare thing black men)
    12.I admit that I need to stop making a big deal of things that are not important i.e. being the perfect weight, not being married, no kids & no sex (in due season)
    13. I admit that I need to enjoy my life & blessings more
    14. I admit that I have the favor of God

  13. i bake my skin in the sun inoder to achieve a deep brown complexion and always buy bronzing dust and lotion,people say i’m no different from bleaching sistas,i’m honey goldenbrown but i like kelly rowland,tweet and naomi campbelle’s complexion….i love tweet’s video where she shows of her brown chocolate delicious body,how can i achieve a permanent brownskin safely without overexposing myself to the sun? please help me

  14. 1. i admit that i dont want to meet a sista who is still dreaming like a little girl….someone needs to know cinderella is just that……a fairy tale
    2.i admit that i would never date a sista who thinks black men need to take some clues from obama…for what? hmmm cnn is that you?

  15. 1. i admit that my senior year in college, my latin history professor(oh so sexy), flirted with my constantly, and I reciprocated, cuz he was fine. And so when he left school, I emailed him, and he emailed me back, I told him that I was graduating in the Spring, he pops up at school. I gave him my cell number before that during Vday. He told his male collegues. I passed his class. Even though, I didn’t edit my work. I would talk to him still, but not really cuz he is so married. Although, I could get it, if I really wanted it. I did go to his office. How you doin?

    2. President Obama is so sexy to me, I am so into his wavy hair, his deep seated eyes, his natural sex appeal, arrogance, intelligence, sarcastic humor. And the fact that he’s so openly passionate about his wife, that it feels kind of skanky to think about what would I do if I had a chance to work with him, lol. just kidding.

    3. I admit that the only time Janet Jackson was ever cool to me, was when she and Matthew McConaughey had that fling.

  16. Oh my Favorite post is back! Ok here goes:

    1. I’ve had a crush on Barack Obama for over a year
    2. I love Will Smith
    3. I’m gonna lose my job soon an don’t care
    4. I just saw a bunch of girls from high school who used to think they were all that and now they are busted and run down….and I’m happy.
    5. I am very regular!

  17. @ Jolie
    #11. A hearty HaHa.

    I admit that I cheat my employer by spending too much time reading entertainment blogs.

    I admit that I want to start writing 2 blogs : 1)a local blog on all things related to food and; 2) a christian related blog.

    I admit that I am only starting to understand what it means to live in the moment and obey God.

    I admit I recently dated a man who tried to pass himself off as metrosexual and I secretly felt he was a down low brother. I never told him what I thought I just dumped him.

    I admit that I am finally getting the victory over compulsive spending.

    I admit that I don’t like living alone. I always deny that I feel lonely to friends & fam.

    I admit that sometimes I lay in bed til 2 pm on Saturdays.

    I admit that as a preschooler my favorite show was Hee Haw.

    I admit that I dream of being a muscian and I still want to learn to play the guitar and piano.

    I agree with Bohwe that Matthew McConaHEY HEY is pretty fine for a white guy.

  18. I admit that I am 21 and still a virgin.
    I admit that I hate arrogance and ignorance they’re just a bad combination.
    I admit that I still have an ounce of naiveté.
    I hope that I’ll find my soul mate
    I admit I never wrap my hair and my beautician treats me like a disobedient child.
    I admit I have very old fashioned values and I don’t know how to rid myself of them.
    All of my friends say I’m an old soul but my mother says I need to stop being a granny.
    I admit I wish I could gain weight I hate being thin.
    I admit I always; must read the novel before I watch the film.

    Post Script: Drop Dead Fred it was my favorite movie as a kid. I always wanted a Fred…

  19. 1. I admit I have a Learning disability.

    2. I admit I don’t want to walk on Graduation Day, I don’t find it that very Special to me to walk on to a stage infront of alot people.

    3. I admit Im 17 and a virgin, but I like to read Juicy Sex Story’s from urban erotic tale’s books. lol

  20. _I watched “2 girls and a cup” and “4 girls finger paint”. As a result, I’m traumatized :-(. Now, I occasinally have nightmare, so I strongly advise you do NOT watch these videos! If you decide to watch them despite my warning, do so at your own risk LOL.

    _I have threesome fantasies. Sometimes it’s with another woman, my man and me. Othertimes, it involves 2 men and moi.

    _I would do it in my husband’s car LMAO.

    _I do not discriminate when I watch free porn. Is it possible to have seen it all?

    _I M@$Terbate. I believe everybody should know how to sexually satisfy themselves, and there should be no shame! LMAO

    _I’m 21 and I’m a virgin. I’m waiting for the right occasion. If Clara Meadmore could stay a virgin for 105 years, I can wait some more years too DAMMIT!

    _I wish to adopt at least a child in my lifetime. Eversince I was ~15, I’ve been wanting to.

    _I believe biological children are magical gifts from God. I also wish to share that experience with my partner one day. However, I’m terrified about the entire experience :-(.

    _I’ve asked God to prolong my parent’s journey on earth for AT LEAST 40 more years. My pa is 63 and my mom is 50 :-). I want them to be grandparents to my future children.

    _Today I realize I don’t have a crush on any male celebraties or politicians. WTF?

  21. I admit that I married outside of my race and it was completely for love 🙂

    I admit that I worry about having kids someday and how they will adjust to life being biracial.

    I admit that I fantasize everyday about living abroad.

    I admit that teaching is a really challenging career, but completely worth it. I also admit that I’m not sure I would pick it if I could do it all over again.

    I admit that what I really want to do is write books….and run on the beach….

    I admit that my spirituality is sorely lacking 🙁

    I admit that I watch way too much t.v.

    I admit that I would love to be a vegetarian and have attempted (and failed) many times.

    I admit that I have always wanted to live alone in a big city.

    I admit that I have a crush on Talib Kweli and would soooo do him if I had the chance 🙂

    I admit that I used to feel the same way about Kanye West, but I think he’s doing too much these days. (not in a good way) Oh, and I used to LOVE me some Nas. I admit he is still fine and Kelis got lucky.

    I admit that I have a love-hate thing going on with Beyonce at the moment..

  22. _I want to visit a unisex stripclub and possibly pick up a couple of tricks LMAO.

    _This February mark a year since I’ve gone natural. I love my natural hair texture because it’s fuller. There are a lot of thick curls. I also love the dark color :-). However, I never wear it in public, and I only showed it to one person in my big family.

    _I hid it because I’m not very confident with it, yet. I need that confidence up before I rock it in public because I know people are going to stare at my hair either for the texture, the shorter length, or some pre-consive notion of who I am…[I’ve stared, too LOL, only because I like the natural state of the hair]. Anyhow, I’m building that confidence up so that I will not care one way or the other. As long as I know and I feel I got it going on; then, everything else will be a breeze :-).

  23. YAY! I’ve been missing these kinds of post, Steph!

    Let’s see…. what can I admit to thus far this year….


    I Admit:

    *Meagan Good is still my #1 ‘girl crush’

    *Halle is my beauty idol and I adore her

    *I have this new ‘girl crush’ on video vixen Amber Rose

    *I love watching Denzel Washington films and I’ve just recently realized this

    *I watch VH-1’s “For the Love of Ray J”

    *Summer ’08, I was a fiend for some Reese’s Cups cereal

    *Unless it’s Sunday, I get kinda sad if I can’t workout for some reason

    *I REALLY want a Tony Little Gazelle machine

    *I smile often

    *I’m not happy spiritually but everyday I hope to be

    *I really want to go back to school again but don’t want the loan debt and that’s the only reason

    *I HAVE to have Kanye West on my ‘workout’ playlist

    *I have lots more that I need to admit but can’t bring myself to admit

  24. Steph, thanks so much for posting this! I was wondering if you would. BTW, could u give me some blog readership pointers? I am not into the celeb blogging thing, but if there is $$$ in it, maybe I should try a little.

    @ Cheeky Black, lol, I look too. And I *hear that size does matter unfortunately.

    @ Lizz, L’Oreal make great body bronzers for broze skin tones (it should be used when u will have sun exposure) with: LOTS of water, and 100% fruit juices. Exfoliate daily, wear sunscreen, and use the sauna 2-3 times per week. Your skin tone will be flawless, you will even put Miss Gabby Union to shame. LOL.

    @ Oliver, no, you are the rule, not the exception. Most of the black men I know fit your self-description, there are thousands at Morehouse College as well. I hope you continue to do your thing with more humility and tact, it will take you much further.

    Love y’all!

  25. Okay, so here goes the confessing:

    1. I love Drop Dead Fred too! And Big Love (those folks are wild)
    2. I love my life, and wouldn’t change it for anything
    3. I am sometimes ashamed about my family’s SES, people treat us like freaks
    4. I was SOOO thrilled when J. Hud won that Oscar and Grammy, take that Beyonce!!
    5. I do not like Beyonce or any of the vapid nonsense that she represents
    6. I wish that there were more Kerri Washington’s, Mos Def’s, and Alicia Keys’ in the entertainment world
    7. I have never had a famous crush either
    8. I do not find Pres. Obama attractive, and was surprised that he won the election
    9. I love my body and my big old feet, there is something sexy about being tall and having long limbs
    10. I would change my nose if I could tho, hehehe
    11. Sometimes, I want to tell white people to get over themselves because most of them are really NOT that intelligent in the first place
    12. I cannot stand ignorant people who are proud of being this way
    13. I go to a white hair dresser who has made my hair longer and healthier than ever before ( I feel a little guilty about this until I realize I only have a 45 min. wait time and get free wine and neck rubs)
    14. I love to collect vintage lingerie (it makes me feel sexy)
    15. I moved out when I was 17 years old, and it has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far
    16. I survived domestic violence, and wish more people would speak out against it
    17. I suffer from Anxiety, and wish more people of color would address and talk about mental health, Counseling= healing y’all
    18. I have somehow always been attracted to lighter complected men
    19. My boyfriend is Russian, and reads Malcolm X and Black Panther lit., he is the best!
    20. I just can’t go back to black men, I am on team Halle and Eve, sorry
    21. I don’t like living alone either, it feels unnatural
    22. I love going to the movies and out to dinner alone, though
    23. I love blogging WAYYY too much, its addictive (people are SO funny!)
    24. I dislike many of my relatives, and get down and out when I know I have to be around them
    25. I often worry that I will not be able to have children because of #16 & 17

  26. Stephanie you would not do that to President Obama, Beyonce would.
    My biggest confession of all is, once I make it big I know Beyonce will not like me, and I’m still her stand.

  27. this is funny blogging that is.

    1 i wish cris brown will burn in hell for what he did.
    2 barack obama is so sexyand he will not leave his wife for anyone
    3 i dont like beyonce there is something fake about her
    4 i love the fact that im south african with my natural hair natural everything and i will not date outside my race thank you.

  28. wow i’ve been glancing at this blog for over a month now and have finally got the courage to write something lol i get addicted to leaving comments and i get a nervous twitch if i haven’t left at least one lol anyhoo here goes
    1) i admit that i’d love to be a pro tennis player just to represnt the hot brown sistas out there cause lets face it the williams sisters are rough lol bless em
    2) i admit that i hate living in england but wont leace anytime soon coz i can travel places and the pund is stonger than the rand
    3) i admit to be proudly south african btw i go there every year
    4) i admit to be attracted to men of all races
    5)i admit to be loosing my battle with spending compuslivley
    6) i admit to having a thing for barack obama does he wear make up or something his skin is so smooth i honestly wanna lick it everytime he’s on telly 😛
    7)i admit that i love to gloat to my white frinds about how fierce my skin tone is and i how i’ll age really well lol
    8)i admit to wathcin porn occasionally
    9)i’m soon to be 19 and am a virgin
    10)i admit that i hate phoniness and guys that floss can jog on and arrogance and ignorance is a major turn off too never met any1 to tolerate that
    11)i admit to being shocked at chris brown hitting rihanna thats crazy
    12)i admit to having a love affair with Europe
    13)i love fashion and wanna work in the industry
    14)i admit that unit recently i hated snow
    15) i admit to having favourites in my family
    16)i admit to loving solidarity
    17)i admit to the fact that i am no longer christian and that my spirituality is heading in another direction
    18) i admit that i’m occasionally lazy and my grades could be so much better if i just stopped being such a procrastinator and put down the remote control lol
    19)i admit that my parents divource as affected me i’m just not sure how
    20) i admit that i found nothing wrong with buying a tub of ice cream and tucking in lol some days u just have to low fat though 😉

  29. I admit that I would love to be a vegetarian and have attempted (and failed) many times.

    Oh my gosh- me too.

    I have simply come to the realization that I need a dead animal on my plate and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. :lol2:

  30. i admit i did this yesterday and forgot to send.
    my husband wants another baby (we have 3 boys)i admit i do too.
    i hate working around white people, sometime i dont want to be happy and fake.
    i hate that my mom let herself getso fat.
    sometime i feel obsessed wih celebrity gossip.

  31. 1. I really want to be one of those die hard Christians that never waver no matter what.
    2. I still believe in soul mates.
    3. There is this guy at work that I have liked since college-he doesn’t no though.
    4. I actually enjoy being plus-sized. I hate the fact that I have to explain that to people. I have been smaller before but I love my size 16 frame.

  32. Great post!

    1. I am working with some idiots!

    2. That I am not fully sexually satisfied.

    3. I fantasize about my ex-boyfriend eventhough we are both married.

  33. I admit that I can’t admit too many things in this post or you people will judge me and think I’m a freak! :thumbsup:

    I admit that I think petite, brown skin girls with long jet black hair are the shi*&!

    I admit I’m proud of you young girls that are still virgins!

    I admit I don’t shop at Walmart after the security guard got stampeeded to death. WTF! Ghetto!

    I admit I have a problem with people who wear only the best labels, but don’t have savings or a 401K.

    I admit I think my daughter is the cutest, smartest, funniest little girl on the face of the planet!

  34. I haven’t left a post in a while but I loved this topic last year, so I had to post.

    At 31, I come to realize I don’t do well in relationships, I have dated everyone from Preachers to Thugs and been in love and had marriage proposals but I never was committed to anyone longer that a couple of months. To top it off I am not ashamed of this, It’s just who I am and I accept it.

    I pregnant with my first child, but my child’s father is a straight thug that I care nothing about. I was just in it for the sex. I am excited about being a mother, anyway!

    Keri Hilson’s “Energy” is my theme song cause you can’t get with me unless I’m feeling your energy, I don’t care if your Barack Obama.

    I like to masterbate, its good stress relief without the drama.

    The 30’s are great because you really understand who your are and whoms you are and that’s all that matters.

    The older I get the more I dislike organized religion, I consider myself to be a spiritual person who has interest in all religions and beliefs.

  35. haha this post is funny and gives me insight on everyone keep up everyone

    * I did not like Megan Good before until I watched punk’d and loved her personality

    *Jurness Smollet is a damn good actress. Loved her in “Eve’s Bayou” and my favorite now is “The Great Debaters”

    *Speaking of “The Great Debaters” the black dude that played her love interest was fine as hell. He is from Chicago like myself and is so intelligent.

    *From reading the responses regarding Chris Brown and Rihanna I think it’s more official that she is far more hated than Beyonce.

    *Beyonce is not my taste as a talent but she bring so much hypersensitivity amongest people that draws more comments than any artist. It’s really not that serious. From haters and stans.

    *I always thought that “big ear brother” obama was always sexy as hell to me.

    *Michelle is muthaf’in truth I loved her gracing the vogue cover

    *I hate when people stereotype my brown sistas. Then try to use it as facts to try to oppress us.

    *People are such posers in this hipster movement. They know damn well they wouldn’t be dressing like this if it wasn’t labeled cool.

    *I hate when people brag about being versatile music listeners. Makes them sound elitist. Especially the poser that say the love “rock art” or “pop art” and can’t give me an example.

    *I think Oluchi is the hottest model. She is so damn hot!

    *I have a girl crush on kelis.

    *I remained celebate for many personal reasons but have sex on my mind like a man.

    *I have been fantisizing about Donnie and Mark Wahlberg. They just make me wet for some reason.

    *I love kanye. Say what you want but you know you weren’t watching hip-hop music videos because of the same ol crap. However, most of Kanye videos are tolerable. Yes and 808’s and Hearbreaks is the ish

    *I’m 20 years-old and is an over acheiver.

    *I love fashion but is not into labels

    *oh yeah I love artist like Santogold, Janelle Monae, and j*daVey because they bring diversity amongest the image of Black women.

  36. I admit that President Obama is the only black man that I find sexy, and the only black man I would date, he doesn’t act like a nigga.And that’s a plus.

    I admit that I’m not in any way atttracted to black men. I find them to be cliches, weak, and have way too many female tendencies.

    I was attracted to latino men, but find them to be just a light complexion black man, so the attraction is fleeting.

    I admit that I love Asian men. I find them sexy and actually more masculine than most men. And my senior year, the me and this Asian dude did so much flirting that I failed my test.

    I work at a school in the inner city, and because of that I dislike ghetto people. They don’t want me working there, so they basically harass me everyday. Make it known that I’m not wanted there, and the females get the men to say hateful things. Even the VP is rude. Because of that, I would never work in the inner city again. Although, I admit the kids need the most help, because the administration could careless. They hate on me, but the kids are below the district average.

    I admit that I want to drop a dime on the school, payback.

  37. @ Miss Andi K
    #17…Agree! Counseling has helped me through some rough times.

    I fancy myself to be a seasoned non-degreed psychologist. My theory is that the black community is filled with a whole lot of undiagnosed shizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and anger management issues. I think the solution begins with personal accountability (stop blaming the past and decide to take control of your life today), forgiveness (let it go) and humility (you don’t have to be perfect to have a fabulous life).

    I also believe the church can play a major role in addressing this issue. By hiring professional counselors who then train lay counselors to teach people how to APPLY all of these great biblical principles and to act as accountablity partners as the individuals transition to sanity and inner peace.

    All the jumping and shouting and hollering does not change lives! Psycho-active drugs are a temporary tamer. Relationships with people who model sane rational problem solving & coping skills, who strive to be their best and who don’t mind telling me the truth has made the biggest difference in my life.

    Ok. Must stop cheating my employer. Back to work for me.

  38. I’ m not ready to admit anything this time around maybe next 🙂 Lol

  39. reading those admissions i realize why some people act like they do, why they stans like they do and it’ s very pathetic, I’ ll be more careful with my words towards a lot of people from now on

  40. Okay, I’m back, love this post!!!

    * I am surprised at how many want to bang Kanye, I would love to meet him tho
    * I loved 808’s and Heartbreak too
    * I have always been attracted to men of all races too (I think Japanese men are the ish!!!)
    * I cannot stand the entitlement of ghetto people, and how they feel like they are allowed to antagonize others (i.e. Bohwe, I COMPLETELY feel your pain, you sure we don’t work at the same school?)
    *I have sometimes wanted to tell ghetto people that I do not feel sorry for them and that they need to do better for themselves and their kids
    *I wish I was browner, I think its so sexy, Eve was DEF. a black woman!
    *I’ve never been to Europe, but I have a feeling that once I do go, I won’t be back for a while
    *I am disappointed in my mother for letting herself get fat too
    *I wish I could admit more, but the posts this year are WAY too mild, LOL.
    *I wish I could whip Chris Brown’s A**. Period.
    *I hope Rihanna faught back
    *I’m in a happy relationship, yet go to bed regularly hoping that my ex gets back all the BS

    @ Pearlsrevealed, you sound more competent than the so-called Counseling students in my grad training program! I could not agree more!

    I wish that the church, ESP. the Black church would admit to its faults and inadequacies and change its ways. Too many people are hurting and emotionally damaged as a result of feeling like they have to keep giving G-d the glory and ignore their pain.

    I wish that more people would commit to 1-year of counseling and THEN decide if they need meds, too often we ignore the schizo, bi-polar, and Depressive symptoms in people of color and just pass it off as a “cultural thing”, and it doesn’t help that you are constantly told “Just Pray about it” or “G-d doesn’t give you more than you can handle”.

    I wish the countless Black celebs and those of other ethnicities would admit to going to therapy, and maybe more of us would too. Again, I completely agree with everything u said, Pearls! :iagree:

  41. _I admit I’m old fashion. I wasn’t aware of the extent until a guy I was dating asked me to visit his bachelor pad. I told him NO. I kept thinking, but I don’t a chaperone!:lol: No, I didn’t visit his place, and I firmly stand by my decision!

    _I once accept a ride from a stranger. I was so desperate. He proved to be a gentleman. However, I still can’t believe I was so wreckless.

    _I admit to have rebound crushes. Sometimes a girl needs some help to get over an old crush humph!

    _I don’t have any piercing or tattoes. I don’t care for them personally, but they do look good on some people.

    _I can’t stand long nails. They are uncomfortable. How do you ladies do it? I’m always cutting myself with them, so now I clip them off the moment they grow some length.

    _I would love to trace my ancestry back to Africa.

    _I’m terrified of dogs :sad:. I ‘m afraid of drowning. I can’t swim.

    _I want to learn how to swim, how to play chess and tennis.

    _I love to wear pants because I don’t want to shave my legs, or care to wear hosiery. My mom would have a fit if she knew I wear pants on a daily basis LOL.

    _I wish to be independent. I love earning my keep.

    _My older brothers like to talk in codes about their *cough* adventures. Because they think I don’t understand what they are staying, they speak REAL loud. They would be surprise to learn I know what they are talking about, in some cases, better than them :lol:. No, I will not reveal my knowledge…why ruin the fun. It’s not my fault if they put all their businesses out in the streets.

    _I think I’m in love for the 1st time in my life. How else do you explain the jelousy I feel when he talks to other women. Let me tell you, I had to pull myself in check. I will not make a fool out of myself for ANY man, nor will possessive woman. I also think about him constantly. I once decide to not talk to him for 3 straight months. It only intensifies.

    _I sometimes feel like he’s testing me, and I F-ing hate it.

  42. Stephanie
    what happens to the edit option?

    nor will I be a possessive woman*

    _I admit I love this blog :thumbsup:

  43. Some of these admission, are crazy especially from the men.

  44. 1) I admit that I watch “That’s So Raven” every saturday morning.
    2) I admit that I watch “Divorce Court” every day.
    3) I admit that Judge Toler is such a cutie pie to me.
    4) I admit that I wish that I had joined a fraternity back during my college days… probably Alpha Phi Alpha.

  45. m hmm the same people calling others jealous and negative and sheit are the real insecure h-es up in here
    how sad

  46. 1.) I admit that after almost three years of no sex, I can’t wait till I get some :bag:
    2.) I admit that the fraternity mentoring group that my son is participating in is getting on my nerves. The members are very messy.
    3.) I admit that I am feeling just a tad cocky cause my sh*t is in complete order for once. My intention is to keep it that way.
    4.) I admit there is some plastic surgery I’d like to have but feeling real reluctant :stop:
    5.) I admit that I can’t stand Maury Povich (sp??) show. Such a waste of time.
    6.) I admit that I like that song called “Crush” by former idol David Archuleta.
    7.) I admit that sometimes white folks really get on my nerves…..especially at work. Not prejudice, they just be tripping.

  47. I admit to:

    1. Liking a couple of lil wayne songs
    2. Liking Bai Lings Blog
    3. Think Samurai Jack is awesome
    4. hating the way most stars are so safely styled now. No personality. zzzzzzz
    5. Humming along to Sand castle disco

  48. 1. i voted 4 barack but i think he’s useless
    2. beyonce and halle are overated
    3.kobe and trevor ariza are the best
    4.i still watch sanford and son
    5.i always hated valentine’s day

  49. 1. I admit that I am lazy even though I work two jobs, one fulltime and one parttime and I am in school as well.
    2. I avoid dating because I just don’t feel like entertaining someone else’s needs.
    3. I have a friend who I use to be in love with but now, I hate him because he turned out to be a bum with no job and no prospects of getting one.
    4. I am a compulsive spender and I have no idea where the h*** a lot of my money goes.
    5. I hurt 24 hours a day but I have never told anyone because they would think that I was lying.
    6. I am still in love with my childhood sweetheart and would marry him right now today if he would ask.
    7. I love my job but sometimes the people around me really irk my nerves.
    Finally – I hate shaving my pits because they itch like heck two days later!

  50. I admit I am addicted to celebrity blogs
    I admit some people on this site are WAAAAY too judgemental (Look in the mirror first people!)
    I admit Puff Daddy, Ne Yo, and Kanye West are WAAAAY to suspect and probably on the down low.
    I admit the weaves on some of these celebs heads need to be snatched off ASAP!!!
    I admit that the graphics and layout of this site could be soooo much better 🙂
    I admit that those that say a man should never hit a woman, have never been in a mans shoes b4 when a woman is beating that @$$

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