“Admit It” Day Is Finally Back

While reading several comments left on the site the other day I was reminded of how personal we used to get on this blog and in particular a post I used to make every few weeks called “Admit It Day.” I have decided to bring this feature back because it was so cool and because nearly two years after I made the last one– I have a lot to confess.

So… here we go.

1. I admit to being really disappointed in our President.
2. I admit to secretly lusting after another woman’s man.
3. I admit to secretly wishing he would dump her and marry me- lol
4. I admit to being disappointed that I turned 38 years old yesterday and only two ppl remembered- my daughter and LJ knight.

Ok… your turn


  1. 1. I admit to making my fiance cry because i think its funny mentioning his dead mother.

    2. I admit to spending $2,750 on a pair of heels that I have never worn.

    3. I admit to cutting my ipod on at night because my Fiance sounds like the world is ending when he sleeps.

    4. I admit to buying a 4th row seat to a Beyonce concert, but schemed my way into first row.

    5. I admit to laughing when my fiance’s mother passed…. I know its evil, but she told him that i got a abortion when i suffered a miscarriage and she told him i slept with a HIV infested Gay Male Prositute..THE BITCH WAS CRAZY!! He believed her…Such a Momma’s Boy…SMH!!!!

  2. Oh…


    I had a sexual encounter with my college Professor and tried to sabatoge his marriage by saying i was pregnant…I know, i was 17, just broke up my man..I was Upset..DONT JUDGE ME

  3. I admit that:
    1. I have what i thought was my dream job but 8 months into it i have days when i’m not so sure
    2. I’m lusting after a married man but i have the sense to never go there.
    3.I’m in love with a great man but aftre my divorce i find it hard to fully allow myself to love him the way he deserves.
    4.I have the urge to tell my ex hubby to f*ck off especiallys ince he’s been nothing but a douche to me. My mama taught me better though.
    5. I havent been spending enought ime with God and i can feel the gap
    6.This smoking habit has really got me. I’ll buy smokes over food if I have to choose.

  4. hi sista i’m a 19 yaers old brownsista.i read your your posts everyday but ths is the first for me to leave a comment.fist of all i wanna thank you for all the positive posts and for answering some of questions i always wondered.i’m a very shy person so it’s really difficult to me ask some important questions like relashionships or sexuality even to my big sister and i always found some answers on this site.so THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your experiences with people like me and happy birthday if it’s not too late.about this topic i admit to be sometimes jealous of my sister because she found the perfect man ps:excuse my english in fact i speak french and i’m actually learnind english

  5. I admit to:
    Being happy when my boyfriend separated with his wife

    Missing my ex boyfriend

    Missing sex

    Hating my female boss

  6. I admit that I get jealous when my boyfriennd is with his kids. I admit that I do things so he we can break up and I can be alone or with somebody else. I admit that u love hearing mess about my friends and sometimes start shit myself.

  7. I admit to having an affair with the man am now getting married to before we got together and he was with someone else and I had a stalker of an ex who wouldn’t leave me alone.

  8. @LMAO Your #1 is hella funny. That had me laughing so hard just now!

    1. I admit that I am REALLY a sucker for LOVE; and that they guy who just recently broke my heart… I wish he’d become a BIG failure in everything that he does with his music, future relationships, and such. That’s mean but he’s an ass. LMFAO.

    2. I admit I can get REALLY jealous when I shouldn’t be at all. I just get a highness from it. LOL.

    3. I admit that if a man can’t satisfy me sexually, he is going to get the cold shoulder heavy.

    4. I admit that I am jealous of how successful my mother and aunt are. Wish I could walk in thier shoes. =/

    5. I admit that I’ve had 2 abortions with the same guy who I felt wasn’t fit to be a good father and I wasn’t ready to be a mother either. I’ve never even told my mother that.

  9. 1. I admit to supporting the cause of The Taliban, Hamas and Al Quaeda because they are only defending their country against American aggression/imperialism.

    2. Speaking from a male perspective, I admit I don`t like to see sistas wearing a whole lot of makeup..it`s totally unnecessary.

    @Sista: Don`t be disappointed in Obama because he`s only doin’ his job, and doin’ it well I might add. He was strategically selected by The Powers that be to deceive the masses as they carry out their diabolical plans with the wars etc.

    They are not fighting Terrorism. That reason is given as a veil to cover up their plot of “AMERICAN IMPERIALISM”. I`m currently reading one of my books on, my “HERO”, Malcolm X and he made a keen observation.

    Paraphrasing he stated that, “when a man runs for President of The United States he not only runs for this country but the entire worldwide system of “COLONIALISM” has to accept him”. If Obamas`s policies weren`t in sync with the status quo he would have never been chosen for this deception.

    Unless there`s a FUNDAMENTAL change in the system the face of that system doesn`t matter, be it black or white. So in the final analysis, Obama is nothing more than a “PUPPET/PAWN” for this imperialistic/capitalist/colonial system which we call America. Personally, I have no respect for him or this criminal system..

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80S 4ever!!!

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Malcolm X..LUV you Brother Malcolm.

  10. 1. I admit that my husband’s twin brother gets on my nerves!

    2. I admit that I have thought about cheating on my husband because I’m not satisfied all the time in bed.

    3. I admit that soemtimes I wish I was single again

    4. I hate when I dont get my way! 🙁

  11. I must admit that I am addicted to ”BROWNSISTA”. com I find myself checkin’ for the latest hot topics everyday keep It comin’ SISTA….and I’m lovin’ It bah da’ bah bah bah lol…oh and @SISTA how do I go about posting a photo beside my name (I’m tired of seeing this ”BS” symbol)

    Even though I work at the Mercedes Benz dealership In Maryland… I must admit my co-worker’s act like they cop’d a Benz when they only made commission so they have to bring the car’s back lol…they are soo stuck-up

    I watch porn sometimes only to see If they really are fullfilled with the pleasure…but don’t get It twisted I get’s mine lol

    I must admit even though my uncle has a new girlfriend…..I do not have respect for her she Is a 33 yr.old grown a** woman who would rather choose a man over her kids,she Is unemployed and lost her house she has 5 kids and Is A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER…she treats her kids as If she does not want them…NOT MY TYPE OF CHICK

  12. 1. I admit that I hate my ex boss so much that I still wish to this day she gets hit by a bus.

    2. I admit that I sabotaged a blind date because the guy I went out with was butt ugly, even though we had become good friends through phone conversations prior to our meeting.

    3. I admit that I am a Beyonce hater. The girl is bad to the bone, I love her music because she is an amazing artist but you will never hear me say that.

    4. I admit that I faked it 100% of the time with my ex eventhough I made him believe he was rockin’ my world….LOL! I still laugh off of that one! He thought he was the “ish”!

  13. I admit i do not like beyonce because she got my man lol.

    I admit i need to put god more in my life.

    I been without sex over two month and horney ass hell but will not go there with nobody new or old lol.

    I admit do not like some of my co-worker but im doing me.

    Love this site.

  14. $2,750 for a pair of shoes!? And you’ve never worn them!?

    Lol, oh my.

    I admit I have a serious crush on Alicia Keys and that’s really why I can’t stand that Swizz person.

    I admit that I spend way too much money on Amazon.com.

    I admit that I can’t stand Oprah because she seems like a mammy stereotype to me.

    Happy Birthday@Sista

  15. I admit that I need to put God more into everything I do.

    I admit that I am not going to marry my fiance but he doesn’t know it.

    I admit that I did sleep with my fine ass married team mate because I am not getting pleased at home.

    I admit that I do everything possible to break up my relationship without saying I’m leaving you and I’m not happy.

    I admit that I not happy with my new duties at my job and I try to make everyone else unhappy too.

    I admit that I know I am selfish sometimes but I am trying to work at it.

    I admit that I do not try my hardest at everything I do.

    Happy Belated Birthday Sista!!!

  16. I admit that…i’m afraid that i wasted the last four years with my current boyfriend but im too comfortable and sacred to leave….i don’t trust anyone i mean ANYONE…ill never be able to have kids…i hate pretty much everyone at my job and they don’t know it! Lol

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Sista!!

    Ok here it goes…

    1. I love the Lord and I hate days when I fall away from him bc I think that I am really hurting myself.

    2. To add to #1: I LOVE sex, yet they say fornication is wrong in the Bible. I would have it everyday if I could–prob 3x’s a day or more.

    3. I hate my current job with a passion and really just want to be a radio host and host various parties in my area.

    4. I really want to get married.

    5. Alot of people think I have it made, but I really don’t. Alot of my life is in shambles spiritually and literally.

    6. I wish you could start life over with all the things you’ve learned at this point in your life.

  18. This is cool !!

    I admit that I hate going to school
    I admit that I was the one that stole $300 from my neighbor to pay late tuition. omg! (but i confessed)
    I admit I’m jealous of my best friends opportunities
    I admit I wish my parents divorced and got over it.
    I admit I cant stand my brothers girlfriend
    I admit that I like Arab/Indian music, even though I tell my friends I hate it.

    & Happy Belated.

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    The image is called a gravatar and you must go the website below and create one. Just remember that your gravatar and e-mail address are connected so the email address you register with must be the email address you use to post on this blog or any gravatar enabled blog.


  20. I admit that sometimes when I masturbate I think about women although I find them sexually repulsive under regular circumstances. I am ashamed of this which leads me to say…

    I admit that I’m a bit twisted in my thinking and have major sexual issues.

    I admit to loving gay porn. I love to see a man give another man head. Love it.

    I admit that I still think about my old boyfriends quite often, but usually it is in a mean way.

    I admit that I love to be dominated in the bedroom.

    I admit that I’ve thought about leaving my husband in the begining of our marriage. I even started planning it out. BUT I’m glad that I didn’t.

    I admit that I love giving him head. I like that more than gay porn.

    I admit that I think alot of Asian and White men are sexy.

    I admit that I feel like a failure because I’m almost 26 and still trying to get a BA degree when I had a goal of already having my Masters 2 years ago.

    I admit that I’m super proud of my big brother for finishing college. And now feel that I can look up to him in that way.

    There, I said it.


  22. I admit that I’m only pretending to support my best friend and her girlfriend in their quest to have a baby via artificial insemination. I admit that they disgust me. Deeply. UGH.

    I admit that I still smoke too much weed.

    I admit that my book would have been finished by now if I’d just take a break! (I’m almost finished.)

    I admit that I’m sick of friends who don’t have goals.

    I admit that I sometimes feel superior to the *undesirable* women who don’t have husbands. I’m working on this. I know it’s wrong.

    Happy birthday girlfriend. 🙂

  23. wow. there’s a lot of need for love, sex, and all the above here…

    I admit that there are times I wish I had straighter hair, lighter skin, a thinner nose, and a smaller butt.

    I admit that I shut people out completely when they don’t meet my expectations.

    I admit that I don’t like this new We Are the World-25 Haiti charity — I firmly believe they are riding off Michael’s coattails and will be for years to come. May he rest in peace!

    I admit that I want to be loved but am far from ready for any type of serious relationship — friendship or intimacy.

    I admit that I love pop music. R&B just doesn’t do it for me.

    I admit that I used to love white men but have stayed away knowing they will never accept me and see me as anything but some black girl.

    I admit that there are days I regret going to med school. My first love is music.

    I admit that for all my hopes and dreams, I believe that God is my All — as much as I whine and complain and mope, He is all I’ll ever have.

  24. 1. I admit to having depression/anxiety issues.

    2. I admit to writing fan fiction.

    3. I admit to seeing race (or the lack of) in Network Television with my most favorite shows.

    4. I admit to wishing “Heroes” (NBC) would burn in HELLL and be canceled FOREVER.

    5. I admit to reading too many gossip blogs.

    6. I admit to acknowledging that although the internet can be the Devil, you have to learn to exercise restraint. I never used to be so big on celebrity gossip; I just didn’t ‘care’ but within recent years it’s become an addiction to daily check blogs and sites.

    7. I admit to hating myself vehemently at least once a day.

    8. I admit to being a ‘hater’ (because that’s what I get called when I have a difference of opinion on these sites I visit).

    9. I admit to hating with every fiber of my being the word ‘hater’; it is simple and basic and juvenile and I hate its use. Likewise ‘stan’. I hate all of it.

    10. I admit to disliking the assumptions white folks have about ME in relation to the rest of my African-American Nation.

    11. I admit to posting at sites under another account (only because at one time I had to re-register here so now I have two). LOL.

    12. I admit to being LAZY.

    13. I admit to procrastinating.

    14. I admit to using my recent diagnosis and surgery as a reason of my depression/anxiety.

    15. I admit to the bleakness of my existence but I admit also to trying to be hopeful about life beyond today.

    *Phew!* That’s a lot. How much you guys gonna charge me? LOL

  25. Hey!!! This is my first time posting, long time lurker. Love the site!!! Okay, here are my Confessions…

    1. I admit that, even though I am a 5th year PhD student, I am often overwhelmed, question my abilities and I still feel the need to “prove” my intelligence to my white counterparts (I hate this!!).

    2. I admit that I never really been in a stable relationship.

    3. I admit that I have trust issues and may sabotage my relationships by dating emotionally unavailable men.

    4. I admit that I am attracted to women, but I have never acted on these feelings.

    5. I admit that I have been celibate for 1 year and 4 months (WOW!!).

    6. I admit that I shop entirely too much!!

  26. Okay, after further reflections, I have more confessions, LOL….


    7. I admit that I watch porn way too often.

    8. I admit to liking Rihanna, even though she is not the most talented artist, LOL.

    9. I admit that I am continually trying to grow deeper spiritually, and strengthen my relationship with GOD. This has not been an easy process.

    10. I admit that I feel a lot of guilt associated with the discrepancy between my sexuality and my relationship with God.

  27. I admit this is my first time commenting on this site, but I had to since yall show me so much love in Adora’s Beauty Corner.

    I admit that Ari is my real name, which means everlasting or Great one in Greek.

    I admit to being somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to my school work.

    I admit to being addicted to celebrity gossip sites.

    I admit to being addicted to shopping

    I admit to breaking up with my ex last month, but i still miss him.

    I admit to secretly being happy when my last car failed on me because my parents bought me a Benz!

    I admit to loving all you brownsistas.

    Happy Bday Brownsista!!!!!!!!!

  28. i admit to being atrracted to chics
    i admit to hating my ex bf
    i admit that i hav major issues
    i admit to havin a lov-hate relationship wi wit ppl

  29. This is so liberating. I have amore confessions to make

    I admit that I’m actuallu madly in love with the new man in my life but have been tring to sabotage it before he breaks my heart.

    I admit i check my crazy ex husband tweets. Most times he’s bitching about me and caling me a whore and i read them coz it reminds me why i left him and when i hate myself it makes me feel like i desreve that type pf treatment (so sad and pathetic)

    I admit that I’m insecure of my man’s ex girlfriend. She seems like an amazing woman that I’d be friends with and when we go through hard times, I fear that he’ll go back to her. She still wants him back.

    I admit that i love love love having sex with my man. he does things to me that i didnt know were possible. I stay wanting to get some. When i feel disconnected frm him i still want to do him coz i just cant help it.

    I admit that I’m back on anxiety meds and hiding it from my loved ones. Its not as bad as before but still.

    I admit that i allowed my ex husband to fuck with my self esteem, im still trying to rebuild that.

  30. 1) I admit to not wanting to watch my best friends wedding video because I hated my toast and embarrased at the way I gave it…I was so nervous that I drank way too much beforehand and basically jacked it all up….sorry boo!

    2) I admit to having a girl crush on Ellen Degeneres. She would be my perfect guy…if she were a guy.

    3)I admit that I think my mother secretly hates on me

    4)I admit to loving miami booty music. I will drop it, twerk it and bounce it….but you wont see me do that in public.

    5) I admit to eating a pint of ben and jerry’s ice cream every tuesday nite while watching the biggest looser.

    6)I admit to not sending out grad school graduation announcements because I didn’t think I would actually graduate. I was the only person at my graduation from my family.

    7)I admit that I don’t believe that I can be successful in my life and wont take chances for fear of inevitable failure.

    8) I admit that I am the one who set our bathroom on fire while playing with matches when I was 6 years old. To this day no one really knows what happened.

    9) I admit that my experiences from being a full time caregiver for my grandmother is what has me in therapy to this day and what has caused my immense paralyzing fear of growing old.

    10) I am paranoid that I will die from cancer.

  31. One last admit

    I admit that I broke off my last relationship because I could tell his ex really loved him and he still had love for her. They got married and now have a beautiful baby boy and I am still stuck in this what if stage…

  32. wow… here goes…

    1. i admit that i think my bf is gay and is attracted to me even though she knows i don’t swing that way.

    2. i admit i’m stringing one guy along because sexually, he’s a BEAST in bed and i really crave his body even though his mind leave much to be desired.

    3. i admit i’m completely and utterly in love with my best guy friend and even though we’re more like gf/bf and have had sex (it was amazing), i think we’re both too scared to really take the plunge

    4. i admit to truly disliking jews. they just rub me the wrong way at times.

    5. i admit to wishing this guy on my job would just disappear. not die or anything crazy, just disappear, lol.

    6. i admit that i love my mom so much, at times i have anxiety about her ever leaving this earth. it hurts to even think about it.

    7. i admit to secretly wanting to meet my birth father even though i outwardly hate him.

  33. 1. I admit that I am not happy at home.
    2. I admit that I am the biggest procrastinator and a hypocrite for criticizing others who procrastinate.
    3. I admit that I need a closer relationship with Jesus.
    4. I admit that I am really longing for good sex.
    5. I admit that Motherhood is way harder than I expected.

  34. I admit that I was devastated when my boyfriend broke up with me and would anything in my power to get him back

    I admit that I resent my closest friends because it seems like I am always the one to take initiative to do fun things

    I admit that I check out females sometimes, just to observe them and often wonder is my lack of curves the reason why men dont want to stay with me

    I admit to be extremly self conscious even though I look in the mirror all day

    I admit that I used to be jealous of my older sister because I thought she was prettier than me, but that jealousy has turned into admiration

    I admit that I over think things and takes things beyond what they mean (is that good or bad?)

    I admit that I am afriad to ever commit to another man again

    I admit that even though I am going to be baptized soon and truly get closer to God, i still want to have pre-marital sex

  35. New Here…

    #1. I admit to hating my boyfriends children.

    #2. I admit to loosing a lot of love for him once he got joint custody.

    #3. I admit to being a little bit selfish.

    #4. I admit that I am only holding on to this relationship because of financial reasons.

    #5. I admit that this post just made me see things in a different light. (I’m going home to pack and move to my mother’s for awhile)


  36. 1. I admit to reading this site every day! I love it!
    2. I admit to rolling my eyes whenever I see a cute black man with an ugly white woman. I guess it’s something that goes away with age though?
    3. I admit to watching porn and loving it. Softcore though…hardcore does nothing for me ironically.
    4. I admit to checking out females with large or round asses but it’s mostly because I envy them because I have a pancake ass.
    5. I admit to being a bit envious of my best friend and her relationship with her boyfriend.
    6. I admit to being almost 25 and not knowing what the hell to do with my life. Although I have a college degree and no kids, I am still clueless.

    more probably coming soon! Happy belated birthday Sista!

  37. 1. I admit that I was laid off from my Full time job last month and really have no desire to work or even search for another one.

    2. I admit I just entered a new r.ship with a man who has already disrespected me by calling me a bitch, yet I still love him and want a r.ship with him!

    3. I admit that I claim other peoples children when filing my taxes.

    4. I admit that I feel like I am miserably failing at life!

    5. I admit that I get a selfish high when I give & help those who are less fortunate!

    6. I admit I don’t know how to ride “D**k” 🙁 (advice please)

  38. I admit that I want to be closer to the divine, but I think church is bullshit

    I admit that I go to church every week because my boyfriend takes me to lunch afterward… its one of the few days we actually spend a lot of time together

    I admit to being extremely depressed for years, and really tired of folks with no medical degrees telling me to pray about it

    I admit that I am miserable in my current relationship, but I don’t feel like finding someone else to have regular sex with

    I admit that I am sooooo attracted to my engaged co-worker, and I’m pissed his fiance is mexican

    I admit that I date morons and felons because I’m afraid of dating someone as smart or smarter than me

    I admit that I’m still pisssed that NONE of my friends came to my graduation for my master’s, but I act like it was no big deal… I’ve been holding it against them without their knowledge for almost 2 years now

    I admit that I’m attracted to women, but feel like I can’t act on it since I’ve moved back home from grad school

    I admit that I want to move to another city to free myself from the expectations of others who have known me since childhood

    I admit that I miss smoking weed, but I feel too old for it

    I admit that I really, really want to get married and have kids, but its easier to act like I don’t so I want have to deal with the humiliation if it never pans out

    I admit that I got back to a size 4 in really unhealthy ways, but my ENTIRE family is overwweight, and I’m terrified of being obese

    I admit that I miss my boyfriend that used to hit me

  39. I guess I’ve got a few more…

    I admit that I’ve bought shoes instead of paying bills, then cried about it to my mom so she’ll give me money.. I’m almost 30, I thought I was supposed to grow out of this

    I admit that I’d rather by liqour than groceries

    I admit that I’m really happy that my boyfriend has gained weight in the last year…

    I admit that I purposely do stupid shit so he’ll dump me, and save me the trouble

    I admit that I currently read more blogs than books

    I admit that I LOVE conspiracy theories

  40. I admit that I am 19 years old and have never had a serious relationship.

    I admit that this sometimes makes me insecure.

    I admit that I really want a man even though I have sabotaged every potential relationship I have ever had.

    I admit that I sometimes envy people with relationship trouble cause at least they have it.

    I admit that some days I wish I would have just lost my virginity back in junior high or high school like the rest of my friends so I wouldn’t have to answer the ‘why am i still a virgin’ question when I meet a guy. lol tru!

  41. I have moments of GREAT depression to the point that I wish I didn’t exist.

    I admit that I’ve called one of my town’s behavioral centers on myself before; to inquire about admitting myself. But I hung up the line, as they put me on hold…not exactly to the time to put someone one hold.

    I admit that I’m different from my peers-sistas. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been hanging with white folk so much (just the way college worked out) that my Black-card is revoked…

    I admit folks who focus on name brands and always mentioning them, purchasing them, living a conspicuous consumptive life make me sick.

    I admit to eating late at night…usually m&m’s. I get CRAVINGS! so I wake up, eat a few, drink a bottle of water (craving sugar and thirsty..something’s wrong, right?).

    I admit I sleep on my couch more than my bed…no real reason other than I’m a bit of a movie-head/TV-head and I blame my couch for being so darned comfortable!

    That’s all.

    Oh yeah, I admit that I’m going to try and stay away from the internet for awhile; so less posting and even less viewing; though I’m sure my habitualness will kick in and I’ll peep this site every so often. SO yeah, have a good one all. Gonna try and restrain my habits. LOL. This and others. WIsh me luck?

  42. Happy belated birthday!!
    Ok, I admit that I…
    …have never been in a stable relationship…
    …am currently lusting after another woman’s man and now he’s living three doors from me, so much for God leading me away from temptation…
    …havent been satisfied sexually for the past 2 years…
    …dont find being the queen bee easy, its an art…
    …want a boyfriend!…
    …am sometimes ashamed of being a smart, strong, beautiful, black woman, apparently its not cute, lol…

  43. Wow! I always come one this blog but I rarely make a comment. But hey, today is a new day.

    I admit that I have never been in a serious relationship and I am 21 years.

    I admit that I am embrassed by the fact that my friends have wonderful men in their lives and I do not.

    I admit that I have problems with trusting people, men especially, as a result of a traumatic exeperience I had in my childhood.

    I admit that I was in love with a man for seven years and never said anything.

    I admit to being jealous of my sister since she always had something I just never had, resiliance.

    I admit that I had sex and told no one. I still say that I am a virgin when I am really not. It was not serious. I did want anyone to think that I was a slut.

    I admit that I want to love so badly, but I am afraid to.

    I admit that I use my work to get away from any type of serious relationship.

    I admit that I am afraid of moving away since I will not have anyone to tal to.

    I admit that I am scared of the future but want to proceed.

    I admit that I desire to let down my emtional walls and love someone unconditionally.

  44. I admit to forgetting my sister and friend Bday!

    I admit, I have told her in the past to remind me.

    I admit that saying Happy Bday now is not like saying it on the actual day

    I admit I am going to say it anyway… Happy Bday sis… I hope it was wonderful!!

  45. I’m Glad You Put This Back On, I Need To Vent…

    I admit to being strongly in love with my ex-boyfriend.

    I admit to wishing I was married

    I admit I miss having a man & sex (havent’t in 6 months)

    I admit that I don’t care about Obama or Haiti (I’m sorry)

    I admit that I’m envious of happily married couples

  46. I admit that even though I’m a woman I want sex Beyonce all nite long. I F****** LUV HER!!!

  47. @Sista
    I admit that “Smooth Crimanal” sounds too serious and I’m scared that I’ll see brownsista[dot]com screenshots on the news after he blows something up….call Eric Holder much?

  48. 8-/ see, I’m so scared, I can’t even spell criminal correctly….smh….

  49. I admit that I really miss coming on here; but hated arguing with miserable, trouble makers because I can’t find them to go and fight them.
    I will also Admit I miss the people who were on here 3 years ago when I started.
    Although I act like I don’t care, it makes me sad that I don’t get along with women.

  50. I am dangerously, disgustingly, head over heels in love…. But I admit that sometimes I feel as though I am settling.

    I admit that I still have thoughts about being with other men in my past and sometimes get stuck in the “what it’s”

    I admit I LOVE watching porn, but it is stopping me from being used effectively by God.

    I wish I could bang my bf’s brains out EVERYDAY and whoever need help with riding D*ck, I can help you with that lol. But I stop myself because (See above admittance)

    I admit that I want a man that is my equal in every way possible and right now I don’t have that, but I refuse to leave my boyfriend because I feel I can help him become that man.

  51. Confused,
    That would be me, who is well over the age of 16, 17, 18 and still has no clue on how to ride!!! LOL. Please do tell……

  52. MEME, it’s really not hard… Kinda like riding a bike… Practice makes perfect I’m sure it’s a young man running around who wouldn’t mind being a practice dummy LOL.

  53. lol. well considering when you ride a bike you are only using your feet! lol. Guess I will have to find a practice dummy!

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