Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Real Thing

Alicia Keys’ real cover for her “Element of Freedom” album was officially debuted to the world today by the singer herself. Along with the official cover, which is just as beautiful as the fake, comes the sexy cover for her first single “Doesn’t Mean Anything.”

Alicia’s album is still set for a December 15th release date and her next single “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” is scheduled to be sent to radio later this month.

Alicia Keys Real Element of Freedon CD CoverAlicia Keys Doesn't Mean Anything Single Cover


  1. Yeah I liked both as well but this one is even prettier. I am really liking her promo shots this time around. They are not overdone but still have spice and style to them. Good look for her. Now I do wonder we all know Alicia’s last album sold a little more than 742,000 which is #1 at any time but Little Wayne is also coming out on the 15th and he sold a cool million with his last album so who gets #1? I haven’t heard any of Wayne’s singles and he isn’t my type of music but it should still be interesting.

  2. Both covers look good. Not as interesting as the one we thought was the real cover though.

  3. I agree, the “fake” was absolutely striking. The one on the right is generic looking, but the one on the left is very beautiful.

    @koko, she might have a shot…Lil Wayne’s new material isn’t rubbing his fans the right way, with the new rock-image & all. It’ll prob. be neck in neck

  4. i think the fake and original are pretty corny. the birds just make it seem like something a third grader thought of.

  5. Both are okay. Nothing special. I like the graininess of her As I Am cd. These look too finished; too polished; too PHOTOSHOPPED…

  6. Wow!! Beautiful cover even made me expecting how good her new album would be.

  7. OMG that cover…………..GORGEOUS!!!!

    Alicia is just so pretty and the cover looks so calm, like she is at peace. Love It.

  8. Absolutely beautiful!!.. I love Alicia Keys..also very nice body!!.Overall she’s classy and great personality. Just a very pretty woman.

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