Aisha Tyler Joins ‘The Talk’

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actress and comedienne Aisha Tyler will be joining the CBS chat fest ‘The Talk.’

Tyler will be joining co-hosts Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne and show co-creator Sara Gilbert, starting Monday October 24th.

Other hosts are also expected to be added to the line-up in anticipation of Ozbourne temporarily leaving the show to spend more time with her husband.

Meanwhile, Aisha’s addition to the show will probably help appease African American fans who were not fond of Holly, a married mother of four, being replaced by Sheryl, a single comedienne whom some saw as a loud mouth stereotype of black women.

For those not familiar with Tyler, the beauty is 41-years old and calls herself a gaming and beer enthusiast. She married her attorney husband back in 1992 and presently voices the character of Lana Kane on the FX animated series ‘Archer.’

Tyler has also served as hostess of E!’s ‘Talk Soup,’ the CBS ‘Late Late Show’ and has made appearances on ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ ‘CSI,’ ’24.’ And ‘Friends.’


  1. single comedienne whom some saw as a loud mouth stereotype of black women.”

    That’s just who SHE is. She’s not gonna change for anybody. She’s funny as hell, and they love it. Black people need to stop with that “she’s/he’s making me look bad because…” you can only make yourself look stupid.

  2. i always loved watching Mrs. Tyler. I watched her on the Ghost Whisperer, CSI and Talk Soup. She is a great actress and comedienne

  3. Who is sheryl? I don’t watch that show but who is she? Why did some people feel she was bad?

  4. Oh. I know her. I don’t know why she never came to mind when you said sheryl. Survey been loud. That’s how she is, I’m sure when she whispering, people within a 10-15ft. radius can still hear her.

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